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@Captain Ghost: Thank you!! I'm so flattered! <3
Tha mi diabhlaidh coma dheth! (Scottish Gaelic for "I don't give a toss!")
Geh zum Teufel! (German for "Go to hell!")
Updates on hold
No updates for a while! My cintiq pen broke :( If you'd like to help donate to get a replacement:
A new character arrives! Cover half the face on panel 6 vertically on the left, then the right, and hopefully you'll see it!
Do you ever feel like a puppet on a string
Chapter 3's cover is a parody of a Walk Off The Earth photoshoot!

Includes a special edition Radio Silence print!
It's not my place to say
The song:
Colbie's riff
The riff Colbie plays:
Where it wasn't supposed to be

Panel 4: What do you expect from an idiot?

Panel 5: Wren: Be still, my heart. Shy: You stupid sod!!
Paperback book sale + free ink drawings!
This book is a preview edition and I need to get them out to make room for the new updated copy in May for TCAF! So as incentive, not only is the book a reduced price, but use the coupon code TWEETSALE for another 15% off and you’ll get a FREE traditional ink drawing of your band member of choice!
Norah is from Agents of the Realm
Sometimes silence
Wren may or may not have a thing for science talk.
Days and nights we lost to weakness
Poor Shy needs to reboot his brain after all that.
In my memories
They're playing the whole song but it's chopped down to this for brevity, and because I'm not mean enough to make my brother write an entire song just for this, haha.
Watcher through the night
Shy has a hard time with English on a good day. Add in a pretty girl with a thick accent who likes to slip into Scots and Scottish Gaelic, and, well. This might be why he avoided talking to her before!
Listen like a rainy day
Eventually we'll get to meet Willow as more than just a voice on a computer!
Who are you hiding it for?
Translation: "saint"

Mr. Grumpy needs a nap.
Bridge that gap
Translation: "because you have the patience of a saint!" Shy slips into his native language especially when he's worked up/really into a conversation, and Brent understands German (but doesn't speak it) so it definitely helps the friendship in that respect!