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I would really like to buy these but they are not available in the store or I suck at navigating the site. Please let me know how I can get them.
What do I have to pay if I just want the uncensored special chapters?
His bum looks plump hehe
Hoping to see more of your work soon :)
@small fly: Hope your feeling better. Miss your comic :)
HEY HEY!! Miss your work. Hope you're doing well.
Waiting for more :)
Let's get it onnnnnnn AHHHH HEHE :)
None of the links work for me :(
I have read through your LOVELY comic OVER and OVER again!!! Just LOVE it!

I cannot wait to but Step 3 onward!
I have a digital copy of 0-2! LOVE IT!

Thanks so much for sharing your work online!! It makes me SO happy!!

When will the rest be published?
Someday, I'd like to own the whole book as one!
A second chance with caution is good. Happy New Year @ElectronicYaoi

Love the updates!!
I'd like this scene. Is it a part of the $5 PDF or separate? Your store is currently under construction hence my inquiry. Awesome comic and art work.
Update??? :)
More please.... :)
November 25th, 2016
Hehehe.... can't wait to see what happens next
November 19th, 2016
Love this comic...
Taavi is my fav

He gave in sooooo easily but I love it!!
They are gonna have fun in the Cinema.
Or maybe just enough to almost get caught and have to finish elsewhere.
@smudgeart: I hope you do. Your work is lovely
"Maybe for you I'm too much uninhibited" should be
Maybe I'm too uninhibited for you

"Everyone has a different personality as you know I'm really introvert" should be
Everyone has a different personality as you know I'm an introvert

"I'm laughing so hard to see Ivano nagging Cutino" should be
I'm laughing so hard watching Ivano nagging Cutino

"And I'm too much extrovert that I always have sex at a first friend date" should be
And I'm so much of an extrovert that I always have sex on the first date

"Ehy cousin I didn't remembered you so cheeky" should be
Hey cousin I don't remember you being so cheeky

"I think I'm bothering with my speeches. Every time with my friends I always talk about my personal experience" Should be
I think I'm bothering with my stories. Every time I'm with my friends I'm always talking about my personal experience

"You don't bother but it would be better if we talk of our childhood to Cutino" should be
It doesn't bother me but it would be better if we talk of our childhood to Cutino

"Well, if you insist there are so much things to say but I'll talk about an episode that I'm sure Manuel remember" should be
Well, if you insist. There are so many stories I can share. But I'll talk about a good one that I'm sure Manuel remember.

Hope this helps. Sorry its so much. :)
Let me know if it's helpful or not.
November 12th, 2016
We want more!!!!
We want more!!!!