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It's like a webcomics rite of passage to do one of these things. Liz is spraying silly string at whatever's scaring them. Whose reaction is your favourite?
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And we're back! If you missed the kickstarter, you can still preorder the book here:
Artwork by Max Sarin of Giant Days excellence!

This is a kickstarter exclusive print that you can get right here:

We only have ONE WEEK REMAINING and we need to hit that goal to go to print! Please, if you can help out monetarily or by sharing any post on social media, I would be so grateful!

Here are a few you can share, if not the direct link to the kickstarter:
Radio Silence needs your help!
Hey everyone! The Radio Silence kickstarter has 11 days remaining and it desperately needs your help to make it a success!

We're stuck around 58% and need a very good boost to make it to that finish line and into printing that first volume! Please consider buying a copy, and passing the link along to someone else who might also be interested in it! Your support is what keeps me going, and without you, I'll have to cut back on the hours I can spend on RS.

Other places you can help RT or reblog:
Kickstarter continues!
Please support the volume 1 book kickstarter:
@V-C: Oops, sorry! Meant to copy that here too. It means "I cannot deal with this."
The Radio Silence volume 1 kickstarter needs your support in order to print the books! Please consider supporting, or pass the link along to others who can!
There are two pages for this anniversary update! Be sure to go back and check both!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for this! I had to trim them down to the top six, but I appreciate the abundance I was sent in! Hopefully you enjoy the ones I selected :D

I can't believe it's already been three years! I think we're at the halfway point of act one, so we've got a ways to go yet! I hope you'll be celebrating with me for a few more years! :)
@Oly-RRR: HEHE Thank you! I had hoped it'd feel satisfying!!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! I really enjoyed them! hehe
@Oly-RRR: She definitely does! And thank you!! <3
@Captain Ghost: Good eye >:}

Haha you *know* Colbie was SUPER EXCITED and worked really hard to try and make that match up!!
@dreamingsketcher: "You're a cheat!"
@NenaMataHari: Hmm not really? Here's a playlist of similar bands to their sound: GKR6yBHXRPMNNJig
And we're back! Did you miss them?
@Captain Ghost: Thank you!! I'm so flattered! <3
Tha mi diabhlaidh coma dheth! (Scottish Gaelic for "I don't give a toss!")
Geh zum Teufel! (German for "Go to hell!")
Updates on hold
No updates for a while! My cintiq pen broke :( If you'd like to help donate to get a replacement: