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Likes humanoid creatures in all skin shades with wings, horns, fangs, tails etc... ~ (^_^ )'
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so Brandy.. the phobe is putting his dirty bully hands all over YOUR human.. U gonna let that pass?
Gannet might have been a tad inattentive to Bailey - but he was so focused on the whole "growing wings" thing, which would srsly blow up anyone's mind, no wonder he didn't realize..
and bye Renee, i'm going to live a hermit half-bird life in the mountains! XD
love last panel! haha, good argument Taavi just found with bdsm. if going out with a junkie might be debatable and also put T's career in danger, not everybody thinks bdsm is normal and i dunno how O's colleagues at work would look at him if they knew his ex lover (male) was his slave XD.

lmao.. kot rpg'ing as an OC.. without even noticing XD
the bitter taste of defeat and loss of life ruins even the best of meals..
cool detail, the ants ^^
i wonder what/who Tisik could be, once he's not "the general" any more..
magic bangles? cool.
love this place, srsly. when there's no undead animals, you get composted by mushrooms. sweet XD
@bluewhite: it's what i thought for a long while.. but his prowess with killing, his eyes - aren't they things that should make Ivo wonder? besides, this last note on this page "sometimes being non-human is useful", is this a 4th wall from ZCC to us, or Dragosh thinking for himself, or an established fact? not sure..
@ameoname: so.. that's why i had this weird feeling of having strings attached to me XDD

enjoy wherever you go to. and yes, the interwebs will change a lot in 4 days! when you come back, there will be no more ads, nor bad gross pr0n, nor FaceplantBook/Twitturd/Instacrap etc, and every pizza you order online will be free! ^^... yeah. dream on XD
weird.. i could have sworn that Bailey had been sexually aroused by Gannet, more than once, even in their beginnings. just that he had issues with letting it out/acting upon it. and he IS emotionally engaged with Gannet, too...
the 2 last frames.. ^__^ ~ <3
vamp catching 101: bring coffee.
you could say Hell Hound(s) and Fallen Angel - a match made in Heaven, tho' it seems... well, not. Asoro looks like he's sad about it, but has learned to cope somehow. also, this means he's alone, stranded, with no one else than the 2 hell Hounds. Heaven did a good thing after all...
there's one thing i really don't grasp.. so, Dragosh being non-human is a non-issue for Ivo? not that he would mind - him being in love or just tolerant - but he doesn't even wonder..
@ameoname: i had more success meowing in the dark as i was looking for my neighbor's cat - there were interested cats! ok, some ignored me too, i guess they flipped me.. the cat XD (yeah, hard to make a pun here, lmao)

hm.. yeah, i see the pooping now you told me XDD

the page before, i could have sworn 99% sure Yoni was about to fly/grow wings. now since he doesn't, but Garwan send his drones to fetch him, i thought it was power play (like, "hey, i can make you live or die if i want").
i'm pierced by the thrilling suspense of "wtf is going on here" like a fish on a hook!
ouch. now Micah will feel responsible for having led Whazzisname (oops, sorry) directly to Gawain's door >_<
dat face in the last panel, so smug XD
ofc telling Bailey he's loved will do him good - but i doubt it will help his present issues with physicality very much. both reassurances he needs is that it's ok to be aroused and act upon it + Gannet wants this physical part of their relationship, it won't scare him away...
Lord Levka.. yesh, fits well ^^
so gorgeous in bottom panel left *_* ~<3
May 22nd, 2017
yeah.. let's hope your logical deduction about that thought "not to mess up Cort's life "doesn't make you dump him cuz it's easier.. it would hurt him even more i guess.
okaaay... we all love you. so when you say "I do try to mimik the neighbourhood jackdaws", we do get worried a bit, you know.. XDDD
now for real, good idea to get the feel, why not :D - as long as you do it far away from the window XD. do you shriek too?

my fav is the one just left from Yoni, the speeder ^^ - tho' the right one with the wings twist is cool too ^^. the whole 3rd panel is awesomely drawn ^^

aaaand - why. is. Yoni. not. flying?
if Garwan wants to show him who's boss, i guess it works - "throwing someone off a cliff" is srsly one up "beating into submission" >_>
love the sink! XD - please find a little single frame once where the shower can be seen (good ideas for apocalyptic times.. or the next dump, you never know).
awww.. glad to see Annie too. maybe she's a bit of a guardian spirit..
hm, when you dunno if what you see in your mind is a dream or a memory, something is wrong, or has been tampered with, or your denial is particularly tenacious - or all of the above..
hope you are/will be better again/soon ^^
@yasha.queen: i'm a cereal killer XD