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I can honestly say this is better than what I can draw. As for Dile M, I'll go give it a look.
...Huh, the page before this really does suck compared to this one
Tremayne used Seismic Toss!
"*SMACK*" That part cracked me up.
Kirby akwas\ys was such a bad singer. Also, Kirby's probably right, Korly's going to get in trouble.
@TheJGamer: Especially if you're playing Portal. I can honestly say that KTD's Kirby isn't among them because I know next to nothing about that particular version of Kirby. It would probably be among my options before KCC is finished. I may lean toward using that one over another later.

Also, the abbreviation for Kirby Star Crossed Dreams is actually KSXD.
That looks just like a Nerf Gun
In other news, I have written 6 pages of my next Kirby Sprite Comic. You know, the one I talked about a few pages ago. The first one if unfinished because any effort spent compiling the full page would be wasted, because I don't even have permission to use all three Kirbies I picked, so I have no reason to make the last two frames of the first page.

I could leak the second page, but it would be directly affected by the cast of the comic. Pages 3, 5 and 6, however I can leak without any real problems as they have nothing to indicate where each of the four Kirbies came from.

Well, maybe one small detail in Page 5, but that's all. I might also see if the authors of the three Kirby Sprite comics I'm borrowing Kirby from would be interested in co-authoring. Do to the lack of permission, I also cannot leak Page 7 when I make it.

Due to reasons I cannot yet disclose, I cannot make Page 8 of this Kirby comic. Let's just say that it could be affected by the continuity of this comic. Will you see any of this comic before Card Clash finishes its run? Well, maybe. Can't really promise anything unless it is something that would be unaffected by which Kirbies get casted for the comic.

I do however have a backup plan if I can't get one of the Kirbies I cast. I'll just make a whole new one to replace it. If this happens, I may do some other Kirby comics in the future. Naturally, I don't want to use only my own versions of Kirby as they would basically be the same in character. I also would have to change the title of the comic.

The title I came up with for it? Kirby Star Crossed Dreams.
Pfft. Good job, Ni. And good luck with that, Kordy and Kobby
@Foreigner55: Not gonna lie, it will make him stronger, but not without biting him in the butt first.
And this is why they need Kordy. lol
@Warpstar: Agreed. Mine looks like he either walked out of Club Penguin or a kid's show. Though in all fairness, I did trace over one of his sprites, so that probably didn't help a lot.
Since Sol fought Kirby and won narrowly in the Arena, anyone that gave Sol trouble BEFORE they fought would definitely give Kirby trouble now. Fortunately, like Sol, Kirby has some backup. And one of them can still use Copy Abilities. Overall I'd say they have about the same chance Manatari and friends had.

For anyone wondering what's with the base entrance, Ge-Trick placed an illusion on it to keep it concealed.

In other news, I'm compiling a demo for the first Kirby Star Quest RPG. The first three chapters of the game are playable, and it is inspired by Paper Mario, so expect plenty of references. The game is about Manatari and Sol who embark on an adventure to gather all 7 Crystal Stars. Skills/Techs in the game cost Star Power to use. Sol doesn't learn skills normally until roughly Level 15, but this is balanced by the fact that he is still one of the more broken characters of the game. Kirby is also playable briefly in Chapter 3. It's still missing a lot of content, but it is playable.
Safe bet that we all saw this coming. I bet those ninjas leave bombs at the homes of all the important people
I think we remember what happened when Murphy opened one of these.
Aura knows a lot about portal spells. I wonder why~

And yes, you generally want to be able to know where you're aiming with a portal spell. It wouldn't do to open one up leading to the middle of the sky. Or to somewhere under water. Or on fire.
Hm... *starts connecting dots* ...Oh no.
For those of you haven't played Robobot, I picked this title because Dedede's grudge goes right down to his DNA. That, and it was the best I could come up with.
Ending the week with the last page of the chapter 2. Bandee hears Dedede's cry and runs in to check on him. Yeah, this is not going to end well.

EDIT: The bottom four panels may be too dark, but the point was for them to be dark so it would make sense why Dedede was pitch black. I need my glasses just to see anything without leaning too close to my monitor.