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December 11th, 2017
Yay! Finally!
Go Go MegaMewtwo!
Hm, I wonder what's the structure of the "family" (legendaries are starting to sound like a mafia)
Oh, so that's how Hoopa will ensure his obedience, collared like a slave

Also, yay, double update
Oh, it's our creator Arceus
And he doesn't look very happy...
So Hoopa is Navirou in disguise
I'm wondering, what if they agreed and then Mewtwo refused to do what Hoopa demands? How would they(?) make Mewtwo do what they want?
No! Not you, Hoopa!
It's too clear that you're planning something pesky
She's not going too far
Next group activity: evening apple picking

Also, grumpy Mewtwo is best Mewtwo
I feel like Loppuny is channeling the Genie here
Team Leadership For Smarties
"N, when facing Victiny, I megaevolved. But not because I've bonded with you to the point of considering you my potential trainer, b-baka!"
Don't celebrate yet, @MercenaryX , we might have a situation here
-You see, Darkrai, when two pokémon of the same egg group are put in the daycare...
-Definetly NOT that conversation.
One of my fave scenes so far, undoubtedly

@GamingNinja engineering doesn't apply quantum physics, or does it?
"You have to understand, that as far as far as Mewtwo's concerned, we're screwed. Yeah, I can prove it mathematically.
Actually, gimme charcoal and a flat surface, this has been a long time coming anyway."
It's the end of the world, guys

T'was a pleasure reading with you
I have a horrible feeling for some reason

I hope that I'm completely mistaken
I just love Mewtwo's expression in the 4th panel