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@Qlock, have the tightest of hugs. Thank you for continuing with this even though it's no longer what you like doing. It's been an absolute pleasure to follow it so far.
Oh, of course we had the same thought. :P
Minimize can be such a pain in the ass to deal with. And if it's made worse with a few smokescreens.. yeah, you need to bring out those 100% accuracy attacks like swift or aerial ace.
Heh, Kuga using his scarf to protect himself from the smoke is a neat little detail.
Finally! This has been years in the making :')
Rattus was the true top-tier Rattata.
Just when I think this comic couldn't possibly get better you pull this shit. Amazing. Thank you for this. :')
Hahaha. Suddenly, a deadpan Kato is pretty darn scary.
I smell Robin! Finally, a lead!
I smell a Mewtwo!
@Qlock: Glad to have you back :D

I was curious to see how you'd justify Pluto joining the team, and this was as good a way as any. It makes sense because I can't imagine anyone in the team murdering Pluto in cold blood, not even Kato, who has suffered the most but is inherently too kind to exact revenge.
Today we get a Sandslash soaked in another's blood, hating himself for being helpless to avenge his loved ones and find a modicum of peace.

Deconstructing Pokemon like a boss!
Poor Pluto. Poor Kato. I love how this leaves me so conflicted.
Awh shit.
Poor Puck, don't worry, you'll be a Blastoise some day.
Too bad Kato's not around to see this and feel some vindication.. or IS HE?
Damn, that's one scary face.
Whoops. Looks like Zager's dropped the ball. :P
Yess! Jolteon it is, by elimination.
Hmm. Given the current team composition, maybe a Jolteon or Flareon?