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you thot of a gun

hi im nate
i draw

i dont use alot for art but if you want new stuff check out my deviantart (

have a lovely day person
mood 24/7
you hecking hecker
you freaking freak frak
you person thing
you look so pretty and beautiful!!!
bang bANG
@Sky207: *hugs back*
i love you sky
happy day of birth
okay so this is like 2 weeks old

well i dont have a page today(im sorrrry), i was gone for a few days and i keep getting distracted
@yolo4ever: woops
zoom zoom
y'all need to stop being so mean about this. as you can see sky is trying.

so please stop, this hate will not help at all

also sky, i love you <3. dont pay attention to the mean comments and pay attention to the good ones!! they can help alot when you need them most
sorry its kinda messy :"(
i forgot to make a prologue
wow good job me
today is the hottest day of the week AND IT CANADA day
almost forgot :"D
i almost started crying making this
yep, move along people
nothing to see here
@Silver Eevee: i know right :D
woah its the cover :D

edit- i just resized i put fire in the city WOW(and my tablet is not working great)

screw it, new name too