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My obnoxious TL;DR comments?
Sorry Not Sorry :D

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Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
yeah, lol, "flutter" is exactly what i thought - heart & wings ^^

hmm it's funny somehow that Asoro is so cutely shy about those things - considered he got kicked outta heaven for screwing some high-up XDD - i thought he was more openly libertine, or even shamelessly flirtatious ^^
lmao.. kissing one and thinking of the other.. it's already an indirect 3some! ^^
also Phury is really sweet when he's not bleeding out half die-ying...

about the coloring - hmm i dunno, attention to detail can't be wrong, right?
lmao.. just loving their breakfast conversation XDDD - and Asoro's blush ^^
Asoro is so tiny next to Phury ^^

fun seeing them acting so casually & relaxed... compared to the scene with Phury bleeding to death and growling at Asoro

btw, loving your comment about the meat XDDDD
wow... Phury's mood, like, day and night. never cross that dude when he's bleeding to death. XD
@sleepingpoppy: well i'm used to really watch what i eat since i'm intolerant to many things - and a vegetarian. but i've been exceptionally binging on real crap for 2 months, stuff i'd never even touch usually. and now something is totally wrong, not really getting better after now 2 weeks diet, and my doc is in holidays :/
so my food list has shrunk even more due to heartburn ~ it was fun to just dump a pizza in the oven or slurp a bowl of ramen but now i'm paying for it >_<
hope you did well in your finals ^^

argh.. page makes me so hungry - not so much the bacon i'm a vegetarian lol but just thinking of food - and since i've had a stomach ache for 10 days i'm on a strict boring diet TT''''
yeah.. so much for "Kim is just angry cuz he was worried bout Ky".
*shrug & shake head*
well obvs the plan "let's fuck to forget" didn't work.
why don't you try "let's go out together to def put the other guy behind you"? i'm rooting for this dude he's just so hawt.
and this just after Kylee regained consciousness. good morning to you too, Kim, yes i'm well thank you.

honestly Kim, i can only bear you when you're drunk as a fish and horny as fuck and your brain doesn't compute further than "i wanna screw" - otherwise, your eternal grumpiness srsly grates on my nerves, dude. the kid burned down a barn (since you dunno what went down...), ok it's a big deal, but hey he just woke up after being out of it, you could have waited a few minutes and just show some concern before you start nagging. but what am i expecting from a guy who actually manages to be grumpy just after he was blown ~
months/years for them to hold hands.. but now their fingers are like glued together XDDD
@IJustCantEven: eehhh... ooops? XD
finally we have our answer - dream puzzle of hell is behind us ^^
woooow Ky is really in bad shape. he'd win halloween as undead any time hands down...
hey, we gonna have flashbacks of the heroic rescue?
also, lmfao @ caption XDDDD

Kim, be free to feel a bit guilty.. if you'd cuddled with Ky after shooting yer load instead of practically kick him outta yer room, he wouldn't have gone to his bed, run after Razor, seen the shed... and ended up playing bbq as the main course, y'know. not pointing fingers, just stating facts ~
so, burnin' inferno daydream it is...

now wake up and crawl the fuck outta there Ky, or your look is gunna switch from emo to KFC >_<
well, seems after all, the temptation wasn't that crazy.. ah well, you still have the cookies, Asoro... lmao.
good luck & lotsa energy for your final project ^^
lmao.. i didn't even think about what the belt could be used besides tying Harv to the bed as promised/expected.
don't worry babes, all in its time, you're about to graduate kink level 1: tied hands. getting your ass whipped comes at a higher level XD. and you're such an M you'd love it ^^
@corienne: yeah at least you get Q and A all at once, without the torture of wondering wth is happening in between, lol.. tho aren't we all M somewhere, enjoying the hot coals of incertitude, hurt & comfort... XD
April 15th, 2019
ok... now either Cort will be totally happy his BF organized (or dragged him to) this - or Cort will be very pissed and freak the fuck out big time.
those peeps are so weird, their issues so twisted, and don't even mention the reasons why they do things, lol, i really can't tell which.
April 14th, 2019
( ^_^) (*_*) ♥♥♥

hawt af! sooooo happy those two are together! dunno if it's just for this short sex event.. but yeah it's already that ^^
don't mind if they stay a couple tho :D
those 3 last pages looks sooo normal, like Ky really just fell asleep after having fun with Kim (and had this whole nightmare ofc), it makes me suppose we were all totally overthinking this dream in the dream thing.
tho... still kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop... cuz bam! the fire actually happened. longest "cliffhanger" ever XDDD
@redmari are probably laughing their butts off big time ;)