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Likes: Pokémon
Music (Much anything that I has positive or serious message)
Industrial Design

Hello there everyone. I'm a imaginative person who is self-learning the basics of drawing. I love to see independent artists' and cartoonists' comics and works to get inspiration and energy. I hope by my talents, people's advice and, of course,new friendships I can get to the level to create my own make comics, artwork, and short animations with new people.
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He is what he is.
Theseus is what Theseus is.
Captain is going to die. I believe she will.
Bye Bye Tediursa.
Dang...poor weedle.
Glad you're back author :)
Oh no Tediursa, not you too!
So Vagus is fighting back with Thesesus. I think Thesesus will see Vagus true self and reason for his abilities.
WHY?! JUST WHY?! I know Thesesus thinks Vagus is the son, but like this?!
To be Continue
There are so many questions, I love stories that put our minds on edge.