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All those traits make a whole point on it's own
You CAN do it!
Do not give up, Mewtwo, not after going so far!

You need some serious Steven Universe level of motivation! s
Gotta Gogo!
Not so fast, lady monster!
Probably because she is pushed by her will, @Flamel
You thinks that it was Godzilla, but it is me, Gogo!
Misterious mistery (~0o0)~
February 7th, 2018
February 7th, 2018
-What a big scar you have!
-It is from cook accident!
-What a long black hair you have!
-Me likes this most fabulous hairstyle!
-And what a big claws you've got there!
-They're useful for scratching mine back, always so itchy!
Forget the nukes, the boy here just dropped the Andy Bomb
On the art, I've noticed the change, and I do like it! The clean lines make this page feel smooth, almost like an animated cartoon
Sounds legit
Lol Gogo is voracious
I bet that she'd beat Glutony from FMA in an eating contest
That might explain Cora's interest
"-Don't touch the thing
-But it's so shiny, I have to..."
So Mewtwo has spent all of his PP
December 11th, 2017
Yay! Finally!
Go Go MegaMewtwo!
Hm, I wonder what's the structure of the "family" (legendaries are starting to sound like a mafia)
Oh, so that's how Hoopa will ensure his obedience, collared like a slave

Also, yay, double update
Oh, it's our creator Arceus
And he doesn't look very happy...