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Er, they're 21 years old and only ever had sex with 1 person. Come the fuck on, most people AT LEAST get a chance to experiment before they are considering TIEING THEMSELVES DOWN TO SOMEONE ELSE FOREVER, with no chance of EVER getting it elsewhere once they're back together in whereeverexactlythe doveestateis-istan
At some time in everyone's life they'll be curious and it's better to do it on a semi-break when you're apart for 3 years and can figure your own feelings out before hitting 40 and being together for 20-odd years and realising, oops, you don't really love him!
Also, Julien needs a spanking from Mr. Cedric Devril.
They're so pretty~. I envy their talent so much~. I'm going to have to watch that DevArt. >w<
xDD I love Lawrence so much.

Eee no TB! Yay!

Now Henry can get better and accept Richy's love and have hot sex all day long.
And show us the home porn. :D
I d'nno. I tend to not connect songs to characters. xD o_o Was just reading this when Sad Eyes by Enrique Englesias came on. Tis quite catchy, really~.

-Squeak.- Ohnoez! I think Cho be jealouszzz!
They're so adorable. -Sigh~.-

Even if Richard and Henry are the OTP, these two come close.

...those I think they'd all have to fight, were Lawr to hook up. -Shifty eyes.-
Incharge!Lawrence is quite nice. o_o I want him. In my pants.

I feel sorry for poor Henry. ; x; Poor boy. I hope he gets better goodly. D:
...I want to stake claim on the pretty boy with the piercings. Oh yes, yes.

Pretty pretty. >w<
Oh Super-Lawrence.

*Is a fanboy now.*

He looks rather sexy in a morbid way with the facemask and glasses. Mmm, doctors and nurses.


I read the first panel as "He's certainly high." And I was like, "Wut."

Oh Henry. Get bettar! ; o;
Aww. That's so cute. >w<


Superhero Lawr ftw.

Poor Richard. ;_; He's so cute an 00ber-seme. <33 *Loves on teh Heldrad.* The angst. It hurts so good.
Henry... ;__;

Kthnx Ilu Mr James. :D
Lulz. Never have I eve is amazing. xD
...Maybe Richard gave him AIDS. *Shot*

I want Henry to live. ;[ Henry√óRichard is my smackjeeves OTP. They're so cute.

I'd cry if he died. ;__;
...;__; I'm seriously considering going Stephen King novel on you. *Sob.*

Henryyyy. Liiiive!
Henryyy. ; x; Liveeee. <33
Gawd. D| One page. I wonder how I live from week to week with all these people only updating one page... ; x;
If he dies, I will stalk you. And make you draw him back to life. Like that Stephen King novel. Yeah.
Eheh. About the envying Elliot for working, god no, honey. :] I envy him for having Vlad. xD

...I want them for my birfday. Some half a year or so away. xD

D: The hairdrying thing is SO true. x_x; I used to have my hair to my mid thigh and it was hell.

:] Getting dressed up be fun. :3 Have fun, Romy~. n__n

Her name slightly makes me think of the word 'Room' in dutch. Which means cream. xD <3

Edit: :] And I've decided I wanna work with Elliot. D< His uniform is cute. OR he makes it cute. Or you do. Or *esplode*
Oooh. Pretty, pretty color.
You own me in all those arty aspects. ;o;
Vlad makes me lol hysterically.
Gawd, I envy Elliot. A little. :3 *doesn't work~*