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We are the Boys Land crew

Writer: Devyn801
Artist: Jack E.
We hope you enjoy Boys Land as much as we do.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our series, we're always happy to hear feedback on our project.
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    Jack & Devyn
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@kasaimanga: Clever! Had too google that one though if I'm being honest.
That's Marco's superpower ;)
This hat is the most powerful hat in existence!
@Truefan108: Yeah, in the previous draft, chimney was never meant to come off of Leo, we toyed with the idea but never committed. This time however, Chimney is the same old Chimney EXCEPT she's got an identity of her own.

Also, in the previous version, Chimney was coded male. What fools we were, she's clearly dripping in feminine beauty and mystique! lol
@Truefan108: I'mma guess yuo mean Leo, ha ha.
We're glad you're enjoying this version! I think this is going to be the definitive version of Boys Land!

Maybe a show will come some day...for now we'll make enough content so a show can even be viable!
@Comiconical: Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you've enjoyed this so far!
@Guest: You're right, to be fair though, he was always supposed to be a little snot, we just didn't really get far enough into the previous version to show his true colors. :/
@kasaimanga: Yes! The last arc was for readers to get to know Leo. This one is for people to become better acquainted with Ursa.
@Truefan108: My prediction was:
1) Leo/Chimney
2) Benny
3) Marco or Boogies

For me Ursa getting second was the big surprise. I'm very happy people like our Lion Hearts!
Upcoming Arc - Dandy Island
Coming soon, the beginning of the second arc of Boys Land, Dandy Island, will official start!

Check back next Saturday Aug. 10th for a new beginning!
Character Poll Results!!

With a huge landslide, Leo managed to dominate the poll and was never close to being usurped!
It was a close match between Ursa and Marco, each climbing for the 2nd place spot, but Ursa managed to come out on top in the final weeks.

A surprise result also occurred with a 4-WAY TIE between Rogre, Rico, Doodle AND the Boogies! Surprisingly big support for the ogre bully and surprising lack of love for the Boogies and the twin bro!

And no love for poor Mushira, maybe he'll make a return some day, but for now, he will rest zzz.

Thank you all so much for your votes, it was a fun ride and the turnout lit up our hearts! I'm so happy to see all the love we received. We have great fans!
@So, Random Guy: God, I hope not.
@Truefan108: They are cute, huh? As for what they eat... Hmm, perhaps scrap metal?
@Truefan108: Who says he can't fight? Ha ha... Shack gonna whip out his secret kung fu on you.
@Truefan108: That's Oliver from the old version. Good eye!
@Guest: We've been waiting about 50 years to post this poll!
Character Poll Time!

We got a character poll over here for you all to take:

We want to know who your favorite Boys Land character(s) are, that means you can vote for multiple characters!
We look forward to seeing who is top dog.
Character Concepts - New Arc
Hello everyone!
We're excited to show you some progress for our upcoming arc.
We've got a new character to reveal plus more in the near future!
@ColdFusion: Explains the skill/trained eye you have.