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We are the Boys Land crew

Writer: Devyn801
Artist: Jack E.
We hope you enjoy Boys Land as much as we do.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our series, we're always happy to hear feedback on our project.
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    Jack & Devyn
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Link to survey

We've received so many votes already, we're so excited by all the characters that have been getting love from you all! You guys are the best!

If you haven't had a chance yet, please take the time to vote <3
Poll Link
We got a character poll over here for you all to take:
@Truefan108: Who says he can't fight? Ha ha... Shack gonna whip out his secret kung fu on you.
@Truefan108: That's Oliver from the old version. Good eye!
@Guest: We've been waiting about 50 years to post this poll!
Character Poll Time!

We got a character poll over here for you all to take:

We want to know who your favorite Boys Land character(s) are, that means you can vote for multiple characters!
We look forward to seeing who is top dog.
Character Concepts - New Arc
Hello everyone!
We're excited to show you some progress for our upcoming arc.
We've got a new character to reveal plus more in the near future!
@ColdFusion: Explains the skill/trained eye you have.
@ColdFusion: You should work as a proofreader for a publishing house or something. You save us from many careless mistakes.

I don't know how I mixed up "ways" and "weighs," because what the heck? But I actually wouldn't have ever caught "upwards of."

Special Credit
Character colors done by noahklarson:

Keep an eye out, his webcomic, "Salvage" will be coming out soon!
Thank you so much for your amazing colors!
@kasaimanga: I couldn't ask for more, I hope we can keep on hookin' you in, the further you read.
The story is only going to get better!

Thanks dude
@kasaimanga: That's seriously a big compliment, thanks dude.
@kasaimanga: Really? That means we're doing our job right then, haha! AWESOME
@kasaimanga: I'm glad you feel that way! We wanted to give a similar vibe by creating a bigger picture for the world.
@ColdFusion: I think Marco's earned the right to be afraid of bugs:

But in real life, bugs are pretty neat.
@Truefan108: You're our most loyal reader and I just wanted to say thank you!
Boys Land will be back to it's regular schedule beginning next week.
Expect a new chapter, April 13th!
@Truefan108: Shack needs a break away from the Marco Bros.
@Truefan108: He wanted to prove to Leo he could beat a monster. Marco can be a jerk sometimes, he ain't perfect lol. Scold him some more! He was raised better than that!