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'Oh, what a sweet romance! Of course, if I were to try that on the 'guy' I like, there's a fair chance it would end in violence.'

Why I need gay media.
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I’m so relieved!
I thought we’d see him strung out on the train.
So close!
He was trying to be a better person but became an eldretch abomination instead.
Story of my life.
Oopsy doopsy poopsy woopsy
Point out you can have him arrested for dealing, trespassing, and assault, and tell him you ARE calling the cops and ask what he’d like the charges to be.

Assault in a bar fight and assault after threatening someone to help you deal drugs are very different charges and one involves coercion AND premeditation.
The cycle continues
Did she have to be that harsh? She doesn’t know he’s partially possessed, but she forgave her bully.
I’m sorry, but that is not a ‘knife’. You are a terrible lover and I would not want to see you try to cut your food.
I hear it’s like being dead when you’re on it. Like suicide for people who don’t have the nerve.
Any tips, Mrrsharr?
Meter is not necessary.
The few times I didn’t completely capitulate, my parents sent me to shrinks to fix my anger, and my mom wanted to know why I didn’t want to be a good person. We don’t really speak much these days.
There’s a difference?
What is wrong with you people?
It’s weed. Weed! You’d think they were shooting up in there. And what were his friends supposed to do, hold his hand and wait for the cops?

All we know is they aren’t smart for coming back to this same place to smoke, and that at least one of them litter.

What’s Kim going to do, tell him he can’t be friends with these people? He could reasonably tell them to get off his property, and Kaylee would be dismissive of Kim’s feelings if he lets them stay, but you’d think he were cheating the way people are talking.
He new better
@Doom.wad: I find it hard to believe he didn’t know it was a rigged fight. The use of electricity was also skirting the rules at best.

He is not just a mindless soldier, that is an EXCUSE for poor behavior. And if your military responds to every provocation with full force, that is a problem, essentially murdering people for pride. He also put her in danger.

It’s like putting someone in a choke hold and putting a knife to their throat saying ‘what’s the matter, were just wrestling.’
Missed the point
@firestoat: what’s the difference between saying “You are the real adventure”, and “I’m not a real person”?

This is a huge red flag
She abandons them, and for what’s? So she can play pretend?
She is darker than she’s given credit for.
In a mater of moments, both
November 13th, 2018
When was he ever human?
He must have been a demon for a LONG time, if not from birth. He steaks some magic tongue.
November 5th, 2018
I’m eager for the Till plot to unfold
November 1st, 2018
What!? No. It’s electrisity and you’re in a wet tunnel holding a chunk of magical steal. If the charge were strong enough to damage a stone tunnel it would be from turning the whole area into lava.
Jagged Little Pill
“I don’t want to be you better half,
I believe that 1 & 1 make-2!”
Keep Punching
It disgusts me when people don't stand up for themselves. I was told I was a bad person and sent to anger management for WANTING to hurt my bully.

"What did I do wrong?"
You disregarded yourself. You demand no respect, don't even seem to feel you deserve it.