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@Ultizeta: Could be worse. He could be Porky Minch from the Mother/Earthbound series. He did a lot of terrible things in Mother 3 just because he was bored.

And in all fairness, it is coming from Galacta, so that might be only his motivation.
At least he isn't getting it wrapped around his foot and slammed into a wall like Kirby did in my comic.
@VoiceOfAdventure: That sure is.
You already have a Part 1 for Murphy's Dream Experience.
Obligatory Training Montage
As for sparring with " ".... Well, Chunck knows how weak he is compared to Kirby normally, so if he can face Kirby on even ground, that tells you how bad it is for Kirby, though in all fairness, he isn't supposed to use his copy abilities in his training regiment.

...Keeby, drop that smile. You're not from KDA.
Funfact: Sol is the only one that can summon/conjure stars ala 20xK including Warp Stars.
I suppose Ge-Trick is lucky not to get this reaction in my comic.
@TheJGamer: Considering there is actually an angel Kirby in the lore, I can confirm that they can.
@Warpstar: That would explain the knocked over paint bucker. I should really quit leaving the door open.

What I have in mind is a plot twist that actually is something that should be expected. I'm not going to tell you why that is though.

After all, where is the fun in that? Kirby Star Quest is the title for the RPG project I started after I got RPG Maker 2k starring Manatari and Sol. The first game takes place during Return to Dreamland with a Paper Mario inspired plot that has them searching for the Crystal Stars.

The sequel has a Milkyway Wishes inspired plot that has Manatari teaming up with Aege, Saito, and Meta Knight to power up NOVA to cure Sol's infection, which was caused by the aforementioned Chaos Matter, and takes place during Triple Deluxe.
@Warpstar: Understandable. Your earlier comment was just kind of vague. Most characters that will appear depend on either the comic's lore or their importance to the plot.

Then we have character like Ge-Trick whose main purpose is to be funny.
I honestly forgot this part of the lore of my comic until after I made the previous page. Panels 2 and 4 are actual screenshots of the first RPG I started working on. The match between Sol and Mantari have no canon ending, because you could play as either to fight the other. No, you won't be seeing Hyper Doo. Saito and Aege? I can't say whether or not they'll appear.

As for Shade, we'll see if he does later. Sol and Mantari have been through a lot in their adventures, but Sol got the worst of it all things considered.
Is it me, or did Murphy or Battlestar sneak into my comic and replace Manatari with a recolored Kordy/Keeby when I wasn't looking? He had that exact expression for a whole page.

Not sure if the page title fits, but Sol and Ge-Trick tried to scare J, Mana dared to recruit him, and as for cares.... Well, J may have learned to be a little more careful? Idk

While Sol was trying to trick J, he was completely serious about not being an angel. His wings are actually a mutation due to coming into contact with a dangerous Dark Matter variant called Chaos Matter. For what he looked like before, see this:
<img src=" y_auramasternova-d96ts39.png">
@Warpstar: How is this? No More character introductions until the last 5 pages of this chapter. The rest of the chapter for the most part will be setting up events to come, like the entire plot for Chapter 3.
Yes, J, yes you are, and anything. Anything could be a better reason.

Good luck trying to reason with him, Mana.

Yeah, I wasn't too sure what I would do with J later or if I would do another cameo chapter, so I threw him in now. I was going to add him last page instead of adding Ge-Trick at all, but I wanted more comedy. Also, Ge-Trick gets a pass here because Manatari and Ge-Trick already know each other.
@???: That would be Amazing Mirror, the game where Kirby had a cell phone. By pressing L, he could call a Warpstar to take him back to the Hub, or by pressing R, he could call Yellow, Red, and Green Kirby.
@Warpstar: I was going to bring in someone that actually had a reason to appear in the chapter, but when I thought about it, Ge-Trick's inclusion made for better comedy value.

Plus it would be pretty boring and pointless if nobody showed up while they were working as it would just last one page before cutting back to Kirby.

I'd expect just two more new characters to appear this chapter. 3 if you count DDD.
Oh look, the puns are back.

Whew! I was hard pressed to make this page. I put quite a bit of work into putting everything together. Eventually, I had to grab the Box Backgrounds from Pokemon BW2. That joke was good enough that I had to use it too. We also have yet another new character. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ge-Trick, a Kirby from Halfmoon. He uses illusions, and enjoys playing pranks. He even turned visible in Panel 4 just to toy with his latest victims.

First day in my comic, and I already enjoy him. We also get to see a little more of what Mana is plotting.
If I don't get Saturday's page done in time, double update Wednesday. If I can't that page done either, triple update on the 16th. If I still can't get caught up, I'll bust my butt and either do daily updates again for a while or do double updates for a while.

I have an idea for the next few pages, I'm just having issues. Like needing a background for an underground area.