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X man
No I will not tell you my name. But I will tell you what I like, I like Pokemon, manga, anime, reading, and music to list a few. Hope you have a pleasant day!
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    Nunya biz
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Nice to see you and the comic are back.
Good stuff.
Well I'll be damned. Hahaha, can't wait man. Sure it'll be great.
Darn it! Ya beat me to it.
Happy new year. You did it. Good job.
X man
December 28th, 2017
@Umbreon : thanks
Apologies, but I've never seen that.
Yeah! Walls of text!
Huh... So I leave for a week and things start again? I should take more weeks off! In all seriousness though, it's good to have ya back.
Anybody else think of Naruto when you saw this?
The first thing I thought after seeing this was this.
(Warning bad word ahead, Proceed with caution)
@andreya225: very good young one, now here are two videos about pokemon, where a few things don't go how you might think.

Ps: thanks, That was hilarious.
It's great you found your want to draw again. Here's something weird.
Oh... Well you know what this means.
First time I ever cured from sheer joy alone. Is good to have ya back.
X man
May 20th, 2017
I was right about someone getting hurt.
Thats waaaaaaay to true