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I have another comic with a different account. But I'm doing this comic to keep myself anonymous.

For those who had seen my other comics will definitely recognize my style.
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@Crimson: Pervy fetishes? Oh boy, now that you mention, I just realize I have one. XD Tentacle rape ideas.

@BK: I find it awkward to have friends talking about tentacle rape. XD But you're awesome having such friends. Oh yeah, I do hope I'll update too. ^_^;;;
Following the previous page of the sketch, I had some weird fun drawing this. I hope I don't give everyone a mental scar after reading this. XD

I won't be doing Shy Tentacle Guy comic after this. I will see if I can resume update the original comic.
Sorry, I haven't been updating this site for such a long time due to work load and lack of rest and also heavy sickness.

It was tough trying to keep an updating schedule. I tried but a lot of things tend to keep holding me back.

Just to keep this site alive, I may post some random stuffs once in a while. This drawing is inspired from a really crazy dream I had few nights ago. It's a one-shot yaoi story about a guy who was the offspring of a human and a tentacle monster. Unfortunately, the guy wasn't very pleased with his newly appeared extra "appendages" once he hit his so-called "monster puberty side". Hilarity ensued when his uncontrollable tentacles started harassing everyone in school. And one of his victims turned out to be another guy who had a huge crush on him for a very long time. And yes... you guessed it, there will be tentacle rape scenes.

This is probably the craziest yaoi tentacle rape idea that I even laughed at the thought of it. Eh, forgive me for my dirty thoughts. I don't think most people like the idea of tentacle rape in yaoi. XD
April Fool ~ XD

Now, feel free to display your anger at me for not updating.

We February 18th-ers have such unique comedy.
October 22nd, 2009
I'm getting really tired today and I can't finish inking this page, so I might as well post up this work-in-progress page. XD

Gasp, a clean shaven Marc! I suppose he does fit the profile as a seme. XDDDD
October 21st, 2009
If you write yaoi or BL stuff, this is a good read:
September 17th, 2009
Edit: Sigh... finally got it inked. -_- I don't like how this page turns out but I hope I'll improve on the next page...

Note to self, I still haven't responded any comments yet.
<.< Reserve for replying comments...
August 29th, 2009
I need ideas! What will Louis do next if he were to meet up with Pierre?

If your idea is good, I may consider putting it in the comic! :D
Aww, she's so protective of her sis to the point that she thinks guys are untrustworthy.

So, did Mr Carrot pay the carrot? XD
Sorry for the lack of updates. I was actually going off somewhere else and kind of forgot to inform everyone here. It's been two weeks I haven't drawn anything and I hope my art doesn't deteriorate. ^^;

And um... sorry again for not able to find the time to respond all the comments. ><; But I promise you all that I'll still update this comic.
Ooh, he's quite muscled. Nice work.

Can I join? :3 If yes, how can I join then?
anon~: Yup, I tried my best to update. ^^;

BlackCatz: Aw... thanks for your support. *hugs*

coolchan: LoL. Yup, Louis is sure mean. But that what makes the Pierre's reaction funnier. X)

JosLovesYooh: You're so right. Pierre's mind is so confused to the point that he can't even control his (subconscious) love for Louis. Well, all thanks to Louis' skill in trickery.

fgirlmaggie: Pierre's too vulnerable. That's why he's such a great target practice for Louis. X)

unknown3rd: Hehe. Sweet, you noticed the "scream" pic. XD Pierre is just too easily manipulated by Louis. But that what makes him interesting and funnier.

Terra Meepers: Indeed, he is. Way too sly.

BK_1/VGKid: So beware of Louis in case if he happens to stalk you. XD Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that they ban gay marriages in California. :( But I'm sure things will change in near future.

CallaSorean: Thank you. ^^

Kuroi_hitsuji: Glad you now have refreshed your mind. XD LoL, I love your dream description of dancing while eating cheese burger. Kind of reminds me of some 80's romance movie. Ah, beware of the evilly adorable looking Louis. Or probably "shall pounce" is what seme does? XD

ewroin: the "scream" is a masterpiece that every manga artists are familiar with. X)
unknown3rd: Aww, thank you. :D I'm really happy to know that you love reading it thus far. It took me a long time to draw that classroom though but after all the hard work I guess it was worth it to show the scene.
I'm back updating. Thank you all for the support on my dad's condition. Although, it's unfortunate that my dad is no longer in the best condition, I'm really thankful to all those who have sent in their well wishes and prayers for my dad.

P.S. I'll respond to all the previous comments tomorrow.
Delayed Update
Just to inform everyone that I may not be able to update during the next few weeks. My dad fell and has bleeding in the brain and he is now sent to hospital under serious monitoring.

Just a few months ago, my dad went through Colon Cancer operation and he's been getting a lot weaker since he had his chemotherapy treatment. It was a really tough period for me for taking care of my ill father and almost getting myself bankrupt paying up the medical bills for the treatment.

All this while I was hoping that he would be on the road to recovery. But now, after today's incident, he's become semi-unconscious and was not able to move or speak a single word to me. Worst still, the doctors say, they can't operate on him at the moment and he had a 50-50 chance of recovery due to his health condition. I almost broke down and cried after knowing what had happened to my dad.

I'm sorry guys, there won't be any updates during this period. It's been a tough emotional period for my family throughout the past few months and I'm really praying hard that my dad will regain consciousness and recover quickly.
Just got myself new Manga Studio 4.0 Max. Took some time to get used to the inking tool.

Anyway, I'll comment later. Bedtime first. zZZzz..
Miss me? ^_^ Sorry to keep you all waiting. I was really over occupied for the past two weeks but now I'm back updating again. It's 2:30am and I may consider editing this comment later.

I thought of sharing some videos that are really interesting and touching. I think this is a recommended watch since it touch on issues related to gays who are born under the household of Christian family. Enjoy the video.
BlackCatz: Hah, it's inked but I don't think it's that really that awesome. XD But yeah, wouldn't it be nice if Louis has mind reading psychic. Then he wouldn't have to go through all the trouble hiding the truth from Pierre. LoL.

Marniemack: Thankiu~ ^^

unknown3rd: Pierre's actually a funny character from the first moment I created him except I have my own way to make him an interesting. Despite that he's actually being labeled as the "serious-and-stuck-up-type-seme", I'm sure most people will find him very different from the stereotype semes they've encountered in any BL manga. XD Oh yea, even Louis is not the stereotype uke either.

JosLovesYooh: Pierre always has been cute. He just doesn't wanna show his "cute" side. :P

BK_1/VGKid: Ooh, you know I haven' t updated my comic yet. :P

kuroi_hitsuji: Aw... I couldn't just leave it not updating for a week. People will start blaming me that I'm not doing a good job. I know I haven't been doing good job on my other comics either. >.>; "porn"? Oh, you so seme. :PP

Striped Orange Socks: Oh, you never know what evil Louis can unlease when he's miffed. XD

fgirlmaggie: "Angry!Fais"??? Somehow you reminded me of someone who loves to use that kind of odd ways of typing? o.O;