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i like messing with people and f'ing around in games to where character names sound stupid in certain situations.
Try naming a pokemon penis in pokemon go and then appraise it.
it is the most beautiful sight.
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I was supposed to say I wasn't ready yet, and then base this comment off that post, but that didn't upload correctly and I never bothered to fix it. so now im here, I was supposed to say there was another mini-arc on the way, too. none of that happened. this isn't even the mini-arc that was planned. I don't even know where this mini-arc is going! this is all very last minute, so last minute the last minute passed like 10 times. but now, im here, and that's what matters. I've got you're mini-arc. you got your vague story. everyone is slightly perturbed because I'm so late but WHATEVER! lets get this shoe on the road!

I mean sow.
I even uploaded the wrong file...
I already fixed it but...
that's a new low.
I was gonna make up for yesterday by posting again, and I was even gonna color this, but then I realized my arm felt like it was gonna fall off, and I should probably stop. keep in mind, not just my hand, my ENTIRE arm. I might come back and color this, and guaranteed, there's gonna be a Monday upload, that's a promise. if I forget, or just don't have time, you're getting three extra pages next weekend. hold me to that.

Who am I apologizing to, myself?
oh well, might as well make good habits now.

Wait this isn't a good habit.
Also don't worry, I wont be doing another mini-arc so soon again this time.

We'll be staying in Again, Again! for a while.
That literally just changed to daily.
and occasionally Mondays & Fridays.
Guess I need that consistency back...
I ALSO forgot to color in the top nep hat so it stays white.
as much as I love purple, it's not a good color for the hat.
Contextualizing things is fun.
Now this is and actual story! and might actually have an end!
Don't worry this end is nowhere near.
Since I'm drawing my couch… maybe I should look at my couch.
*Turns Around*
Ah. I've been doing this horribly wrong.

point is this is more top-down-ish. the others were straight on. I tried to convey a cushion, but without shading or color that's kinda hard.
My choice tho.
And trust me, my couch is puke-green, it did NOT look good colored.
I was thinking more a banana with earmuffs but okkkkk
Lesson leaned, if you want text on a black background, write it yourself.
I forgot the pineapple again!
In fact I forgot all their shirts.
please don't actually call that number. I don't feel like getting people in trouble
I forgot the top nep hat ='(
I'm testing something, this page will go down in a while.
I'm REALLY proud of how this turned out, and I have no idea why.
February 22nd, 2017
Thats exactly what i would do! Thats what I've done for the past 5 months of school!
I think it's great for two reasons. reason one; the no text is great, because if there was text, the thoughts would get in the way of the actual page, and that's kind of the reaction someone would have in this type of scenario. they have no words or thoughts they can express through words, they just show emotion. and the second reason it's really great, there's no chance for grammar mistakes.
@00Stevo: That should be it.
@Aliegal99: OK, forums is the wrong one. Forums is like, minecraft forums, etc. Forms is what it should be.
@Aliegal99: ok, lest actually could be correct, but the way you used it, "lest" would mean; "I'll tell her how i fell, so she shouldn't feel better." if you changed it up a bit, lest could work.