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I am an Agender human thing. comics are cool. i am very queer and enjoy queer things. also pasta, always pasta
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omg, this is so cute, i am dead. i love these to dorks so much and i'm so happy their happy, and omg puppy you knocked him over XP
my heart, is as light as a feather, sadly even those i am so over the moon happy there is a small voice in my head saying this is goign to well, something is going to happen and there will be sadness again. but dear god this page makes me happy enough to ignore that voice and just be glad our boys are together and happy anD KISING!!!!
MY DEPRESSION IS CURED! okay well maybe not but like this update made me super fucking happy at least. god i love these super fucking nerds so much. omg thnk you so much for this comic its like one of my favorite ones i read haha ^__^ i love this comic, i love these nerds, i love this update, and i love you
omg, this is to cute i can't handle it, i love these fucking dorks so much. dear god.
Gah i love these fucking nerds they make me so happy. so fucking cute <3 <3 <3
oh no, My babies....i just caught up with this story a few days ago and i am so glad i found this comic it's soo good! keep up the good work