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@knightrider405: okay now i feel sry for being a bit selfish... jsut googled the "illness", wow... hope you mae it and get healed..., just wanted to say, no matter how its going you, you helped me great with my own depressions and problems, your comic helped me escaping from this world and get over a time a free head. I was on fucking, i fdont now how many pills a day, but they didnt helped.. and as i read in comments before, you helped a lot of people out. And if you ask me, your kinda a hero, you and silver leaf, get well soon, i dont really know what to say in the end so... hopefully see you later :,c
ups ^^
asked for silverleaf, if shes okay... got a little carried away ^^
Dont want to sound rude
If youre just sick, hope you get better soon, and if you need any help, dont forget that your community is there for you... and if i already would get an answer, just wondering because i snapt something up like depression and stuff.... is she okay? thx for the answer, love you guys