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@Oly-RRR: HEHE Thank you! I had hoped it'd feel satisfying!!
@Oly-RRR: Thank you! I really enjoyed them! hehe
@Oly-RRR: She definitely does! And thank you!! <3
@Captain Ghost: Good eye >:}

Haha you *know* Colbie was SUPER EXCITED and worked really hard to try and make that match up!!
@dreamingsketcher: "You're a cheat!"
@NenaMataHari: Hmm not really? Here's a playlist of similar bands to their sound: GKR6yBHXRPMNNJig
And we're back! Did you miss them?
@Captain Ghost: Thank you!! I'm so flattered! <3
Tha mi diabhlaidh coma dheth! (Scottish Gaelic for "I don't give a toss!")
Geh zum Teufel! (German for "Go to hell!")
Updates on hold
No updates for a while! My cintiq pen broke :( If you'd like to help donate to get a replacement:
A new character arrives! Cover half the face on panel 6 vertically on the left, then the right, and hopefully you'll see it!
Do you ever feel like a puppet on a string
Chapter 3's cover is a parody of a Walk Off The Earth photoshoot!

Includes a special edition Radio Silence print!
It's not my place to say
The song:
Colbie's riff
The riff Colbie plays:
Where it wasn't supposed to be

Panel 4: What do you expect from an idiot?

Panel 5: Wren: Be still, my heart. Shy: You stupid sod!!
Paperback book sale + free ink drawings!
This book is a preview edition and I need to get them out to make room for the new updated copy in May for TCAF! So as incentive, not only is the book a reduced price, but use the coupon code TWEETSALE for another 15% off and you’ll get a FREE traditional ink drawing of your band member of choice!
Norah is from Agents of the Realm