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Expert in writing obnoxious TL;DR comments. Sorry folks not sorry :D

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Loves long haired bishies ~ ( *o*)
and humanoid creatures with wings, horns, fangs, tails... ~ (^_^ )'

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- The Elduin and Donestan Chronicles

- Acid Monday

- Them Dudes
that guy.. Imre looks so cute AND hawt in his hanging nest ^^
i'd hang a big poster of panel #3 on my wall!
cute setting this hanging chair ^^
yup, for once going out of the middle of nowhere from the middle of nowhere does this to you, you meet people. XD
friends, foes, exes, f*k buddies... this one looks hawt. i would so love to see him being used as a plot device to enrage Kim and tickle his jelly bone ^^
dude in the truck? what truck? aah that one.. never seen the driver in my whole life. dunno who he is. no idea, srsly. honest. anyways, nice weather today innit? XDDD
disgusting, yup. ugly AF. but i'd say rather bats than rats, right? XD
aaanyways... hope Caidan & Falko can gtfo there. the nosferatu look like you'd better not f*k with them. or be anywhere near them, like, a few miles >_<
owwwwww omfg it hurts just looking at his bloody body TT' - that must be painful >_<

happy bday \( ^_^)/ ~<3
enjoy food & lovin' ^^

urgh, splitting your skull isn't the funniest way to party at a wedding - usually it's reserved for the morning after ;)
Nubi.. the point is to have the guy you love confess to you.. spontaneously XD. hassling & pushing him to do it kinda fux up the whole idea XDD
kudos to Kylee for keeping in style with this head gear under the texan sun! look good... or die trying XDD
aaah but i saw a pizza joint! living on Kim's ranch i'd kill for a slice ^^... *fk, now i'm drooling for one too* >_<
looking forward to the inevitable meeting Kenneth vs local law enforcement - be it for speeding... or whatever trouble he won't be able to avoid causing at some point XD.

* with possible outcomes like: Kenny enjoys body search far too much? cop falls prey to Kenny's disturbing & violent mad alpha male vibe and rolls over? enough lead flying around to generate mild environmental poisoning?...*
get well soon - or better, don't get sick at all ^^
guess 1st part is valid for Phury too.
you guys need some care.
also, Payne seem pretty unfazed, must not be the 1st time...
srsly wondering if "having his memory back" is not THE thing to worry about, lol. i mean, dude was killed by an angry perv god, died.. nice memories? XDD
@EmmaVieceli, @Alkyri: haha.. now looking again at the page i realized that Cort was just normally training, not "attacking any random objects".. i had mistaken the punching bag for a locker door XDD (which would be more emotional than professional), so i see your point ^^
@shayneko: aaah yeah, the pigeon. i knew i wasn't dreaming this up XD

nothing wrong about being a geek about anything. i admire devoted rpg/game/fandom fans! i'm just too lazy to bother learning shit in details, lmao, it's like taking one (or more) additional subjects in uni XDD. the only thing i excel at is procrastination ^^
lmao XDDD... hairy shit happens, Hayner XD

hmm.. Connor is a cocky little bastard, so i guess his attack animal must give him some confidence... and if he has to be a reptile (amphibian???) i'd go with dragon, badass dino or at least very big fat crocodile ^^

but somehow... i have this pic in my mind from a very early chapter... didn't Connor transform into a bird and shit on Izaac? or am i totally hallucinating this??
at least Cort has a good(?) way to let out steam. not sure attacking the material is helpful or appreciated, but i guess it's still better than him punching yet another dude to an early grave...
about time you arrived guys, you're like 2 corpses late - 3 counting the cool cow girl. basically you suck but we're still happy you're here.
at least, not everyone died. now you asshole, i'd so love to see you eat lead.
@GayerThanARainbow: ikr? XD. i just can't say "i'm popping a lady boner", cuz it's wayyy too small XDDD
aaah the censure bits got smaller XD. this is hawt shit ^^ :DD
anyways check your DA.. foundya ^^
i don't think Harv can do much about his hair.. he looks like one of those pathological all-day bead head types XDD. and i'm sure right now he also wears an all too obvious just-been-screwed grin, even they technically haven't..