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September 7th, 2017
Yes, a FAQ would be nice :) oh my, Alex is being just mean :( when I thought things were going good :'(
September 5th, 2017
Those guys are so disgusting, I hope nothing bad happens. And I love your drawings, the attention to details is so amazing :)
September 5th, 2017
That is bad :( he is going to bring trouble. I really like your story :) it is so original and the drawings are great
September 3rd, 2017
@Saayi: Thank you <3 you are amazing, you make the world a brighter place :)
September 2nd, 2017
I think is Mariano, but maybe not. This is so good, it makes me happy whenever I see an update ^_^
Nothing has to end, it is amazing now, let's just keep it like that ;)
Her mom is amazing, goals for raising children
This page makes me happy ^_^ the story is really good, I am so excited to see how things are going to turn out :D
I am glad he made that decision, it is a good one. They are really cute together <3 ha ha ha, you are right, they will be like that as a couple ^_^
@SemeSalace: Hahaha indeed ;) Well ... in one piece would be perfect but I am asking for too much XD but maybe, just maybe, they will bond? *fingers crossed*
He is so funny, doesn't know the meaning of "limit". But thanks to this, he is going to have a confrotation with his neighbour and I like that ;)
Oh la la, I like it <3 Don't you worry, I don't think I will ever get bored with this two ;)
I am living this pages so much, freaking cure ^_^
I love this page so much, it is so cute when they kiss, thank you for that :*
Wow, Gluttony is tall, really tall :O. And I have missed our Friends from the Underworld, but Gluttony is amazing too. I totally get what you mean, I also stay all day in my house now that I am in a vacation, is crazy, I feel so lazy.
Oh la la, this is getting interesting, I love it *-*
Hahaha I can say Gluttony is a cutie. Amazing oage as always, I am so glad whenever​ I see an update, your art is amazing.
I can't wait for the next page, I wonder how he is going to react, I just hope it is good. It indeed looks like he is expecting something ;)
Ow, poor Peter, I really wish he would go with them but I think that won't happen :( I love this comic so much, it is so cute and amazing, I love your style ;)
This page looks scary. Really awesome drawings :)