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X man
No I will not tell you my name. But I will tell you what I like, I like Pokemon, manga, anime, reading, and music to list a few. Hope you have a pleasant day!
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Apologies, but I've never seen that.
Yeah! Walls of text!
Huh... So I leave for a week and things start again? I should take more weeks off! In all seriousness though, it's good to have ya back.
Welp, I guess since I can't help you on
Patreon, or buy your stuff I leave a comment.

I found this comic around the same time I found smack jeeves. During that time I felt very bad after something that had recently happened, but I don't want to get into that. This comic was one of the few reasons I got up happy in the morning. In a time where I always felt down, this lifted me up. So thank you.... Thank you for making this. I hope you and your family get well soon.

P.S. Happy (early) one year on the internet!
Anybody else think of Naruto when you saw this?
The first thing I thought after seeing this was this.
(Warning bad word ahead, Proceed with caution)
@andreya225: very good young one, now here are two videos about pokemon, where a few things don't go how you might think.

Ps: thanks, That was hilarious.
It's great you found your want to draw again. Here's something weird.
Oh... Well you know what this means.
First time I ever cured from sheer joy alone. Is good to have ya back.
X man
May 20th, 2017
I was right about someone getting hurt.
Thats waaaaaaay to true
@andreya225: I'd like to say all of the above but na. The misunderstanding will be him trying to help her, but since she is already feeling threatened​ she won't allow it, & will retaliate.
I feel like this is going to lead to a huge misunderstanding, and someone's going to get hurt.
@andreya225: let's. Do. This.
@andreya225: *looks at mack* we might need more. You got connections?
Find the fireworks, the confetti, streamers, bollons, and anything that tased good party tiiiiime!!!