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last panel. but then Kim's phone starts beeping. he ignores it. but it beeps again and again. about 50 times.
"what the fuck is this?" he stops with Kylee, gets the phone - it's his SJ alert. over 50 comments! he reads.. and reads.. and finally goes "ugh. screw this" and throws the phone across the room, stands up while Kylee asks "what now??" but Kim just shrugs and gets himself a bottle of whiskey he takes outside...
cool! love Kenny's expression & the angle..
and yup, yello def color of choice for him ^^
c'mon Imre.. we all know you're the big mighty shaman and blah.. this is overkill tho
@miakoda.kara: yeah.. without a saddle, for Kylee XDDD
@Quadrant: yeah Kim is a dominant type of guy generally, and i guess he might also like to take things rough - up to a certain point. like, manhandling Kylee a bit, get him posed & ready no so tenderly, but then i think he'd be careful in the "critical" moment..
this page is soooo hawt! <3<3<3 i hope i manage to get a bucket, a mop & dry pants inbetween fainting in my drool and bleeding out fits ~
this thing looked huge in the prev page, here it looks.. monstrous XDD. i hurt for Kylee.. a little, still wanna see it happen tho XD ~
and i really had to lmao.. cuz if Kylee is a progressive guy who doesn't care for bad yaoi stereotypes and would agree with many prev page comments, alpha male Kim doesn't seem to have gotten the memo XDDD.
lmao.. he really DID.. XD
i thought he'd use his tongue.. but finger's ok too ^^
February 19th, 2018
wow. that was swift. and absolutely drama-free. not what i would have expected from her... Ian's been dumped in 6 sentences and about 30 seconds. i guess it didn't come as a surprise, she knew sth was up.
well, Ian, your ex has just dumped you, and your crush needs some me time. you just went from double-timing & group outing to sitting alone in a club. cheers, mate. XD
February 18th, 2018
aaaah.. *cliffhanger*.. haha XD

get better soon, and yeah, take care of yourself ^^
February 17th, 2018
haha.. already part of the family! <3
February 17th, 2018
yeah.. no matter how tragic it is to be separated gain, and to leave Val alone to cope with danger, Aldi is the one with the least chances to survive amidst all those mutants, soldiers and other armed fuckers milling around the place... desert not helping either. Val, you're so courageous and selfless <3
and she looks awesome btw ^^
Imre loves to be the main attraction, woe who steals him the show XD
@AzrielEver: kraken... cracked me up XDD! yup, for a few moments he's gonna wish he'd thought that over..
not very surprised Kim wants to take the lead.. he doesn't seem like the guy who'd leave anyone be in control over him, in any way - or at least not at once from a younger, more feminine guy... mebbe later. and i'm sure he's been fancying dat Kylee ass for a bit now ^^
yup, good luck Kylee. i hope they don't send you riding in the morning XD
also, lmfao @ morning pill after XD
dat back... Kenny wasted a good opportunity working as a notepad XD
nice bubble, Imre, shinyyyyy!

k, now go make yourself useful, shaman, disappear you three somewhere private, and screw the bad mojo out of those two. or get them to empty their *cough* soul into you if it's what floats your boat. you'll feel so much better after, and the darkness'll be gone ^^
hey Caidan, you look like a model! big change from your usual vagrant style XDD. love the way you show respect, too XD..

between being Sutekh's boytoy and primped like a poodle by Jager, you don't get a break from your elders, right? poor Caidan XD. but hey, there's at least one guy who got it worse.. think lizard.
yeaaaaah you're back! ^__^

Asoro's unspoken thought - not only Asoro's, but ours all, lmao: "dat ass!"
(EDIT: haha someone actually wrote it XD)

followed by a loud "eehh i think i need to bathe some more" to Payne.
c'mon Payne, srsly, clothes? you guys don't need to get dressed, you need to drop those towels.. ^^
don't waste dat food Taron, lick it up!
February 14th, 2018
lmao! i hadn't noticed. those two sure look alike. Taavi caught with his hands on the merch haha, yup sth doesn't feel right XD