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I just had to make that joke. If you look closely, you can actually see a fence hidden behind the flowers. I was going to do something else this page that I didn't get to do in the Prologue, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity for the pun. Background's right here if anyone needs it. I can see Blu-Dee and Kibble coming into this area to see if the little hole from last page is a good place for fishing.

I know, I know. It's supposed to be my month off, right? Well I ended up not doing hardly any work on NaNoWriMo this year. SInce I didn't have Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon yet, I decided to update this month just for something to do.
You know what? I actually did think of a character to introduce. Unfortunately, that character might not be what we're looking for in this comic.

Edit: I do have a few characters I planned to introduce in other comics, but I can repurpose them to use as minor characters for this comic. Yeah, the comic is on temporary hiatus. Like I said before, I plan to bring KCC back in December, preferably before Christmas. I'm planning a comic page where Ge-Trick prank calls Keeby with Kirby's phone.

Which reminds me, I need an idea for his prank call.
@Numine: Of course see this message AFTER I already finished it. Just my luck. :P

Oh well, at least this saves me the trouble of trying to upload it.
Hm... I think I'd better make the next page.
Well they have an idea of what they're getting into at the very least.
@AssassinPerson: I believe Lawlfles is the only one who's character hasn't gone yet. If I remember right, it went Kinn and Blue-Dee, then Kort, then Arian, then Stella, Matt, and finally Kibble.
I just stayed home. Worked on a couple of videos for YouTube. Played some games. Tried to get ready for NaNoWriMo. That's pretty much it. I didn't feel like going anywhere after my workout Monday and my Super Mario Maker LP yesterday morning.
Sorry guys, this was supposed to release yesterday, but I had no idea if Chunck was going to post the page or not. He was the one who made this page after all. I asked, but I didn't get a responce before I ran out of time yesterday.

I also got a Diamond Capture Card yesterday, so I can start a proper Lets Play channel on YouTube.
This reminds me of when I was playing BOTW yesterday. I forgot what I was doing and had no idea where to go and no idea where I was.
@BestBuilder101: I ask my computer that all the time.
I think I see a typo in Panel 3. It looks like you left out the f in fast.
This page cracked me up. What really sold it for me was the expression on Aliru's mask.
16 Panels
Oh my gosh, I didn't expect this page to be so long. 16 panels is a record for me. I messed around with my panel sizes so that the file size might be smaller, and I also made my text boxes semi transparent since there was so much in the panels. Neither Kort nor Kinn are entirely sure how harmful the light given off by Kort's powers are to Kinn. I wanted to make sure Kort's portal abilities were well explained to clear up any misconception, which effectively took up over half the page.

Not gonna lie, I might've gotten carried away. |D I need to stop making long pages when I update.

Just like with Blu-Dee, I had similar issues with Kibble, so I improvised some sprites for this page. This was actually easier than the six panel page for a fight scene in my other comic that's due on the 28th.
Upload Issues
I'd have the next page posted already, but I'm having issues with

It's finished, i just can't get it uploaded to the site. Chunck of course has issues viewing things on my primary upload site, deviantART. I'll be posting it as soon as I can.
I knew it all along. Important looking character at the bar and a crew that happened to be outside the same bar? It seemed to be a fairly big coincidence to me.
Gee, I wonder where you got two of those names. :^)
I bet you're all wondering why I released this page on a Monday. That's because it's my 23rd birthday! I was going to do a comic about the character in this comic throwing me a party, but I was too busy, so I decided I wanted to release this page instead.

I haven't finished this page yet because I wanted to splice together panels from all the comics that are crossing over into this one for Panels 4 and 5, and I still lack the appropriate permissions because I'm still working on KCC first. I even have the comic's logo in the bottom right of the page. Doing the narrating honors for this page are two important characters in this comic: Wiseman and Myst. In KSXD, the D.P.S. consist of only Aura, Yellow Kirby, Green Kirby, and Red Kirby.
I tried out Poison while playing Robobot. Some of its attacks are simillar to Water, but some of its attacks also leave hazards behind or just flat out create them, like toxic clouds and puddles. It also has a combo similar to the Cutter Ability's cutter combo called Poison Pummel, which ends in a attack similar to Final Cutter called Toxic Swamp.