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Ninja webcomic maker for The Radio Game.
Just an ordinary person.
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Probably should check my email more often...
Yeah, so I see that there's finally a comment thanks to my email account. I miss the sprite much easier to make. So yeah, I've been making animations for the past year and a half. Yes, they have better quality than Radio Ninjas, however they are shorter and animated from better rigs. Right now I'm finishing my demo reel and in two months I'll hopefully be out of college and finding a job.
(Heh heh, it's working)

Man, sally can sure smash a helmet in, I wonder if that was her plan with steve's gift?
Quick! Pretend you're a monkey!
Group Therapy
Is it just me, or does this suddenly give me the idea of that game katamari with the ball?
I feel so happy
*ninja tear kills 11 bystanders*
Can't go wrong with ninjas.
Let's hear Sophie's version
Sorry Smackjeeves
Today, I break one of the rules of SmackJeeves, well, the unwritten one.
It has to be a comic.

Now, this is a movie poster.
Just visit:
To see the whole thing.

This is sorta the reason I haven't been pumping out comics for a while, but either I will start making more animations or I'll resort to a 3d comic.

Either way, you win, and my free time loses.
News Yearly
Too much gin, eh jin?
Now I'm hungry.
Now everybody will know that ninja's weakness is the cricket bat. And death holding it. While he is inner monologue-ing, and there is a fool moon, and exactly three stars shown, and...
Bah, too eay
Blur and smudge, I have enough experience in liquify, but not smudge and especially not blur...
That's why whenever you want to kill someone, you need to be...thorough.

Like sabotaging the bus too, also the taxi cabs, the garage door, shoes , bikes, train, monorail, briefcase, tie, relvolving door, secratary, office, keyboard, water cooler, wire cutters, every car in the city, light switch, websites, keys, coffee mug, stapler, watch, web comics, friends and family, flash drives, email accounts, lunchbreaks, phone, elevator, stairs, paperweight, holiday fruitcake...
You're supposed to use snow...
A thought that came into my head, and no, it isn't done yet, expect the next WC to continue maybe sometime hopefully before the 24th.

Now, it took me about 2 hours but all I used was one image of a snowball, ninja star, math, and a background. All the other bits of snow are the SAME snowball.


Oh yeah, I know its hard to see but the last panel is the snow falling down from the ninja stars that were inside it. I hate doing this cause it ruins the joke, but it IS a spoiler.

The run on joke will keep running next comic.

Enjoy the freedom of no school.
Ninja out.
He had it coming
Another error?
Score one for the blue screen of death.
Oh no need to thank us...
Really it was nothing...

Well, glad I could be apart of it, and now that I can (somewhat) draw...FAN COMICS AWAY!!!
Snow fight
How can you defeat a snowman? It's impossible, sure you can lock it in a greenhouse but the spirt of christmas can never be beaten! WE ARE ALL DOOMED!
Well if god(Guest) himself said it, it MUST be true.
Well, you know the thing about car crashes, you don't want to see it but you can't look away...
Fun with Shadows
Nice job, Striker. Love the here are some games to play:
Try to jump on the shins of you own shadow, you must get BOTH at the same time.
Try to mirror an unlimited shadow.
Try to set a shadow on fire.
And try to kill someone...only using their shadow or yours.