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@depressed sophomore : that’s because it totally is
@Guest: I can’t actually say, but when I first saw her concept design, I thought her hair was a bunch of bananas. She’ll always have banana hair, to me, forever.
@Karen the Eevee: his magic all along was toilet magic!
@Marlo: The chapter title is definitely symbolism! A yellow rose symbolizes friendship, new beginnings and the mending of relationships. Apparently, it also symbolizes jealousy, but this wasn’t intentional!(The lighter undertones were kept in mind while thinking about the symbolism, this was just a coincidence, haha)
Thanks so much for sticking through ‘til the end of this intermission, though! <33
@HamVerse: GAASP thank you!! i do my best & i hope you're enjoying the comic as much as i do!! <33 :DD
ur like one of my favourite characters be fucking nice
If Wallis is gonna be asking anyone out it’s gonna be me
HEY thank you so much!! <33 :D!!
she can still jump though. just jump up and on your way down, roundhouse kick. bam problem solved
@lol: save for a few pages with specific lighting and shading and such, the colourists are going to be doing almost every page from here on out! ^^