Seaquential Arts
Two comic creators from Germany working on fantastic queer fiction
This weeks guest-art is from the lovely Elli, whose works you can also find on tapastic: Elli writes and illustrates a webcomic called Tag/Nacht about people who are not quite human trying to navigate through a very human life, with all their problems and prejudices that come from those around them. Ellis art-style is amazingly adorable and full of life, as you can see in the picture above. Her specialty are cute people in all sorts of situations, but many of her artworks are very sincere and deal with deep emotional turmoll as well. For more art you should check out her tumblr here:
This weeks guest-artist is Sorata the Schilderich! Sorata is a German comic artist and indie game-dev. His comic "Ovum" (which he works on together with ( features lovecraftian horror, a deep atmosphere and some really interesting characters. At the moment he puts a lot of hard work and effort in his game "Charon" (, which is a fantasy rpg with a rich world and setting. At the moment the demo of the game is only accessible for German players, but there will be an English version soon. For updates on his work you can follow Sorata on twitter, where he posts about the development of the game and other fun things:
Hey everyone! Our first guest artist is the lovely Slgma! A dear friend and wonderful artist. Slgma is currently studying game design and has worked on some smaller games already. As you can see they have a great sense of humour and create wonderful, creative works. You can find them on tumblr ( and twitter (
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