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Nova Ozuka
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I swapped out the text for Manatari's Arts for Kanji, and the glow for an aura effect made from Plasma Wisp sprites. As for PAR's powers, well I intended to keep them secret for a while longer. Like maybe late November. Unfortunately, it's not like there's a lot of TAC sprites that are good for fight scenes, so I had to let her use them.
@Warpstar: Yeah, the latest changes to Smackjeeves make it more difficult for me to set the date, so I guess it set it to that date by default.
Here we are! I'll be posting Star Allies pages everyday until Saturday. Not even knew I was going to do this. Why am I doing this? You'll find out.
Don't know why I didn't think about this joke last page, but...

@pixlyJolt: I think I can do a couple better combos, but they'd be spoilers since I plan to include them. The only hint I can give is that I got the idea for one of them from Crystal Shards.
Oh look, I've caught up.
While what Ikbry says is probably true, he probably should've said "The day I stop being evil us the day you stop being good!" seeing as how he is Kirby's opposite. Not that it would make any difference to Kirby.
We once had a bird inside our house that we had to evict. I have no idea how long ago that was.
You'll get back into the swing of things eventually like I did. It just takes time.
@Sudux: One of these days, I'll run this joke into the ground.
@NikuComics: Yeah, this one's loading like it should
Look who caught up to the current segment. just 83 pages to go before I've caught up completely.
Nova Ozuka
October 9th, 2018
I can't get it to load either. I even right clicked and copied the image url, but when I pasted it into the address bar, I just got a 404.
Glad to see Etam got another makeover. He looked a little like a Yoshi recolor after his first one. But only a little.
I've been playing enough Breath of the Wild to want to make a character with powers that matches the powers of the four champions. And maybe another one with powers that match the Sheikah Slate Runes.

So one that blasts lightning to attack, uses wind to fly, defends with a barrier, and can heal people, and another that makes ice blocks, move metal, generate bombs, and... how do I describe the Stasis Rune? I seem to remember something about kinetic energy.
I'd say J's battle was one of the more interesting to write. His Reality Game is planned to be explained later. While deciding his abilities, I opted for this the second I came up with it. I thought about making him just a Yo-Yo Kirby, and I also thought about just having him conjure like 8-bit characters and objects. Then I came up with this.

Also, keep an eye out, because I've got something special planned next week. I didn't want anyone to know what it is or when to expect it, not even, which is why I waited until Oct 1st to post this.
@Light and Shadow: Don't tempt me. It might just happen in mine while I'm on screen.
@Nashew: I'd say that's our usual Pinky. Mirror is still at that door, and Ikbry is with Dechil and DMK.That being said, it looks like the only reaction that Kirby can have to this is just NOPE.
I almost feel sorry for DMK. Almost.
Don't know if Disguise Time was supposed to go up Wednesday or not, but I decided that I don't care. Meanwhile, I've found what might be my favorite item in Mine Craft: the Ender Pearl. Throwing it teleports you, but be careful when you use it outside of Creative Mode.

There's still plenty I don't know how to do, like make certain potions, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I've also got a new character concept that I want to try at some point.

Hopefully I can get over my writer's block soon.