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I've always been a writer first and artist second. So by the time I managed to put pictures to fancy banter it seemed like the world had run off ahead and left me on my own. But I guess as long as I can still follow the dust I'll figure something out along the way!

(PS- I do commissions. I also do a lot of pony stuff. Mostly write-y stuff. Ya'll can find me over on FimFiction)
January 29th, 2019
i suddenly feel very called out
yo what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
good god they're adorable
December 6th, 2018
oh no
this won't end well
December 5th, 2018
oh my god Bee has outgrown them thats adorable
im /fascinated/ by how much max looks like izzy. of course he does, biologically theres no difference since twins, but still
though i suppose they all get their insanity from somewhere
November 24th, 2018
Aw how nice to have so many folks together again
November 6th, 2018
oh wow i cant believe its been so many pages already. Venus and asher felt like just yesterday
oh god no
July 21st, 2018
I love her
well then.....
Her name is Rainbow
calling it now
God i love the friendship between these two
Grada A pun right there
March 21st, 2018
I know stuff usually ends up apreciated silently so I wanted to say out loud I really love this comic. Dont know why, just kinda do. Your use of color is amazing
February 13th, 2018
god this one is hilarious
God I wish I could upvote your comment
December 20th, 2017
biting social commentary
October 31st, 2017
Aaaaaand we're back! I'll be honest I'm still not entirely sure what happened, I think my tablet's wire just went "nope" for a few days, so here's hoping that was just a lil' hiccup!
BTW, I'll be visiting my friends for the first time since spring over the weekend but don't worry, unless something goes horribly horribly wrong next update will come right on time!