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Sorry Not Sorry :D

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Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
what does this make me think of... let's see... either Harvey is srsly thinking about "delegating" Cort's guardianship - which means, some official horror and asshats being all over the place - or totally sthing else, maybe Harvey is sick or something and he needs to go to some treatment? any case, not good news. D:
August 12th, 2018
me2 ^^

hey guys you got it all wrong.. first you date and THEN you f*ck XDD

nooooooo not the last. i dunno what last what, but i don't like the sound of "last" anything...
panel 2 with Ky's face is beau-ti-ful ^^

also.. wow, Kim tried to.. well, in a way, not so very surprising. while he doesn't really seem the type to do this kinda thing, he lost mother & sister AND his eye in one awful moment, so yeah, i can imagine ~
hehehe.. you're right buddy. WE readers can hear it all. and we're hanging on your lips to heat the most embarrassing secrets hiding at the bottom of your closet ^^
shiiiiiiittttttt.. i fucked up :(
i wanted to ask something, put this post asidde to think what i'd ask.. and then i forgot. >_<
you had fun dotting each & every single star.. admit it XD. anyways, i agree, last panel is awesome ^^
yep, and this is why they have poison in their 1st aid kit: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... so first you pop poison, and if you're still alive, you've already done the 1st step to getting stronger XDD
you're baaack :D

lmao.. dat pack of dogs. all included ^^
Lucian's so cute as a chibi in that middle panel <3
his men look up to him - but he knew he himself couldn't look at himself in the mirror if he had further collaborated to this awful genocide..
hoshit! hope you'll get better soon, take care. we'll wait ^^
love yout tat btw ^^
August 6th, 2018
ah cmon Connie.. ya cockblocker XDDD
decisive moment. either they're both headed to their respective futures and won't ever see each other again.. or something will happen right now and they'll be going nowhere real fast...
aaahh.. lovely shade of censure ;)
August 5th, 2018
good thing about watching them having sex in a public bathroom, but not being there too is we have the image, we hear (well, read lmao) the sound... but we don't have the smell XDD
@WarriorNun: hmm possible. never thought much about it but yeah.. many dirty people, warm water.. musta been a paradise for bacteria and other funny life forms XD. kinda like their lead water pipes - brought some advantages.. but with a few health issues ~ that's progress for you ^^
i know you wanna be part of it too, Imre... but y'know, two's company, three's a crowd XD
Kenny.. doesn't take much to amuse you XD
you could flip a pancake. tail if it lands back on the plate, head.. you got the gist ^^
bitch shouda used condoms before "accidenting" a kid and then neglecting it.. why is it only insisted cats get spayed, srsly.
anyhow, now you might have found someone who's not neglecting you, Kylee - once he gets over his issues ^^
well Imre, you've got the talent of pushing people's buttons, so if anyone's gonna annoy them... XD