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Bunny eevee
I like bunnies, eevees, and books. (I'm not really 300 years old.)
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Glacia likes mountains.
Bunny eevee
February 25th, 2017
That's Pyro for you. He kicks your computer and smiles about it.
Sorry about the other cover.
And no, Clarissa is not a main charter. (unless you all make a big fuss about it, which I dout you will)
There is more to silver than that too. But leafwind? That's all she is.
I'll take a stab at defining normal. Not that. Anyway, this is the first J.B. A J.B. is a comic that doesn't advance the plot or have the same setting, it only has the same charters. When I make enough J.B. comics, i'll give them their own comic, witch I will link to here. P.S. I made the term J.B. up. It's not an official term and means "Just Because".
It takes a special kind of brother to throw you into a pit of your worst fear.
sorry it's blurry.
Don't worry, there's MUCH more to silver than that *evil laugh* *choking on Siliva* *falls onto the ground making choking noises*
@sylveon artist: Ha Ha
Actually it is. but only to Jade
Wait, isn't Aquarius evil? (evil smile)
And so it begins...
A virtual cookie to anyone who can guess what that green disk is!
Detail. don't get used to it.
yay tranquilizers!
Bunny eevee
February 4th, 2017
Bunny eevee
February 4th, 2017
Mr. him the jerk >:)
Bunny eevee
February 4th, 2017
pyro the fighter!
Bunny eevee
February 4th, 2017