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Absolute total expert in writing obnoxious TL;DR comments. Sorry folks not sorry :D

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Loves humanoid creatures in all skin shades with wings, horns, fangs, tails etc... ~ (^_^ )'
Especially long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)

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- Them Dudes
@Ash2004: haha.. this is gonna happen anyway, preferably without getting too raw, or someone's gonna get all butthurt about it XD
@FujoshiPeanut: yeah, maybe not deep. but didn't Wes also pick up Kaylee for a ride? sure, could be it's just what buddies do, including a fun dance. or maybe Wes is curious, dunno.
i just like Wes as a chara a lot, he's so sexy, at this point i just wanna see him get laid with a hawt guy, don't even really care who with even if i'd prefer Kaylee..
two ways to know how fast you can heal. a knife cut - or a very wild session with Dragosh ^^
so Harv, time to get creative, y'know you want dat candy! ^^
cool idea with the flashback! was interesting to see how it all came together ^^

here's hoping they find a common ground and stay peaceful.
Oskari looks great btw with this haircut in the 1st panel. maybe he always had it, i only notice now XDD
<3 *died and gone to heaven* <3 .. Wes in dat 3rd panel. *_* ~° unf.

if only this page was animated.. seeing him moving his hips.. gah.
srsly Kaylee, how can you resist dat candy? he's pure sex on legs. awesomely handsome is the understatement of the century. and i'm not even especially into cowboys.
i don't care if 2some or 3some, at this point i'd take anything involving Wes. please pullllez don't just use him as a.. whatchacallit.. story device or something.. just to make Kim jealous, and then dump him from the comic..
@Giogio Georgette: oh yes true, my bad, written 1 page before but i forgot ^^
@ameoname: totally offtopic - haunting scent etc? check that. stumbled on this in one of my random binge picks on Ytube. i think it's really old, and not really my sound (plus the original Ytube version suxx big style in quality, while the remaster is even worse) but still it's somehow so special.. i never forgot it. wish they had made it more recently, more metalstep or something.. cuz like this, no way i'd put it on my phone, but a pity ~

yeah! now i know what i'll write on my next dating site profile when i'll try to pass as a gay dude XDD

hmmm.. we're talking 'bout erotic scents and stuff.. and it makes you think about sandwiches & lasagne. and i thought i was weird XDDDD.
one word: vampire. D looks too handsome for a werewoof. but i guess their fleck of land hosts other sups.. ^^
looks like fish won't have much choice.. about to become the "teacher's pet", literally? or who else does this hand belong to..
September 21st, 2017
insatiable XD
if Jerôme only had a peek in Nubi's memories.. he might rethink about becoming Nubi's lover XDD
September 21st, 2017
Nubi, all mighty god he is, is really a puppy deep in his soul XDD
while "normal" peeps keep dobermans as watchdogs on their grounds, it's only fitting for a skeleton to have... watchghosts XD
hey Ruben.. keep on being an asshole and you'll end just like that or in another creepy way. not that i'd object ~
always love to see Asoro's beautiful wings ^^

seems Payne also found a very sensitive spot ^^ - might come handy later on XD
September 21st, 2017
yeah, you'd bet the brothel workers are very happy to have gorgeous and i'm sure also skilled Taron <3 - who wouldn't. maybe they even pay for it XD
excellent idea! wh00t! ^_^

i'll try, i'd love to submit s'thing. BUT i am a horrible, pathetic & pathological procrastinator, so.. no promises. >_<
anyhow, hope everybody has fun ^^
September 21st, 2017
haha Levka.. now you're trapped. either you accept to be tied to Matt.. or you look like a jerk and risk to lose him by saying no. gamble did pay out.. except not quite. XD
ofc if it's it's all you ever wanted, now it's time to celebrate ^^
September 21st, 2017
and you had us all so fooled and worried, you devious but so cute vampire ~
you had this one coming, F. surprised it didn't happen sooner.
ah well, there goes the occasion for some awesome twosome, but i'll survive it ^^
and Felix is gonna be sooo pissed off now, like smh - and Micah somehow it's a bit your fault, cuz if you had stopped it immediately, it wouldn't have been as bad than playing along and then sock him. i fear that for you & Gawain, the shit's gonna hit the fan soon and ugly..
September 21st, 2017
hahaha.. yeah, tell me something that i don't know. it's part of his charm tho ^^