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We are the Boys Land crew

Writer: Devyn801
Artist: Jack E.
We hope you enjoy Boys Land as much as we do.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of our series, we're always happy to hear feedback on our project.
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    Jack & Devyn
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@Guest: A very astute observation! This was inspired by that movie, yes.
@Guest: That's actually not a bad analogy.
@Truefan108: Thanks! Boys Land draws inspiration directly from late 90's/early 2000's Saturday morning toyetic anime like Pokemon/Digimon. So if that's the feeling you're getting then we're succeeding!
@Truefan108: I don't think it's a power, but it is a family trait of the Vegas. Good catch!

The name "Vega" I stole from the eponymous star in the Summer Triangle.

However I think the star eyes can be contagious, like when someone is inspired by someone in the Vega clan it's possible as well. They're pretty strictly non-diegetic though.
Thank you for your incredibly kind words!(;﹏;)
It brings us immense joy that you could enjoy the story this much.
With an exciting way to kick off the story, I hope we can continue the pace and deliver an adventure you'll remember!

Look forward to seeing Marco's future
Welcome to the Marco family!
@ColdFusion: Of course we gotta start this far back, we did say it was a reboot...

As for the old draft it's still very much available here:
@Kashi90: Wow thanks! If that's not motivation to continue I don;t know what is!
Hey Pencil, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed! I never read Rave Master, but I think that's a still a great compliment.
@VadanDrumist: We have a lot of story to tell and the last draft was way to convoluted especially given that we were only about 5% of the way through the story.

Over the break we took, we streamlined it so the story can still be told, but is more easy to digest.
@Truefan108: Yeah, he's a little shit bag.
Boys Land REBOOT

Thank you all for your patience and waiting as long as you have to read our comic.
We look forward to your readership and hope you enjoy what is in store for all of you!


It's totally different, you're in for a treat.
@Truefan108: I promise something as cool or BETTER in the near future!
Stay tuned ;)
@Phoenix: LOL
@ColdFusion: We're excited to the prove just that. Thanks for reading this far CF
@VadanDrumist: I'm excited to show you guys what we have planned. Working on it as we speak. We're looking forward to seeing you again :)
@Truefan108: You've really been a true fan like your name entails. We hope to see you again soon
New and Exciting Things to Come!
You guys have been great!
We could seriously not have felt more appreciated and loved here over the last year and half!
We're sorry this had to be the end of the arc and the end of the run.
Please understand this was for the best.

We will have routine updates for news and images for the new version of Boys Land! Just check back here on this site and my tumblr for more information!

You'll be seeing everyone you know return, nobody is being left out. Marco's going on a new journey, and this time he's making his way to the End of the World!
Rule 63 Ursa
Unlike his female counterpart, the male Ursa is known to be quite boisterous and flamboyant, and in place of wings, he flies on a cloud.
He does not fight with swords, but instead is a master of sumo and calligraphy techniques!
@VadanDrumist: You're very perceptive. Only time will tell.