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I thought the same thing!
May 24th, 2017
High key hoping they actually go fuck in his car tbh
My apologies, the next couple pages will have no color, I'm super busy with work my boss in on vacation so I'm working A LOT and I have a convention next weekend I have to get ready for (I'm boothing) So please be patient with me <3
"I'm not!!" Riley assured feeling guilty.
"I would kill him, You know that right?" Oliver snapped quickly.
Riley left the room, heading down the hallway feeling his blood dripping to the floor, he always felt culpable whenever leaving Oliver's room, "Love you too, Oliver" He mumbled to himself.
He approached his and Ellis' room "Ellis, can you get the medical kit..." He asked
This came TF out of knowhere and I've never been happier!! Will you also be able to buy this volume in physical form?
Guess what babe's, I have a convention this weekend so you all get an early update : )
I hope I did the NSFW thing justice.///. it's been a long time since I've drawn anything sexual. If anyone is interested Riley has an instagram page where i put all his fanart, which I always accept through email ( Add him at: riley_knoxwild : D Love you all!
Have a good one :)
I'm super exited for next weeks page, and Oliver is to turned on like 99% of the time~ and technically he is single.....
We're doing questions over on Webtoons for easter!! put yours in if you want 17&episode_no=15
Say what Ellis??
March 25th, 2017
Alright chickies we're going to see how you adorable beans feel about black and white. I love your feedback and love positive feedback even more <3
March 19th, 2017
A lot of peeps over on webtoons have been complaining about the one page a week thing, so starting next week I MAY be doing two pages but they will be uncolored.
*******1:33 AM*****
March 13th, 2017
He do the fidget
That's right Riley, you tell him boi
February 25th, 2017
Jason is cute and I love him.
February 18th, 2017
A mysterious smoking box. (Also they don't notice the box is smoking)
❤❤Happy love day to all of you!!❤❤
February 11th, 2017
An early update because I work a double tomorrow and wont have time to upload D:
February 5th, 2017
Riley what do your teenage boy eyes see?