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Poke fan 1
I am formally a guest (More or less same name). I like video games like megaman and pokemon and plan on doing a comic at some point (hopefully)
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About How long did it take for you to complete the nuzlocke. ( By that I mean the actual run not the comic)
While kirby talking to himself at the end was a bit sad, it might be what is giving him control. Just by humbling himself and looking at his faults he might be able to gain control.
Two Things
Okay, two things:
A. What the heck is an eclipse robe
B. Couldn't it be some new purification chamber? Isn't that how XD001 was cured?
So, my guess is that Anny thinks there is one element per miraculous object, which if right, it would be
Crystal Orb for Light
Special and Unique for Mind and Matter
Katana for Wind
Sun Ring for fire
Crystal Ball for water
And Brass Knuckle for Earth
@Pinkeevee222: Put on the non-detailed ones until the detailed ones are finished
@Guest: Most of earths population exists on something that happens every 18 months
@Anon: That seems a little dramatic for something like that
@cccviper653: More like Leon's heal pulse, or if that healing thing is magic
My theory
My guess is that Nate's mom divorced his father when she found out about his poaching organization, Nate's father said his mother was dead and blamed it on Pokémon so Nate wouldn't get close to Pokémon and go on a journey and find out about his organization, the dead part is so he wouldn't meet her and find out about the organization, the reason he does it is uncertain to me, but probably does it for money

Edit: I also re-read eome of the comic, and the "preparations with the mother" sounds like there is something more to this
@blackhook: Why is there the [] things? Is it because they are the special series or would it spoil the plot?
I forgot to do this on the last page but

@Pokeman256: We would have to run for our lives
Since when are Blues and Forte on good terms
@Snivy1234: I think it is Luz, she seems to know as much as Meta Knight, probably will become a bigger character in the future
This reminds me, I once battled Clay, all of my Pokémon had fainted except my zebstrika, and Clay's Exadrill used hone claws, and he took it out
What should happen is that after MegaMan and Bass kill Rythm, Doctor Light uses Rythm's remains to make the counterpart sister of Blues
This confirms my suspicion that admin yami was the guy Silver met in the forest
Let me bet, next update will be the 2016 Christmas special.
Rythm BCA, you ran out of names for this one