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We are the Boys Land crew

Writer: Devyn801
Artist: Jack E.
We hope you enjoy Boys Land as much as we do.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our series, we're always happy to hear feedback on our project.
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@ColdFusion: I'm glad you're enjoying it, it's good to have more for you guys to chew on!
Good thing to note, we may adjust the dimensions
@Triforce Fandom:

Happy Thanksgiving
It's been a bit busy, so here's a crumby sketch of some chickens having a bit of a moral dilemma
@Triforce Fandom: *ding ding* you are correct.
@Triforce Fandom: Faces worth more than that bounty
@ColdFusion: Thanks dude! If you're gonna have a statue, it's gotta be cool! Or sexy I guess, I dunno, whatever you're into.
Indeed they did my dear reader
Marco and Leo
Thought it'd be really cool if one day we could get printed statues of our characters!
@Triforce Fandom : This story has so many references, we don't even know when we make them lol

Thanks for reading! We're glad you love it!
@ColdFusion: That's a big compliment friendo, I appreciate that
@Triforce Fandom :

We've hit our quota of electric tigers in Boys Land with Team Marco's own Tigre. Wouldn't want doubles lol.
Super Slugger
So you know how we started writing about Marco's favorite superhero lion? We wanted to expand on it, by introducing you guys to his arch nemesis, StrikeOut!
That was fantastic build up and execution of a magic trick and emotional dialogue. I got a great sense of the three main characters as well!
I can't wait to read more, I really enjoyed this.
@ColdFusion: Cuz we got good shit goin' on! I'm glad you're liking it more, I know we are too
Village City: Coming Soon
Hold on to your butts, we'll be posting up the next arc soon!
Be ready for some cool shit
@PossumFlavored: Thanks for your continued readership!
@ColdFusion: It is quite adorable, I must agree!