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I'm sure this will seem great... until he can't burn the excess energy off, can't sleep, and starts going bonkers.
How could today possibly go wrong? :D

*queue everything*
That's the funny thing about perspective. One person'a hero is another's villain.
Dern necromancers, always spoiling a good villainous sacrifice.
It's Crypto-Nite!
Does the testimony of the dead stand up in court?
Carnival 2017!
Leona and Trust are ready to revel! Brought to you by the talents of Cyborg-Steve and Line-Arts on Furaffinity. Check them out!
So... many... heads! So... many... hats!
Cameo by Frogwalker:
Later on, in a moment of twisted irony, Josh ends up being a more successful comedian than Brittney was as a Pop Star.
Cameo courtesy of Frogwalker, whom you can find on deviantArt:
Cameo courtesy of Kecomaster, whom you can find on FurAffinity:
Little Catty is a cameo courtesy of Autobot-1722, whom you can find on deviantArt: