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summertime lovin'

Right now, I occasionally post for my Pokémon comic, Charlie's Adventure.
Yay! This is one of my favorite comics (and definitely the longest) glad to see you're back to the pages. Don't overburden yourself! :D
Would you say the comic is an analogy to your personal life?
So the next page is released. I was thinking, why not Valentine's Day. Yes, that is actual music in the back. It is Pallet Town by Junichi Masuda.
That was surprising :o
Here we go with the hyperactive Charlie! Was able to resize the picture in Ps, so not redrawn digitally. For the time being, I like doing traditional art.
b a butterfree!
@SubZero: He's more likely to send George in haha
One of the rare occasions of Atty smiling
@BarryCorbett: I didn't know who Ignatz was, so a quick Google search showed me. I thought there might be other newer readers too, so that's why I posted the link.
Imgur pic I found of Ignatz from Krazy Kat
If it was or will be intentional, it could hint towards a espeon or umbreon evolution :)
Is that a soothe bell?
I don't know. I think it's kinda clever. Kinda ties stuff together.
So we finally start this with this Cover picture. A look at my cartoon style and a main character????

No update schedule right now. :/
@andwhyisit: Body Slam, I believe. Pretty much the same thing.
Rat looks tired