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I'm just a guy that likes pokemon, and gardening. hope you enjoy the webcomics I make. Also check out my deviantart account:
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Nice contrast between Muro at the start of the comic and Muro now.
Mr Briney(Probably a pelliper): ROOAARRRR PEEAKOOOOOOOOOO
Goodbye treasure, it was nice knowing you...
Yes! Karma! Justice! Comeuppance! ETC.
Because you're a CINNABON!
Nice reference to alola. :D
I love this comic :D
The faces are the best part of this comic.
Mycaelis is burning mad now. He's mad that they didn't bring him with them XD.
I hope the entrance exam isn't biased...
This page only makes me think that she will be a bigger threat later.
She's basically dissing all the pmd games in general. XD
Plot Twist:
Muro has literally been living under a rock this whole time.
Congratulations Flare. You broke him.
I love the relationship between Keaton and the guildmaster. It's halarious to look at XD