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Rattus was the true top-tier Rattata.
Just when I think this comic couldn't possibly get better you pull this shit. Amazing. Thank you for this. :')
Hahaha. Suddenly, a deadpan Kato is pretty darn scary.
I smell Robin! Finally, a lead!
I smell a Mewtwo!
@Qlock: Glad to have you back :D

I was curious to see how you'd justify Pluto joining the team, and this was as good a way as any. It makes sense because I can't imagine anyone in the team murdering Pluto in cold blood, not even Kato, who has suffered the most but is inherently too kind to exact revenge.
Today we get a Sandslash soaked in another's blood, hating himself for being helpless to avenge his loved ones and find a modicum of peace.

Deconstructing Pokemon like a boss!
Poor Pluto. Poor Kato. I love how this leaves me so conflicted.
Awh shit.
Poor Puck, don't worry, you'll be a Blastoise some day.
Too bad Kato's not around to see this and feel some vindication.. or IS HE?
Damn, that's one scary face.
Whoops. Looks like Zager's dropped the ball. :P
Yess! Jolteon it is, by elimination.
Hmm. Given the current team composition, maybe a Jolteon or Flareon?
Noooo, Peach! Dammit!

@Qlock: You definitely should start a Patreon or something, and let your readers donate what they can as appreciation for your work. Lots of webcomic artists are doing this nowadays.
*patiently waiting for Peach to surface*
Cogito's hilarious as always, but now I'm almost scared. Thrash can be a motherfucker.
The hilarity of this aside, WHY would you pit Peach against a wild Gyarados? XD