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I like reading, writing, drawing. Im a total Gleek and Harry Potter Freak. I freak out over nothing and usually think like an airhead.
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I just read the whole thing again, and now I remember the chicken!! :D
I love this comic, it's soo well drawn and has some hillarious parts :D
I loooooooove Persian!! and Psyduck! But Persian the most!! >.<
I just frickin' LOVE Meowth x Persian! XD
Im starting to think that this isn't pikachu, could it be ditto? O.o
Me Love!
I love this comic and all i care about is that you don't quit. Take your time and make a wonderful comic! Im rooting for you, and so is alot of other people!
Me luve suu much!
^^ I LOVE this manga sooo much, you hav eno idea! It's so much fun to read it, you are so awesome!
November 14th, 2007
I LOVE psyduck! He is so cool and so *grind* I just love him so much!