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This is so cute! <3
I love her so much.
Who needs ibuprofen when you have magic friends?
We're moving to two pages every other week ;)
@Taketheheart: Huh, it does look like that XD I need to brush up on what wedding photos look like I guess.
To be clear, that's their wedding picture, not a prom picture.
This is why you don't get to know the neighbors.
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And you thought your neighbors were weird...
It's easy to carry groceries up two flights of stairs when you have magic... /// Want to support an artist during the holidays? Consider buying me a candy cane mocha at
Ophidian often ends up shirtless on Saturday night... but usually not like this. /// Enjoying the story? Consider supporting our work at
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When your Uber driver ruins the moment...
@notall2gether: It would have gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations I know XD
And we're back! We've moved into our new place, the internet is up and running, and we're excited to get back to our regular schedule. Thank you all for your patience. We have some great things in store.
The final Halloween sketches: Jasper and Ophidian. Amir had Jasper dress like a pirate as part of his own costume two Halloweens ago and he just keeps wearing it. Ophidian, as a dragon prince, pays homage to his heritage and insists it's just a coincidence that the shirt is see through.

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I see some water tribe representation XD
Sorry for the delay! I lost internet due to moving. We thought we would have it up Friday, but then there was an issue with it not reaching our house so... Here are Malik and Emil our most 'monstrous' couple.
We're Still Moving...
Another Halloween character sketch this week: Amir, the Ace(sexual) of Hearts

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