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Huh. He came back. Apparently as a ninja.
It's about time he showed up.
I'm not really satisified with how the effects in Panel 2 turned iut, but oh well. Panel 7: Yes, I know Blizzard Yo-Yo doesn't do that in KSA. Here's the thing: I don't care. :D

Next page will be late.
Is it me, or is there a page missing?
So far this is why 1: I host my images on deviantART and 2: Keep my images on my computer too.
*Rates 6 out of 5*
I think most of us remember Tornado's scroll from Squeak Squad.
I only got the point idea from watching SMBZ.
Ha! I knew they would be there somewhere. And yet, someone is still missing...
And another page not displaying because of Imageshack.

The Perils of Imageshack
Tried to recreate VIllager's face from Animal Crossing, and that was the best I could do. Got the overall idea for this short sequence by watching one of Squirrel Kid's videos a while back.
Correction: Full Charge went to Ultimate. Overdrive was Mega.

Adventure was also basically emotion too seeing as how Matt couldn't Warp Digivolve Gabumon one time.

DNAs in 02 were Ultimates. Instead it took being a DNA just to Digivolve to Mega, otherwise they would've beaten Black War Greymon at least once.

Xros Wars/Fusion doesn't mess with levels as far as I'm aware though, at least until Hunters. Level was pretty much non existent there it seemed. Closest we got was the one time Digivolution was used.

I'll probably skip out on the Hunter that Leapt Through Time even if Hunters gets dubbed though, because it sounds like they use time travel to bring past protags into the season, which would make no sense considering how different each season is from 01 and 02.

tl;dr: what was said about three of those was inaccurate, and Xros Wars could have been done better.
It seems as though " " has been taken out, but that was to be expected. Also, King Dedede's hammer being slightly recolored here is intentional.
@Warpstar: It's only because I can't afford the full game. And I'm also still trying to get Kirby Battle Royale too.

I would never have guessed that Splash Sword would be a thing otherwise, but we won't see it here without Water or Umbrella. At least the friend abilities I got to see give me something to play with in this fight.
@Warpstar: I was talking about the green on the sprite.
I got the Demo for Star Allies, so expect to see some inspiration from that.
The Bio Spark's sprite in Panel 1 probably could've turned out a little better, but oh well. I'd probably leave it as is seeing as how it's only one minor detail just save myself the trouble of reuploading the page.
@Warpstar: Yeah, the Burning Leo from before was actually a Freezing Leo. Just goes to show you, not everything is what it appears to be.
The stage is set and the curtain is up as the battle starts to unfold. I'm not really satisfied with how the shockwave turned out in the first two panels, but it was the best I could think of. This fight is also progressing faster than I intended. Darn " " for doing something useful. Oh well, at least he did something important, like speed up this hard battle by cutting off the head of King Dedede's hammer.

Credit to GregarLInk10 of deviantART for the custom Dedede sprites I used from his sheet.
@Masterbrady7: Someone clearly hasn't seen Data Squad/Savers