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I knew it!
Also, I'm sure that Hector is a good impresionist but that isn't a trick that works easily with Cora May
Another one for the "expanding brain" meme
Not at the first try, huh
I thought that Jen was all ears :y
Wait, could the guy checking the mail be Cora May's bodiguard?
Can't wait for the Bark Knight Rises sequel
The sassiness levels are over 9000!!!
Well, I guess that some people are lost beyond salvation
You say that "being a furry is not wrong in and of itself", yet your portrayal of them in your comment is quite denigrating and unfair
Also, you have a wide interpretation of what's an obsession

As @Werwa(Guest) said, you're only a furry if you consider yourself as such
And alternatively, you can ask your friends if they think that they're furries because they like The Lion King, Free Willy, Jurassic Park, Stitch or because they have a favourite animal/non-human character
Oh, I missed the Bear nickname
April 18th, 2018
Gogo pulled a Mario there
*cue yakety sax*
@Truefan108 He's the wind that put that rock under Mewtwo

@ReaderWriterNerd&Geek Into a black hole
"You could have pushed a matress or something..."
*Wind twirls furiously*
Oh, you're TERRIBLE, Gogo
That one persistent boy is fine
But yeah, give her some space
All those traits make a whole point on it's own
You CAN do it!
Do not give up, Mewtwo, not after going so far!

You need some serious Steven Universe level of motivation! s
Gotta Gogo!