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@Sudux: Of course! As a matter of fact, it takes place between Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot.
That Robobot suit looks much better than the first one you used
I'd offer to do a crossover segment, but that would be tricky to plan since I started the filler chapter already. Even if I did hurry up and bring it to a close, it would still be at least March before I can have something else start, and even then, I've kind of been setting up something else.

Which reminds me, I have a ship to finish making for my comic. Actually, I have a way around it, but it probably wouldn't be the wisest move.

Anyway, if all else fails, maybe something that's just plain random? That's kind of what I'm doing with my filler chapter.
"Now to get that taste out of my mouth." - Belno maybe
@DBMaster: No, not yet. Though in all fairness, I already have BIS for the DS, so I don't feel as much of a need to get its remake like I did with Superstar Saga. Partners in Time however, I would like to get a remake of.
I am pleased to announce that I've gone back to making pages of Star Allies. Though, I may skip the first page. It's just filler, and I don't have a transition page to go between it and the already made pages you guys have already seen anyway.
@Sudux: And PAR = Ashe almost

Also, Manatari has not yet begun to Shulk. Which reminds me, I have custom sprites that I should be attempting for one of the upcoming arcs for Star Allies.
@Sudux: That would be me. If you're talking about the blue AND black guy of course. Let's not forget that Kirby is painted blue after all. XD
I think Keeby might be rubbing off on him a bit.
I know I'm supposed to be working on this comic AND the upcoming Star Allies comic, but I seem to be suffering from writer's block. I suppose this what I get for not working on the comic at all since October. At least I'm still pretty far ahead of my updates.
@DBMaster: Sorry for getting back to you so late. I was busy having a ridiculous amount of difficulty with Shiny Hunting Growlithe.

Since Chunck took care of this page's translation, I've taken care of translating the next page Xonox appears on.
Since DBMaster requested it last chapter, I'll save him some time and Chunck some trouble translating Xonox's text.

Panel 3:
You won't understand me at all.

Panel 4:
Knew it.
Wait a minute... Amber has almost the exact same colors as one of my characters. Except the colors they share are reversed. What a coincidence. XD
Started work on Star Allies since that is supposed to release after Chapter 5. I'm still trying to unrust a little so I can get the 10th page done. Estimated release: May 4th
You know, it's funny to see all of the comments made by people saying you wouldn't fix Panel 6 now that you have.
Now that I think about it, I think I was going to follow up on Korpy and Umbra, but oh well. Maybe in a couple of chapters. Depends on what happens during the release of Chapter 5.
Will Makaya realize she's being manipulated? Will Amber take over Pop Star? Will our heroes escape their prison? Find out next time on Kirby Tales in Dreamland!

Thought this seemed appropriate since this is probably the end of Golden Heights.
@Warpstar: Yeah, you've been using that cover for quite a while now.
The new cover looks good.

Which reminds me, I should get the new cover of Card Clash ready
So my copy of Digimon World didn't work. Also, I got Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U, Mega Man X Legacy Collection for the Switch, and Fortune Street (which I suck at).