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don't worry dude, its still funny, and the more comics you make the better you'll get at editing, but whats important is its funny! :D
hey, just wondering if someone could review my comics please :)

Lil' Runts
hey, how do we sign up to get our comics reviewed? Lil' Runts
LOL! I agree, that expression is funny!
this is funny! do you think you could check out my comics?
thats awesome dude! I too am gonna have a book coming out too! Lil' Runts will hopefully be in stores by the end of the summer. Good luck with getting published! Your stuff really is awesome!
this is pretty cool, I'm favin' this comic, do you thing you could take a look at my comics?
get him Knuckles! GET HIM!!
poor Yoshi...... OH WELL!
cool news about the strip? You got my attention!
I like it! Way to go Pizzadude!
dude, this is gonna be good! nice banner by the way
HAHA! Very funny!
cool! good luck on your exams man!
haha! this is a funny one!
ha-ha! face jokes are ALWAYS funny!
LOL very funny!
bad time to interupt a fight! Poor Bass...