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Those keeping up on Chunck's side have seen what happens when relatively normal people get corrupted. Now you're getting a taste of when someone who is already a strong warrior gets corrupted.

So Super Kirby Clash happened. I may not have finished Team Kirby Clash, but I might finish Super. Played through most of the story Quests already. I've been getting lazy about getting pages out, so I'll try to get my act together.
I've always hated making jumps with Friend Circle
@Kirbyfan27: I'll consider it if there's an opening.
Sorry for not having uploaded in a while. To make up for my absence, here's a teaser for KSXD. I was preoccupied with rewatching G Gundam and playing Torna. Now I've ended up with some G Gundam inspired lines for Manatari that I plan to use later down the road. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this second teaser for Star Crossed Dreams
Next page might not come until tomorrow night.
The thought of falling from high places terrifies me.
My internet is now back in working order. We had to call the phone company to fix the phone line last night. I just got fixed this morning.
...Ikbry, just what are you up to now?
And now we get to see corrupted Shade. Not sure if I'm starting the fight next page or showing the Arena again or what I'm doing yet. I might know before you see this. I actually borrowed Xonox's eyes and recolored them for this.
I am barely keeping up right now with updates. Stupid rain ruining my internet. In other news, I borrowed the whole series of G Gundam from a friend recently.

I was supposed to do something with Warpstar immediately after this, but that's kind of hard with my internet the way it is right now. Hopefully it's back to normal by the time you see this page or tomorrow. Hopefully I can get Monday and Tuesday's pages done in time as well.
Obligatory KDA reference in panel 6. Sam and Kayl quit playing around.
I've been having some (more) internet issues, so I might miss some updates. I'll keep working on pages regardless and try to make up for it when I do until my internet goes back to normal. I wish it was easier to use Sol in fights because I like using him.
Sam trolls even mid battle. Also, Kayl enjoys playing with her food, metaphorically speaking.
I think I did rather well with Kai this page. I wonder how much inspiration I should try to get from Naruto and Boruto for him.

Internet has been acting wonky. Been hard to get a connection higher than 12kbps. (19kbps or higher is actually decent for me)

Luckily that doesn't usually interfere with making new pages. It did yesterday when I looked for a Copy reference. I really need to get my hands some custom sprites for Biospark or make some more myself in the future.
RIP Belno
Nice work, DDD.
I wasn't able to make this page exactly the way I wanted it, but it's still mostly what I wanted. I'm going to try to keep up for now. Hopefully I can manage to pull further ahead of schedule than I have been, because any page that takes me only a day is a good page for me. I even used a custom sprite in panel 3 because I didn't like Biospark's walk/run in KSS(U).

It certainly isn't perfect, but I did what I could for that sprite.
Can't blame 'em. There's always that one enemy that detects you no matter how stealthy you are.
Congratulations, wrote a shorter, yet better, version of Squeak Squad.

Also, I don't think it matters which way Daroach is facing in that first panel.
Busy Nova has been busy. Don't be surprised if I fall behind. I've only one page made in advance the moment I posted this. Too bad it won't be made useful until after they get their first silver one. Probably.