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'Oh, what a sweet romance! Of course, if I were to try that on the 'guy' I like, there's a fair chance it would end in violence.'

Why I need gay media.
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It can!
Just call it an A.U.
Break the law
Cut her face, or have a real fight. Confront this monster you fear and force the police to get involved.
Mom of the year
That’s her first reaction to screaming?
Canny must scream a lot, it sounds like mom’s fed up with it.
No one saw success in his future.
He avoided it at all costs!
August 13th, 2019
His penis is tearing
At 6 hours a night, he is damaging his penis faster than it can heal, permanently scarring capillaries and inhibiting it’s ability to inflate.

Remarkable cardio, though.
He wanted to like her, she wanted him to like her... They both wanted a relationship. His motives were, if anything, more selfish as she was a means to an end for him.
Stupid kids, but it’s only immoral if one of them should have known better.
She’s not surprised… I thought I was reading too much into it when I thought she was talking about him!

Good job, everyone
He does not want to be ‘just friends’.
He’s courting two people at once.
She was hostile to the wrong man.
Cut that poor girl loose!
I feel bad for her lack of self respect.
Neither of them have the nerve yet to break it off yet.

What does he think of her?
Does she have a crush or does she just want someone like him?
So he is a tool stringing her along for his amusement?

She says ‘I don’t like him sniffing around my man’ and he doesn’t deny it. Everyone seems to acknowledge her as his girlfriend, including Hans.

Do they need to formally introduce themselves to us, the viewers, as a couple with a carefully chosen ship name?
@Darth AWQ: tell them the book didn’t drag out every mentioned death for 5 minutes like the movie did. Not everything has to be grimdark!
Aspen is right to be pissed. Trust issues doesn’t even come into it.
This is out right disrespectful of her boyfriend.
Go out with a bang
Strap a bomb to yourself and make sure it goes off if you’re gonna die.

She can’t reanimate ash!
I’m right there with you!
Optimism is admirable only of it’s in the face or reality, not running from it.
There’s no way Atty can be said to be worse than George. Sure, she’s pleasant, but she has horded thousands of Pokémon in cold storage. And her ethics are based on fantasy. It’s only a mater of time until we see her hurt someone with those ideals.

She isn’t naïve, she’s willfully ignorant.
I’m so relieved!
I thought we’d see him strung out on the train.
So close!
He was trying to be a better person but became an eldretch abomination instead.
Story of my life.
Oopsy doopsy poopsy woopsy
Point out you can have him arrested for dealing, trespassing, and assault, and tell him you ARE calling the cops and ask what he’d like the charges to be.

Assault in a bar fight and assault after threatening someone to help you deal drugs are very different charges and one involves coercion AND premeditation.
The cycle continues
Did she have to be that harsh? She doesn’t know he’s partially possessed, but she forgave her bully.
I’m sorry, but that is not a ‘knife’. You are a terrible lover and I would not want to see you try to cut your food.