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My obnoxious TL;DR comments?
Sorry Not Sorry :D

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Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
oh? assertive bottom much? ^^
thx 4 the little snack ^^
the higher you are, the harder you fall :/
didn't take Kim that long to go from "forget this *thing* ever happened dammit, brain bleach plz" to "nope not gonna freak out if it happens again, i like having you here" XDDD
October 12th, 2018
@Whimvy: mmh.. i kinda see what you mean, might hit it for many people probably, i just can't integrate it (figure how it feels). anyways, i guess everyone copes/comes to terms with their life's event in their own way, be it what you've done to others or what others/life in general have done to you.. i have accepted that i'm way far from perfect, and that as a "me" person - or just as a human - i can be a real asshole, a step short of pathetic. also, that life is a bitch and a fight for every surviving organism, everything nice is a bonus, not a given. it's not so much that i forgive nor do i blame myself, but i just accept that i've done this or that bad thing, and that while i can't change the past, i can try to do better in the present/future... since i'm a self-centered jerk tho, i ironically find it harder to accept what life has served me, haha.
life, can't live with it, can't live without it ~
good thing that critter walked in then.. bon appetit ^^
yeah.. about that.. you hate Asoro soooo much you made him an extra dish and also did a ton of cute things for him.
it's nice to be hated like that XD
lmfao @ Bitey XD!
October 10th, 2018
@kwippo: ikr? there's no need for a burning pit full of demons after we die - we're already granted our own hell on earth, lovingly created by our own selves - and the rest of the human race ~
the pit is what is increasingly becoming of the planet, and the mental demons are our own thoughts while the physical devils are the guys leading the political freak show all over the place.

omfg, am i jolly today or wut? XDD
in short, "i like women fine. but since i'm a total bottom... they kinda lack the implement" XDDD
October 8th, 2018
in all movies, manga etc i never understood this thing called "need for closure" in this kind of circumstances. beats me. maybe it's noble or sth, but stir up shit after years just to set one's conscience right while accepting it's gonna ruin one's life (and probably others' too) which had been spared up to now thanks to lies or silence, i'll never get the point. imho, living on and bearing the weight of the past and one's mistakes and shortcomings and lies is a higher, more appropriate price to pay..

it's like when you cheat on someone, and then "out of honesty" feel the need to confess. actually all you do is shifting the weight of your sin on the person you already cheated on, you fuck them twice over. keeping the dark painful secret is way harder but as it makes you pay daily for what you've done, it's imho more honest and punishing than going blabbermouth on them..
you can't rectify the past with confessions, what's done is done, words don't bring back the dead nor do they erase your sins & mistakes...

tho in fiction, i have to admit that this stuff provides for nice dramatic scenes ^^
October 7th, 2018
those pages are so painful torture.. we know it's gonna go to shit.. and that Seki is enjoying the last happy moments.. TT''''

-->> when you're hungry, a cup of hot water with some salt/spices, soya sauce etc every couple of hours helps forget you're hungry and gives you the illusion you've eaten. NOT read someplace on the web, but improvised personally lately since i'm in deep shit too.. :/ ~ alternate for water with sugar/honey (if you have any left...) to make a nice sweet change >_<
guess Kylee is the only one that was potentially suitable or even just there for Kim to let his guard down.. not everyone around the ranch is open-minded, also gay, and happens to have had a shitty childhood too to boot, right. and it's often easier talking with a "stranger". plus having shared a bed helps ~
anyways, i mean srsly, would Rocko and the likes be the kind of dudes anyone would open up to? *snort*
Taron, pest control hero! ^^
suspect wrapped in ribbon as a bday present.. not bad Asper. i like your gifting style. suxx about the family ties tho, your intel is a bit fudgy XDD
Tibald Caseo against the world!

personally, if i was his father, i would plant the chips - even with sonny rebel inside. this thing is bigger than one person... sacrifices have to be made.
aww Gawain not everybody was born to be a hero. you obvs weren't - unless you grow some balls and do something right now.. even if it won't revive all genocide victims. might still save/change some lives tho.
October 1st, 2018
well.. i think i agree with Harvey's move - he had to be clean to be a guardian, otherwise he would have gone to jail, and Cort into the system. anyways, this was just the kinda situation where whatever you do, it's wrong...
guess we have our answer about last page eh?... Harvey, you're as straight as a bent arrow XDD. thank you Doctor Kenneth for enlightening us all ^^

love the line "but i'm not asking folks" ^^
October 1st, 2018
@GessHugh: XDD lmao.. hmm i'd love a blue halfnekkid Seki tho ^^
September 30th, 2018
i so don't like reading him talk in the past tense... ominous :/