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I'm just a guy that likes pokemon, and gardening. hope you enjoy the webcomics I make. Also check out my deviantart account:
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This was a sketch in my biology notes. I added some details to make it better.

Comments will be appreciated!
Shenanigans are fun. Watching shenanigans is even more fun.

Comments will be appreciated!
@Okaun: Technically, the dungeon split them, not the player. XD
It seems we're starting with a murder.

Comments will be appreciated!
Last page of the prologue. The fun stuff starts next page.

Comments will be appreciated!
Double team. I think
Every magical word needs magical creatures.

Comments will be appreciated!
Welcome to Mahiwaga. The region of magic and mayhem. Enjoy the chaos.

Comments will be appreciated!
Time to formulate a plan.
Operation get jolteon to spend more time with eevee...
@respeanut: Yeah. I was just joking XD
"Never die" written in pink blood.
Smeargle:Are you tired already???
Drink Arbok energy drink!!!!!!!!!!

Eevee: Runs like the flash