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I'm just a guy that likes pokemon, and gardening. hope you enjoy the webcomics I make. Also check out my deviantart account:
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If speedy actually trains him, he will soon be able to unleash his inner demon.
Thats called "grinding" XD
The little eevee that lives inside me. XD
He could have phrased it better XD XD XD
Last panel= people in basically any class lecture they hate.
I wish I could draw faces as epic as this...
Red lightning, erupting ground, sounds like a prophecy XD
So there's a name for those weak escort missions...
Malachi: Are we just supposed to wait until then?
Keaton: You can explore like 20 dungeons in the meantime.
These pokemon are not native to tiny woods I think... Oh well. Great page!
When it hurts so much you forget your own name. XD
Fun ridiculous misunderstandings. The best way to advance the plot. XDXDXD
Dungeon academy.
You were EXPELLED.
Tiny woods now has traps. Tiny woods 2.0
I love this art style!
@Curmudgeoncorgi: Im just wondering how shedinja will work here XD
I LOVE surprises! As long as nothing bad happens... XD