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im a goofy silly gay who likes video games a little too much
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that was adorable omg! makes me love lilith so much more!!
this grunts alot more chill than the others, i like em, also nice sponsor from Fanta™
omg the facial expressions are so good
you draw bianca so cute i love it!!
your backgrounds always look really good!
sdfgfhghjkd burgh omfg
glad pignites gonna be ok!! hopefully..
hmm, i think it looks very good!! i personally prefer no shading at all but i like it whatever you do!
sorry to hear you're having a hard time man, hope it gets better for you, also, NOOOO PIGNIIIIIIIIITE!!!!!
poor burgh, ur number one in my heart
ah i love the way burgh is drawn
wahahha i love this, the team dynamic is cool
i dont know why but that panel of zack bustin out of the hotel doors is so funny to me