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I'm just a guy that likes pokemon, and gardening. hope you enjoy the webcomics I make. Also check out my deviantart account:
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No words were needed...
Lesson of the day:
never assume genders
The three magic words:
Ill pay you.
Naya's faces are the best in this page XD
@LunarTheUmbreon: That would be nice. Go ahead! Just send me a link if you do :D
well, JIM wants to battle
OOh Im early!
So this is basically the chapter where everyone just leaves these two alone together? XD
Im exited for this chapter :D
Alternate dialogue
Panel 2: Allow me to show you the call of my people- er bird kind.
Just a thought
@Zimeta08: Arizona= Arid Zone
@comercole: In his words, He "wants to be the very best like Randy never was"
Is it valuable?
its an EGG
but sure it's valuable. It contains the most valuable thing of all. Life.
All legends are born from truth.
...and sometimes gossip.
@M.W: Don't worry, we have Jolt to speed up technology XD
Everyone's talking about the burn, Im just sitting here thinking, "they have a mask shop?"
The best pokemon comics have the words "Death ray" in them somewhere XD
that pichu's too cute!
Nobody can get tired of TALES OF ELYSIUM!