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    Gandalf the Tsaagan
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10/10 best puppers, would pet alot
Back in Gogo's world, everyone has glowy amber eyes or only certain special people? 👀
Ohhhhhh, the plot is getting dummy thicc
*gasp* Didi!
Geez, chill, step-miss May

Also, is it me or your art style has changed here?
Oh no, Hector has gone full on Faz, Hylia help us all.

I find these pages quite amusing Van, they have an old Bomango vibe to them.
Man, that was a long break from webcomics, I missed them so much.
I had alot to catch up in here.
Pfff, the goverment ain't that pretty
February 20th, 2019
Now that's a champion's breakfast
February 20th, 2019
Ah, I missed Gogo's appetite
Seems like Gogo's ticket was for two
"A whole new woooorld! Full of kaiju and crazy peeps"
Mr Bomango is a traveler, huh
One's nobody is another one's hot new sensation
Becoming someone's butt itch is such a squad goal tbh
He's such a cinnamon roll
Andy doing the big talk
"Hey, Adora"
*gasp* Is that you, Didi?!
That moment when you think you're famous but no one recognises you.

Wait, is Gogo an internet celev?