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Writer: Devyn801
Artist: Jack E.
We hope you enjoy Boys Land as much as we do.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our series, we're always happy to hear feedback on our project.
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Rule 63 Ursa
Unlike his female counterpart, the male Ursa is known to be quite boisterous and flamboyant, and in place of wings, he flies on a cloud.
He does not fight with swords, but instead is a master of sumo and calligraphy techniques!
@VadanDrumist: You're very perceptive. Only time will tell.
@Truefan108: A little, his mom is awesome. He's going into them angsty teen years.
And that concludes our little Rico side story.
Regularly scheduled chapters will resume production this week.
@Truefan108: Dos is such a terror of a game, that only the most talented players could ever play it. You know Uno is trouble, but Dos is another beast entirely.
@Truefan108: were you able to figure it out by the end of this chapter?
Have a few special pages to add to this chapter over the next week!
Look forward to some Rico story.
@Truefan108: Damn right he is!!! >:(
@Truefan108: Since we're an artist/writer team and we knew Marco would be a shit artist, we had me, (the writer,) do the drawing of Leo.

I'm glad it doesn't disappoint.
@ColdFusion: Dude, I had no idea you were a zoologist! haha this is good
@megaman: lol, we really did enjoy writing this joke.
@pencilforge: Yup, you called it
@Truefan108: Thanks for reaching out :) If we ever hold any polls or events, maybe we can ask around for ideas.

But for now, we'd like everyone to enjoy what we have comin'!
@Truefan108: I think it'd be more fun for you to see what we got cookin'. It'll be a surprise for sure!
@ColdFusion: It is a rather satisfying head smash if I do say so myself.
@elementcomic: I think he can manage that ;)
@Truefan108: He's the coolest! Gotta root for the lil' guy
@Truefan108: Leo has a lot of moves up his sleeve, some he doesn't even know he has yet!
So excited to see this comic being released!
I love it so far, it's so good!