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My obnoxious TL;DR comments?
Sorry Not Sorry :D

------------- ❄ ---------------

Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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(not listed by the new layout any more)

- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
XDDDDDD love the way you & Kenny think :D
aww Cort, srsly, yo' momma jokes? and where's the pun? XDD

you're right Ian, you guys need to run away from your insane relatives. far far away, like anywhere but f* here ^^
Seki, you're hopeless... i'd kill to share any body contact with that dude. but if you prefer the guy who banged a chick preggo (so he either double-timed you or was at least just too dumb to use protection if you weren't together at that time, or both) and then dumped you... and doesn't even look half as hawt as this guy here... your choice bud ~ i can only shake my head TT
@Moondragon: ikr? ^^
tho i agree with her too - you can't live in the marshes for 5 years and stay sane, especially when they're infested by undead beasties XD. but insane Dragosh is cool too ^^
Ivo saw a drop dead gorgeous hunk with a heart of gold and razor blade hands under velvety gloves.. the full package - pun intended. what's there to hesitate??? ^^
yesssss! you guys know how to maintain a cliffhanger in style! lmao XDDD
excellent! Wes, finally again (*_*)<3 , and a hawt scene with Ky and Kim, what else do we need? this is one of my SaS fav pix!
ah that's how you got the footage? and me thinking you had installed a hidden cam XD. eeehhh.. do you have some "behind the scenes"/"making of" pics as well? like how those three relax after the shoots? *wink wink nudge nudge* omfg can i be more obvious XD
@Zyephen: almost got a nosebleed at your comment XDDD - thx for the mental imagery lmao
love this 1st panel <3 gorgeous drawing ^^

hmm a human restaurant with soft toned pillows, cookies & milk tea? you're better at the romantic seduction stuff than many humans (incl. restaurant owners), Payne... ^^
so you guys with pizza and diner food, go pack, P is in da house!
well at least with the scorching heat it's not like you need an incentive to get undressed XDDD
March 11th, 2019
yup, the weirdass family stories make half of this comic. how can so much drama be packed between so few people...
March 10th, 2019
i'm gonna lack fluids soon, between the drooling, the nose bleeding, and other sources of excited liquefaction x_x <3 <3
can't get any worse TT
if Ky wasn't the main chara so he has to be rescued or this comic is over.. i'd say rip buddy. also, seems his fate is decided by reefers - i'd def say hands off dope... you're just not compatible ~
dat skull is a rebel. like, it didn't join the gang of birdie, prefers hanging out on its own.
also, picking pockets is an honorable job. millions of politicians live from it. XD
March 4th, 2019
aah Ian you really must love Cort to dump a gal who's so good at... blowing XDDDD
March 3rd, 2019
i so hope new dude (i remember him from the bar/toilet but what's his name again??) is really good in the sack and shows Seki a good time. he's so much sexier than Seki's ex...
asswipes just crossed the line from small fry dealers + complete assholes to mofo manslaughterers...
@RenRou: aah ok. i wondered if besides having engineered them, he had also used his own *cough* genetic goods ;)
father as in "biological seed giver" - how ever this happened with the wyrd mum, like i'd bet a candlelight dinner & movie weren't part of the evening...
or father as in "mad scientist, creator" aka the guy who just mixed them in a test tube?

well at least uncle & uncle seem like cool guys ^^
after such a bloody massacre, i can understand Phury's hate.

yup, evil people don't become peaceful nice ghosts...
happy 100th! (lol, you won't hear this again for a good coupla' years XDD)

Kenny, you're annoying. we're all dying to know about the scars, and after mentioning them and making us perk up, now you're being all secretive >_<. lmao