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im a goofy silly gay who likes video games a little too much
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@Auro-Zorro: thank you so much!!!! its good to be back ^_^
hey! long time no see, my tablet pen fell apart in my hands and i wasnt able to replace it until very recently, so im back in business! enjoy! a bit of a change in style hope nobody minds
and finally the second page is here!! it was a little hard to figure out how i was gonna colour oak but i think i got it down!
@tokidoki-kirakira: awwww thank you!!!! im so happy you like em!! <3
@MR.Zoet: awww! glad you think so!!
@Malnox: wow thank you!!!
im so excited to finally upload the first page of this! also haha i wanted to get the intro part out of the way asap, youve all seen it
its the cover page! aint much to say about that
that was adorable omg! makes me love lilith so much more!!
this grunts alot more chill than the others, i like em, also nice sponsor from Fanta™
omg the facial expressions are so good
you draw bianca so cute i love it!!
your backgrounds always look really good!
sdfgfhghjkd burgh omfg
glad pignites gonna be ok!! hopefully..
hmm, i think it looks very good!! i personally prefer no shading at all but i like it whatever you do!
sorry to hear you're having a hard time man, hope it gets better for you, also, NOOOO PIGNIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!