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@Warpstar: I suppose since you're Murphy, and you control this law in your comic, it's still Murphy's Law for you as well.
@Sudux: It was a Prime part that was found there too.
@Sudux: You might be onto something.
@Warpstar: I seem to remember planning something similar as a gag, except whenever the phrase "I wish" is used.
@Sudux: We should Attack the person who keeps manufacturing parts like these in this comic.
Originally, I was going to show Project Katana's silhouette and leave the room dark, but instead I decided to keep it offscreen because I wanted the actual reveal to have a bigger impact. I originally planned for it to appear next chapter, but how soon the events of Ch8 happen after the events of this crossover depends on's side of things.
*Eerie pre-battle music*
@Weaselcheez: Just wait until I introduce him properly.
...Did you just double update?
@Warpstar: Nope. Kind of hard to feel something that was never really there.
@Sudux: He can summon his Warp Star, but it's done with his phone. I do plan for the Yellow Star Card to be a Warp Star summon card however, but Kirby will just have to Wing it for now.
Too bad Meta Jr knows nothing of Kort's silly personality.
And Violet just got done telling Dr Isaac about Murphy Lawse, Meta Jr did here:

Good news is that they know. Bad news is they already invoked Murphy 5 times.

Anyway, I think we're about done with law school here. We'll get some action soon to make up for all the talking that's been done. I've still got a lot planned after all, so I may even have to pull double duty on some days. I hope I don't have to, because this page took me a while.
I took my time uploading this one in case I needed to make revisions, which I did. Mostly because I wanted the next one done before I got this uploaded. I did a little looking and found this page on TV Tropes.

That was the inspiration behind this page. I knew in my head what was going to be wrong with the projector. I just didn't know I was going to go on this little tangent. More on this subject next page.

Funfact: Dr Isaac is currently the only member of the KCC cast that can understand Violet.
@Warpstar: This crossover? I had it planned since the second chapter for it to be Chapter 5. But I might have asked about a crossover before I started the second chapter, so I have no idea.
Kirby blames King Dedede for everything. Unless someone else is clearly responsible.
@Sudux: I think the problem is their author is too nice most of the time.
@Sudux: I know, that's why I said it. XD
And we get a sneak peek at one of my newer characters, courtesy of Yelow. This was the only thing I could figure out.