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Nova Ozuka
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Good job, Kirby.
Right! Time to actually reas this comic.
Funfact: Smack Jeeves logs me out almost everyday. Not even insecure login keeps me logged on.
Didn't Reign literally jump off of a roof during the Deltamon fight with no problems?
I still need to replace mine, but I have other priorities, like new games.
I seem to be in a bit of a bind. I need a page for Saturday, but idk what to do exactly. I'm caught between possibly making this chapter shorter than intended or not being able to keep up with my updates due to a hiatus I took playing games and whatnot.
Now THIS reminds me a lot of One Piece. Luckily for me, I like One Piece.
I editted this mage to make a mistake, but I forgot to crop it again. Oops.

In other news, the first page of Star Allies releases almost 2 hours from now.
I just accidentally released Page 14 of Star Allies. Oops. Luckily I fixed that.
And Korpy finally asks the right question.
And we finally continue Manatari's fight. After he cancels one of his Arts, he has to wait before he can safely use that Art a second time. With Break and Speed both on recharge, he'll have to adapt quickly.

No clue when the next page releases. I've only got 5 pages after this that were made in advance.
The first actual new page releases next Saturday!
I loved this page so much, I left it alone. For those of you who read Card Clash before this, the Dusks that were used in the second and third pages were the Dark World variety, which are born from Dark Matter residue.
And we're back to Kort's first official appearance since KXA was cancelled.
Until we've caught up to the pilot from KCC, we're updating every day. I haven't bothered fixing PAR's text this page or the next, but it's fixed for the rest.
I finally got the Fighter's Pass for Smash yesterday. I'm enjoying Joker so far, so I might consider geting into the Persona series. They've also added Stage Builder, which I'm happy about. I actually went a little crazy with it. All I'm waiting for now is co-op World of Light, and the next fighter.
We're finally here!
And we're starting the comic off with an edited version of the pilot. I made a page that came before this, but I decided that it served no purpose as I had nothing to release after it except this. Any other page would've just been a transition. Mostly script changes until we get to the new pages.

I'm not happy about having to stretch my cover because it was too small though.
We're finally taking time to focus on the villains for a while. I accidentally gave Korpy an open mouth Panel 3, but I think it works, so I'm leaving it.

I decided that the page title fit as Korpy is finding Umbra unreasonable in regards to Kirby.
That's right! Umbra and Korpy are back this chapter. I've been eagerly awaiting this, and you will see why I'm excited to start this chapter. It might take a while though.