Team Leadership For Smarties
"N, when facing Victiny, I megaevolved. But not because I've bonded with you to the point of considering you my potential trainer, b-baka!"
Don't celebrate yet, @MercenaryX , we might have a situation here
-You see, Darkrai, when two pokémon of the same egg group are put in the daycare...
-Definetly NOT that conversation.
One of my fave scenes so far, undoubtedly

@GamingNinja engineering doesn't apply quantum physics, or does it?
"You have to understand, that as far as far as Mewtwo's concerned, we're screwed. Yeah, I can prove it mathematically.
Actually, gimme charcoal and a flat surface, this has been a long time coming anyway."
It's the end of the world, guys

T'was a pleasure reading with you
I have a horrible feeling for some reason

I hope that I'm completely mistaken
I just love Mewtwo's expression in the 4th panel
@InfinitySquirrel Well, he carried a bunch of pokémon on his own before, Gardevoir alone wouldn't be that much of an effort
Now I wonder if Mewtwo actually runned
I'd like to see a jogging Mewtwo
@Junion (Guest)
Then the comic must take place during or after the events of Sun/Moon, because before that there weren't wild Castforms
So do the rest know that Lovrina and Jen are/were humans? Because Audinos and Gourgeist/Pumpkaboos have different egg groups, there's no way that they could be siblings as pokémon (unless we're counting adoptions)

If not this must be quite confusing for the ones paying attention
"-Ok, ok. Yes we have a healer. Who's your victim?
Mewtwo showing up and using psychic powers to unlock Gen's healing moves or something would be REALLY convinient
Either Gardevoir or Medicham will read their minds just by habit and we'll get another lil' drama, I'm calling it
I knew it was a bad plan
Let's just hope that Darkrai won't have a meltdown until they're all together
Really well said, @Weedborn

In the words of Gandalf: "Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends."

Also, that's Lopunny's sclera's natural color, if you mean that, @get in the bag nebby (Guest)