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My obnoxious TL;DR comments?
Sorry Not Sorry :D

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Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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(not listed by the new layout any more)

- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
@sleepingpoppy: i guess you HAVE to spend forever drawing it - it's so long and intricate XDD
homemade dog croquettes? XDDD

hmm not sure but isn't it "bearing treats?"

Asoro looks so cute, in both panels <3
haha the nails were the first thing i thought about, lmao - even before i had scrolled down enough to read Jerôme's bubble. i'd be fucking afraid of those nails too - Nubi i think in your particular case, no prep is better XDD
still, love Kenny's face in #7! excellent ^^
also Harvey's face in #8, like, total panic mode XD
January 14th, 2019
@ZSoj: +1
January 14th, 2019
you're 18 you're an adult now. k, bye.

Harvey, ever heard about foreplay? lmao. but still, you're right ^^
@redmarielle: i see.. if i wasn't so dumb i'd have checked back to ch1, lol. i kinda missed the "we met there a lot" part somehow, thought it was a one time thing ^^thx for the info
January 11th, 2019
so Nubi, what did Jerôme have for breakfast? XDD
@redmarielle: i still don't get it. even if the ranch is nearer as i thought from where Ky lived, why from all places should those guys come to this shed on Kim's property to have their smoke???
wow.. lmao.. a whole bunch of'em XD

now.. WHY did i think the ranch was way further from where Kylee lived previously...?? already meeting the other dude at the gas station shoulda been a hint, but i thought he was passing by, makes sense with car/station. why am i so dense, gawds, whyyyyy
@sleepingpoppy: hmm blue is somewhat eclectic, kinda noble-ish.. Payne & Phury are not that kinda dudes. dogs. i see them more pick any greytone between black->light grey, or brownish (ok, old pink fits too, picked on a bright happy day lol), maybe a dark desaturated blue.. am i thinking in stereotypes? are there more colors in their rainbow? ^^
Imre, you've got hidden skillz XDD
i'm glad we're coming back to the whole swamp story from the start!
k. someone has issues. with their temper in general, with the Dragosh-Ivo situation, or rather both ~ calm yo tits, girl.
wow what a beautiful single panel! <3 excellent scene, great comeback ^^
in doubt, choose pink. XD
would love such a headboard too - not especially because of the esthetics, but something soft to lean on without piling up cushions etc ^^
EDIT: actually i looked at it again - this old pink is better than blue, it's warm, cosy-ish, blue would be cold, unless very light
January 10th, 2019
@boiseboo: good point XD
worst out-of-body experience ever >_<
i'm starting to like Mayce.. XD
@crazylupus: yup, he knows what's coming XDDDDD
brilliant idea Micah, why don't you sneak out right now in the middle of the night to Felix. to make it a bit funnier, Gawain could even hear and follow you. happy reunion with everyone, yay! *facepalm*

congratz to your new set up ^^
aaand one melted honey biscuit, one! XDD

love your drawing of those panels - NO, not only the peens, lol - like Nubi's profile or the last panel ^^