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Gane, nothing could ever make up for the embarrassment from fight with Lukaro.
@RedsterTheGamer: Now that you mentioned it, I have considered giving her recolored Starlow Sprites later.
@RedsterTheGamer: The first episode I think.
@Big fan: I made the card sprites myself, but as for the jet that was actually on the card, I got it on Spriters Rescource from the General Rips sheet for KSSU.
I like the middle one. It seems pretty original.
I got a Switch over the weekend, so updates may be delayed. got for a bargain with Breath of the Wild and Dragonball Xenoverse 2.
Gee, I wonder where I got Chio's name from? :^) Brander's name comes from the Norse word for sword. I thought about doing another action scene, but I was like "Nah, let's try something else."

I would actually find this worthy of Ge-Trick's trickery.
Since he never said how, I would've looked for another Heavy Lobster and used it to move the beds.
I have no idea what I'm doing for the next page, so it may be a little late.
Nova Ozuka
January 16th, 2018
@NikuComics: Reminds me a little of Keldeo too.
@JovanW: Not quite as long as the last fight scene I made in my comic, though in all fairness, my fight scene had 7 characters. This only has 2.
@Kirbyfan27: I actually have little to no trouble reading it with the original text bubbles even without my glasses (I'm nearsighted) and I like having the bubbles be the character's primary color while the text is the character's secondary color to make easier to distinguish which characters are talking, which comes in very handy when the speaker is offscreen.

In Ge-Trick's case, if I go with a different shade from the same part of his pallet, I may as well make the text grey or black, and if I darken it I may end up with the same text color as a character I could possibly make in the future.

As for the reason I don't use his hat colors at all for either like J or any of the Bandana Waddle Dees (Other than " " due to being grey/silver as opposed to the usual orange) is something I can't reveal just yet because spoilers (one that wouldn't make sense without spoiling), but the reason why I can't just use the yellow-orange part of his hat as his secondary color is because another character I may introduce shares his primary color while having orange as a secondary color.

That could cause some confusion, and we already have two characters with near identical text bubbles to each other (being DDD and Bandee) and we don't really need another. I can however say that the next page Ge-Trick appears in has easier to read text bubbles for him also for reasons I can't disclose.
Never forget, anything that suddenly turns red is generally dangerous.
Warpstar wrote almost the whole script for this page. I changed Ge-Trick's text color for this page because he's using magic to disguise his voice.
Wouldn't this be Part 5?
This page was a fun one to make. I'll admit, it does have some SMBZ inspiration. I was going to have Kirby use Wheel in this scene originally, but then I used it in the fight with the Waddle Dee Bros. I improvised by having him swing around " " and then throwing him. That being said, they pulled of Swing Bros from MLSS quite well. I'm also surprised that " " didn't throw up from all that spinning. If you closely at the 1UP in Panel 3, you'll actually see that I made the left half look like " ".

I kept the old text bubbles for " " this page because the see through ones were actually harder to read on this page. Near impossible in fact.

If you see any particular enemy you want Keeby to get an ability from, let me know.
SHouldn't this be Part 2 instead of 1?
I think everyone here knows what just happened. Basically Keeby put her Tornado hat on Kirby, and she got called by Ge-Trick. The Color Adjustment options in Paint Shop make pallets easier to create. I can see myself use most of the five minions here. I've even determined a name for one of them. I might use them again elsewhere.
Using the same text format from that I started using in another comic actually made Ge-Trick's text unreadable, which was ironic as the purpose was to make hard to read text more visible. So I lowered the opacity of my text bubbles some more to fix it. I still think that I was better off keeping Ge-Trick's Text Bubbles the same as before though. It only really helps when there's something dark behind it, otherwise it just makes things worse.

Also, Sol's run sprites are terrible with his wings added on. I'll probably do something about that later. Like maybe recolor Manatari's run sprites instead and then add wings.
Looks like you made Kimly's text bubble the wrong blue.