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for once i appreciate the girl - her bitching allows for stuff to happen. let Seki go. wherever he goes, be it safely home, and/or to his love.. or to the mean guy blackmailing him. cuz while he's a major dick, i'm sure he gives some nice action XD
@sleepingpoppy: hmm.. it isn't very clear indeed.. it's a bit ambiguous or left too open. not in the sense of leaving things to imagination, rather like confusing.. even after explanation the sentences are.. uh..
the 2 couple/exempt remarks are perfectly clear. but in panel 2 the negative sentence is confusing (since we don't know yet what it's about, and even then..). and in panel 4 while the 1st bubble is now clear, the 2nd is still vague..
in short (if i may) - if you haven't like printed this or something, i'd rephrase those 2 bubbles. sorry for being honest XD
five centuries. talk about loyalty to a company XDDD

now - i know i'm a bit dense at times - i get panel 1#, no prob.. and then the last 4.. not sure.

- do what? breed?
- why should they be exempted? cuz they're a couple?
- they're required to what, breed before they leave if requested? (and Phury sulks when Payne says it's half so bad cuz he's jelly?)
Bailey has made the transition from one type of "ace" to the other real quick.. :D - so Gannet, still think he sucks? ^^
@xcmjx: same here.. but give it some time, it's their 1st after all
Micah, you just stepped over the boundary between "overly naive and oblivious" to "slowest on the uptake ever". being emotionally so needy for Gawain's affection you tell your most intimate secrets to a sworn enemy who has beaten you up previously is already over the top - doing it when alone at his place, mentioning the issue is physical contact.. is calling for abuse. i really hope your creator Brenna-Ivy has mercy with you..
@Ralend: XDDD - best imagery ever
the only answer ever anybody can give auntie is "yes ma'am". she wasted her talent as a shop owner, a sad loss for the army XD
@ameoname: truuuue.. i totally forgot about Tourmaline. and look, of all possible animal friends he could have picked, he chose (or was chosen by?) a corvid. ha! if that's random he's up for free pizza.
oooh lil sis giving advice? lmao.. after a thorough interview ofc :D

what postapo comic? is it here on SJ?
somehow, Kenneth's smile is a bit creepy XD. and Harvey reaaally needs the cheering up, man, he always looks like a guy who just got dumped after hearing he got fired and evicted on the same day, watching his totaled car now reduced to a cube..
Yoni, should you be worried you can make a difference between the screeching of one feathered beast and another? or their individual looks? or maybe you're just gifted. unlike me, who still can't tell a crow from a raven XD
July 17th, 2017
i'm happy i'm not living in Cort's head. as you said, quite a weight. a wonder he can walk straight without losing his balance XD
@Faetouched: aww c'mon..
let some fun for Brandy later ^^
shooting is too quick - i prefer slow demonic torture :D
even with censure - which i despise just as you do - this page is still totally hawt! ^^ ~Levka nekkis is sooo mhhhhhh °*°
good idea to just blank the bits, it's easier to imagine than with a sticker on top.
good luck for your (new?) classes ^^
no, no, it wasn't me.. it was the dog! i swear! XDDDD
cute little starfish ^^
looks like Taavi already has got his prezzie in his bed XDD
but ofci don't mind you giving him a belated one ^^

lmao.. now little sis knows, she'll ask Yrkki if he's sleeping with every dude they meet XD
marsh spirit not be happy...
not the best taste for a token, eh? XD worst prezzie ever.

aaand.. THAT fish chick hanging under Lilu's arm >_<