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koori chan and i..decided to create an account for our collab comics...
and that is...


^^.. thanks!!!

=end of news=

uhmm.... im an otaku. i like watching anime!! hmm i also draw manga though im not that good at it... stories..yeah.. i write a lots of them!! most of my stories have these genres:

adventure, supernatural, fantasy, romance, drama, action, psychological.

that's all..
oh wait!!i like manga/comics!!!! i enjoy it more than watching anime hehee!! ^^
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ughh last....I've finished this lazy toning this page...anyways...yes...he just grab the cap without hesitating at all..hahaha.. ^^

koori-chan - thanks...^^
gizumimipichu - waahh don't kill him! hehhe! no, he just used the window to escape.. ^^ thanks!
VulpixLover93 - thanks!!!!!
another one up!!! this is the start of chapter 1. ^_^
June 22nd, 2009
ughh... hope you like it ^^..
waaaahhH!! bishie!!! i love him!!
yeeyy!! another one up!!! that's the ending of prologue ^^
June 8th, 2009
he really offered his heart...literally hahaha
dun dun dun dun!!!! (kyaaa!!!! more)
another one up..but is rushed...gomen ne minna san.. ^^.
o btw. koori chan and i created another account for our collab comics..


if you have time...please do check it out ^^

u_fido_u - thanks ^^. i'm really glad to know that you'd like it ^^.

koori-chan - weee!! thanks!! here! another one up! ;p
SSSSSSHHHOOOJJJOOOO bubbles... ugh...cute!!
*_* burst mode... hahah!!
another one up!! here she comes!!
sorry for the crappy toning...(rush)
coz my brother was nagging me about his turn for the computer... >.<

ughh..thanks ^^ kyaaa update!!!
it took me a long time to finish it's toning because of my unending procrastination..(oh yeaH!!!)...oh btw....sorry for the crappy drawing of the "foot" there..i tried....but i failed... TT__TT.. anywayz..thanks for dropping by! ^^
yeah...we've decided to update more since day of the resume of classes are fast approaching. TT_TT. same with our other projects : Witch of rutherford, *new* the dream agency. (both of these are our collab comics. if you have time, we hope that you'd drop by to read them.. ^^.

anywayz, for those who've waited for this update. We thank yoU!!! oh yeah!!! sorry for the delays due to some circumstances (ahem..ahem...) hahahha!! that's all! thanks!!!!
DUN DUN DUN!!!! here she comes!!!!!
-it's kind of late...but we'll do our best to update more starting today..(since i also got my mood back!!!) go us!! hahaha!! (same with our other project, "cinderella phenomenon") right koori chan... *_*
its a miracle...i've posted a comment again...(usually, i'm kind of lazy in posting some comments...anywayz..) about the bird...its a rare type of bird...and i'll just leave that up into ur imaginations..hahahha!!!
bbump bbump!!!
oohh... i bet she's planning something!! cant wait! ^^ go girl!
May 19th, 2009
so ^^
Ooh ~la la!! nice drawing!!! story is interesting so far!!! ^^!! more!!!