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The opening theme for Smash Ultimate makes me want to work on Star Cross Dreams. It just feels like it would fit the comic.

Of course I still can't work on it. Too much up in the air for even having it take place during an unspecified point of Card Clash, so I'm stuck having to wait even longer.
Unlocked nearly half the roster in Ultimate. So far the Adventure Mode doesn't quite live up to its hype. It's just missing a couple of things: first, it's not really all that adventurous compared to Subspace Emissary. We see this huge map, but we don't get to actually visit any of the areas displayed. We just go to one of the many stages in the game. We're also missing minor enemies, like Primids and Goombas. The main things that Subspace had that we got? Fighter Battles and Boss Battles. Honestly, it feels like it's so close, but not quite there yet.

As for Classic Mode, it sucks that we only get one life going into each fight and have to pay gold or tickets to replace them. It's not all bad as we continue the battle from where we get KO'd.

The rest I'd say meets my expectations. It just gets tiresome for us Smash veterans having to unlock ALL of the characters we used in the older games excluding the eight the first started us with. I'd say this game is better for newer players to the series. For people looking for an easy way of getting all the characters, going through Adventure Mode seems to be the easiest way as you get to power up your fighter, despite Adventure only starting you with one character. Finding more fighters isn't that hard. Only finding the ones you want.
At least it is a bigger panel than usual.
So I finished Soul Melter EX in The Ultimate Choice. It was HARD. The first two times I actually managed to reach Void Termina, I got my butt kicked. I like how the last chest held nothing more than a Cherry. I had to use my amiibos on my latest attempt just to complete it. I also completed Guest Star with the Mage Sisters and was surprised by the lack of Mage Sister bosses, Yiggy Woods, and Hyness.

I wish Guest Star gave out 3 Dream Rods every playthrough instead of making it vary with each character. I was also afraid that the new update wouldn't keep my attention long enough for Smash Ultimate to come out.
@Z-Gamer007: I'd say you got some of the lyrics wrong. After listening to the song again this morning (I've listened to it many times beforehand), I've determined that come home is a little too long to be confused with go, and I am still fairly sure that it's search instead of subject. As for "be me" vs "believe" I say it could be either as it isn't very clear what exactly is being sung at that part of the song, like a few others. (I still can't make out "calling you" when listening to it.)

If you got that straight from a video (which I can't watch at home where I make all of my comic pages), I'd say they got some of them wrong.
Yeah, the update got me too. The Mage Sisters kicked the tar out of me a few times. Wondering if it will last me until Smash comes out as the only major things I have to do (that I currently plan on doing) are The Mage Sisters Guest Star and Soul Melter EX.
@Z-Gamer007: I never claimed to know the exact lyrics. I also copied and pasted most of them.
@MissKate: I am no such thing. ...Oh, you meant the other one.
I goofed on the release schedule and set this page to release Tuesday night.

On another note, I got to try Let's Go Eevee yesterday. I made it pass Pewter Gym and kicked Brock's butt with a Pikachu. They wanted me to use a Water or Grass type, so I was like "Well since you weren't going to let me pass without a Grass or Water type, I'm not using my Grass Type Bulbasaur. I'll use my Pikachu with Double Kick."

I also finished Heroes in Another Dimension on Star Allies. I missed only one heart. How did I beat The Three Mage Sisters? I used Blizzard Yo-Yo, Zap Susie, Blizzard Marx, and Bluster Dark Meta Knight on my third or fourth try. We barely won. The rest of the time, I brought Adeline instead of DMK for the sake of having a healer.

This just makes me want to work on my next comic even more. Too bad Star Allies won't last me keep my attention until Smash releases.
Kuzzie's speech bubble almost makes it look like the bag is talking.
@Warpstar: Not sure really. I never did get any good effecs for it. I'd say Korpy is just shy of its range in panel 2.
@DestinyMason: Reading all 149 of the currently released pages including the Un-Chaptered extras and the Star Alies Pilot? That's a bit of an accomplishment.

I can't remember how long Pixl took to catch up, but I know you at least beat Sudux's record.
@WiispNightmare: Actually, Poipole has to know Dragon Pulse and level up, and Level 40 is when you get it. Dragon Pulse however you need to visit the Move Reminder for. What sucks is that there's no way to tell that's how Poipole evolves.
Not getting Let's Go until Christmas. Two words: Piranha Plant.
@Warpstar: I thought about it, but no. I decided the thief wouldn't be interested in the lens.
This just in: Kirby Card Clash is 25 readers away from the top 5 most popular Kirby comics on Smackjeeves! If we land 26 more readers, we'll bump Channel DDD out of the #5 spot. Not bad at all for only 25 Favs.
I accidentally set this page to go up tonight instead of last night. Oops.
@pixlyJolt: I've got Drapion for my False Swiper. It was Lv 60 when I got it, so it was a convenient choice. It's got Fell Stinger, so it's great for SOS Battles too. As for Timer Balls, I've got 9, but I don't usually rely on them. Also, tried AustingJohnPlays' method for farming EXP and got a Shiny Chansey out of it.
@pixlyJolt: I tried using Roto Catch, False Swiping, and even putting it to sleep, but there was no way to reliably catch it while my Umbreon was out. ALso, it's easier to just use berries to make Eevee friendly. Just level it up after feeding it enough and it evolves. Unfortunately, I was already at Terrakion, so I needed it then if I wanted Adamant.

And I had 2. One on UM and one on Sun. Now I just have one on Sun. It's a shame as I was saving them for the off chance of a shiny legend, but Cresselia's got Moonlight, making it one of the most annoying legends to catch.
Ugh. Incineroar is in Smash. I absolutely do not like Incineroar. In fact, he's in my bottom 10 Pokemon.

Below this line is why I don't like Incineroar.

Ever since I seen Incineroar design, I disliked it. I think they made it too different from Torracat, which I actually like. Kind of ironic. I also think they should've made it less human-like, instead of following the lead of every Fire Starter since Gen excluding Chimchar's line where the Fire-Type starter Pokemon are much more human-like by their final evolution.

I also think they made Incineroar look too angry. Sure he should look fierce, being a Fire/Dark-Type Final Evo, but he looks cartoonishly angry. I look at him and can't help be reminded of Bowser in Super Mario 3D World. They also designed him to be like a wrestler, and I happen to also not like wrestling.

But the main reason I don't like Incineroar is his fire belt. I find its belt very disturbing. It shoots fire from its waist. Need I say more?

And now for why I think the developers made poor decisions in making Incineroar the newest Pokemon rep. Does Incineroar even offer anything new to Smash? I don't see much. Like I said, he's a wrestler. We already had Little Mac, a boxer, and Ryu, a martial artist. We even got Ken at the same time, another martial artist, one who originates from Ryu's franchise. We don't need another that fits that archetype that badly, or we would've gotten Hawlucha last game.

Next is Incineroar's typing. Fire and Dark. We have more than enough characters proficient with fire already. We also already have a Dark-Type Pokemon thanks to Greninja, not to mention Zelda, Ganondorf, and Robin all wield dark magic.

Finally Incineroar's actual moveset. This is where he offers anything new at all besides being a rep from Gen 7. They gave him a counter, which you should've seen coming if you didn't. That's right, three new Pokemon reps in a row were given counters. I appreciate that they at least tried to do something different with Incineroar's counter, but it's still, for all intents and purposes, a counter. In addition to not contributing much to the roster, they gave him something that the roster already has plenty of.

If they gave us something more original than Revenge, I would at least reconsider trying him out.

Honestly, I think Primarina would be a bit better choice for Smash, only because it would've been interesting to see what they would've done with that one. That being said, Decidueye is actually a better choice than either of them. unlike Incineroar, Decidueye is an archer. Sure, we have three of those too, but they are not only from the same franchise, they are also three versions of the exact same character. That's still a step up from Incineroar.

Sure Decidueye is a Grass-Type and we have some plant-like creatures on the roster already, but Decidueye is also a Ghost-Type. How many ghosts do we have on the roster? Technically, the Pac-Man ghosts as they are part of Pac's moveset. Not only is Decidueye something different from any of the other playable characters, I can also see it using its arrow-like feathers like knives, making it more versatile for a fighting game than Incineroar.

Sure, you could use being a wrestler to argue that Incineroar has something to separate him from the rest of the roster, but I've only seen close range from him, and Decidueye could very well do close, mid, and long range. Decidueye is even in Pokken Tournament DX, so people that have played that game would already have some idea of what to expect. It's too late for them to change their minds, so how can they make up for this? Make Decidueye one of the DLC fighters. This way we can have both.

That being said, Incineroar being my biggest complaint isn't enough to stop me from getting Ultimate.

Ironically my biggest complaint about Pokken Tournament DX is the opposite of Ultimate: that they used Decidueye over Incineroar. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing another of my top five Pokemon in Pokken, but it's a fighting game centered entirely around Pokemon, the one place I would have loved to see Incineroar. Incineroar is a wrestler, making him a better fit than Decidueye. Why the heck isn't Incineroar in Pokken Tournament DX?

Seriously game developers, get your acts together.