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Is it me, or are Kobby and the Mace Knight in opposite position from what they should be in panel 1?
Someone once told me that I'm used to hard to read text. It would actually be more accurate to say I'm used to hard to see anything. I also wouldn't call the text color yellow. I'd maybe call it tan or peach.
@Sudux: Nah, this came out before I even seen Ultimate's trialer.
@Sudux: It probably helps that this Keeby had a lot of practice with Tornado
@Sudux: Because I thought about having Mantari or Sol tag along too, but then I was like "Hahaha... Yeah, no. That would make things too easy for everyone." In some ways I wish I did. I might've already been in the middle of Chapter 4 by now if I did. Don't get too used to it though. I doubt " " will get much screen time in the next two chapters.
@Sudux: Yeah, I saw the sprites of him with a sword, and my reaction was "I am definitely using these."
@Sudux: I figured since I was taking some inspiration from Sonic with the Wheel Copy Ability, a little from Sheik's Down Special in Sm4sh couldn't hurt.
@Sudux: I wouldn't be surprised if they were.
@Sudux: Somehow, I think you'll be saying that again when you see the page that comes out tomorrow night at midnight.
The next page might be late.
@Sudux: Somebody had to make that joke eventually.
@Sudux: Luckily, the Unchaptered section of my comic is only where I keep the extras, like previews for spinoffs, shorts, and things that I just put together on a whim.
@Sudux: Actually, Star Crossed Dream is going to be set in a different universe from this comic if that's what you're talking about, but the Kirby from this comic is going to appear there.
Page 100!
I was going to wait until I had a few more pages done before I uploaded this, but I decided to just delay the update. Panel 4 wasn't my best work, but I worked with I had. I did like how the effects turned out in Panel 3. Got the axe sprites from the Axem Rangers Sprites used in SMBZ. Kinda figured that " " was starting to get in way over his head. I'm going to see if I can finish up this fight in the next 2 or 3 pages so I can move on.
Just noticed a mistake I made making this page. I'll fix it later.

EDIT: I was going through all the oages I've written, and I saw Bandee in this page, where he shouldn't even have been. I just fixed it.
Huh. I had one of my characters do the same thing.
Decided I needed to at least do this after not posting anything for about 2 months. Wite/art block is the worst. Anyway, Chapter 4 plot in a nutshell: Everyone does their part to send " " back home, but a thief impedes their progress. Yes, PAR is making her debut in the chapter. Other than that, I'd say King Dedede is the only big spoiler here. I've thought of two titles that I might use: The First Mission and Piecing it Together. I figured this could be considered the DPS's first mission, as for the other, well I can't say yet. Also, credit to jmkrebs for the Crystal Star Sprite he made.
If only I could get over my art/writer's block.
"Nothing bad will happen" Sure.
I think Marx is missing part of his hat.