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'Oh, what a sweet romance! Of course, if I were to try that on the 'guy' I like, there's a fair chance it would end in violence.'

Why I need gay media.
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@Mahira: see comment below
Let’s not anglicanize, though.
@Florance: The focus on purity is largely a Christian convention regarding knowing too much. HAVING sex is still a big deal. Some of the Hindu stories in that Nepal village have the setting for their telling as the gods of creation and preservation waiting on destruction to finish loudly bedding his wife (he is super rude) so they can get some work done. How many cultures have furtility gods and festivals? (Japan, Inca/Aztec and the like, greek, Rome, Africa at least has a lot of jokes about theirs. What were the America’s like 300 years ago?)

Then the Abrahamic religions happened (and Buddhism, and some others I forgot.)

What do the 3 goddesses here think about sex or innocence?
I’m an optimist.
@Winek: for his sake, I hope he’s ace or chemicals lacks a sex drive.
What do you want?
@Ru: is the violence really worse than how aggressive the kid is being? And he’s being barged upon in the shower, in his house, by someone who all but just outed him.
Someone has never been in a middle school...
Horny little brats, all of them! He know all about sex. Heck, he’s outside enough, he knows nature. Not the social aspect, though.
You think she was talking about cats!
Cool it, deity.
He stood up for himself, and to a friend!
Maybe he’ll also grow more confident. That logic professor is still the person with the most faith in his abilities, and they didn’t even like each other.
How is Slugger in the wrong here? They were clearly right not to tell Christo they were dating, and Slugger wanted to tell him but promised to keep them a secret. And why isn’t he offended at the suggestion he would cheat? Christo knows better.
So... spite?
“You hurt my friend, I could give a fuck if you slept with her. And you intentionally fucked with my job!”
When you get back to the wonderfully gratuitous nudity, can I have some man on man action? There hasn’t even been any in the orgies. Or sexy male fish. I know the game is aimed at males mostly, but I promise, they will love it!
Unacceptable, you can’t learn anything about metabolism from a dead specimen. You must capture her for experimentation....
December 5th, 2017
We LIKE the reptiles.
The heat, the floods that leave water moccasins in the streets, Florida sucks!

Like the bugs and otters and rideable gators, though.
I HATE G rated auto correct.
Down with the Patriarchy!
Hi isn’t respecting her when he speaks on her behalf. Point that stuff out.
Where should I know that concerned fox from?