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@Warpstar: I guess I never did add him to the character page. I should probably do that.
@TheJGamer: The first one for Wii.
@TheJGamer: Would you believe I got to borrow Xenoblade from someone just yesterday?
@TheJGamer: I would be if I had a Switch or could afford one.
DDD is smarter than I gave him credit for.
@TheJGamer: Yeah, animator Jmkrebs from youtube and deviantART was planned to make an appearance as his Sonic FC Speedy the Hedgehog in the first planned fan RPG toward the end. Naturally, at the thought of an otherworldly travel, the obscure reference had to be made. I think he would sooner blame King Dedede than a Waddle Dee that has a 50-50 chance of being the culprit. He doesn't know " ", but he does know DDD, and they don't exactly have the best relationship.

Their relationship is basically "I bet DDD did this" or "DDD is probably up to something again" whenever something major happens with Kirby going after him and Dedede, instead of trying to clear things up, attacking Kirby. Though in his defense, Kirby probably wouldn't listen anyway like when Kirby returned the Star Rod.
Kicking is a surprisingly good way of saving someone from being blown up.
He could've attacked with his nose or roots like my comic or some of the games he was in. While I wouldn't treat the anime as canon to the games, it does strike me as something King Dedede would do even in the games. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

Kirby 's Adventure and it's remake: We have King Dedede swiping the Star Rod to stop Nightmare.
Kirby Crystal Shards: While reluctant, he did do something to help Kirby gather up the shards and get to Ripple Star.
SSB Brawl: Those badges he stuck on Ness, Luigi, and Peach/Zelda which were part of the "Sakurai's character does something important" cliche. (On that note, dangit Sakurai!) How much Kirby has grown on him is debatable, but he was admittedly glad to see.
This gem from Epic Yarn: "Hey, you can't be mean to my Waddle Dees! Only I can be mean to my Waddle Dees!"
Kirby RtDL: He actually teamed up with Kirby to help an alien, though any reluctance wasn't shown.
Kirby 3D: This one might not be canon, but he does go on a quest back up the Dream Stalk, finds the mirror, and ends up fighting Dark Meta. Whether or not he knew of the Mirror drove Sectonia to insanity, or it actually did is debatable.

tl;dr, he has plenty of reason why he would do this even without the anime.
Poor Gigi. You almost feel sorry for her. Almost.
Just a little info dump on " " and some screen time for Aura. Naturally, all the characters shown below are from KTD. I only took the main Kirbies that I thought fit in the group, Kirba, Kredy, Violet, Kitsy, and Sam in one panel, and the obligatory Kirdee in the other. Obviously, there's many more.

Originally, I was going to make this page 6 panels, but I decided that how I wanted to end the page took too many.
Manatari's moves are based off Link and Sword Kirby, Fire Emblem Characters, Shulk, and Frost, a FC that dual wields fire and ice swords.

I got the fx for Mana's third strike in Lyn's crit animation from an X6 Sprite Sheet over on Sprites Inc. As for the combo in Panel four, the spin slash on the ground isn't really part of the combo, but after the trouble I went through making the animation, I had to use it. Instead, it's an angled slash from the sword he holds in front. Also, Break is basically Mana's version of the Buster Art.
Panel 2: Somewhat failed attempt at a cross slash. The blades of Manatari's swords are made of a special alloy known to absorb certain elemental energies such as electricity, fire, and ice. They can even store said energies for a single strike if charged properly as in Panel 3.

As for the star in Mantari's silhouette in Panel 9, think of it like his heart.
Yes, we went to a 3D battlefield. Yes, the bottom panels have more of a manga spin put on them. Like the Kirby from 20XK, Manatari has a few modes of his own including but no limited to Serious Mode, F*** Sh** Up Mode, and friendly mode. He happens to be in the second one now.
He was disarmed. Proto had a leg up on him. Okay, I'm done with puns for now.
@TheJGamer: She didn't even have to shout.
@Warpstar: but still sounds a lot like Kirby. Although not as much as Kirdee's does.
"Sounds reasonable." Heh, yeah, but only a little.