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Absolute total expert in writing obnoxious TL;DR comments. Sorry folks not sorry :D

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Loves humanoid creatures in all skin shades with wings, horns, fangs, tails etc... ~ (^_^ )'
Especially long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)

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- Arena

- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
Brand.. your intel about your marks suxx. how did you miss the part where Elis is into dudes? XDD and as a demon, ain't you supposed to be rather flexible about the gender of your partners? but don't worry, Elis probably won't insist on topping XDD
welcome back ^^

hey i love that dreamcatcher staff!
.. run thru cuz at midnight my bridge'll turn back nto a worm..
gorgeously awesome
yay walking home the drunk, maudlin, depressed guy with relationships issues and half-fake horniness is always so much fun. let's hope he doesn't puke all over your jackets. luckily he has already peed.. in the closet XD
awww c'mon Asoro.. join in the fun! the more the merrier! and bonus: everybody's gettin' hot, but this time nobody gets fired! ^^
beauty and the beast II: the return of the swamp creature XD
... and then i saw the scalps hanging... O_o
@ameoname: yup, tar & feathers is the hottest tux ever. especially the tar XD
lmao.. a chick! pun intended.
she supposed to play dress up with Yoni? like, cover him up in tar & feathers (prolly the Vrani tux version XD)
@ameoname: pizza... lasagne... fried cheese... chocolate chip ice cream.. *BWAHAHAHA!* *rubs hands devilishly*

fuck now i'm hungry too.
*crawls to (almost, but not quite empty) fridge, where, ofc, none of those things are to find*
@ameoname: lederhosen are great for flying creatures - lotsa space for the wings and free leg movement XDD
proscht! ^^
@ameoname: can't wait to see the newcomer work his magic XD
November 20th, 2017
aaah, Ian's father knows about Cort's dad.. not necessarily about his boxer career nor the incident.. interesting. with all the skeletons those two's families have in their closets, you could build your own catacombs.

also, Ian's dad and his calling a heist or whatever it was "providing" for his family gives flexibility in vocabulary a whole new meaning XD
November 20th, 2017
@EmmaVieceli: sorry it wasn't meant so brutally or even mean.. it was pure sarcasm on my part. Ian has really been dealt a rough hand, pretty much all his life, i don't envy him. actually, a wonder he can still function so well. i hope Cort will change things for Ian and give him some happiness, he really needs it ^^
@Gin: better way to go than staking oneself i guess XD
@Ariadneowl: lmao.. hilarious vid XD.
felt like shooting myself at the sound tho XD
@mamamagz: eeeeh.. not a twilight expert here XDDD. whatdyamean?
blushing all around XD. they really are both cute <3