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Hello! My name is Ruby (also know as Meg or Wackles, but you can call me whatever you want♡). I'm 18 years old with a goal of improving my art skills so I can be an animator one day!

I'm making comics to try and improve my story boarding and writing skills!
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    Meg Henry
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Awackles Art
November 15th, 2016
Looks great!
"Chill" ,huh? XD Cant wait for new pages!
@SnowExplosives: Thank you very much! This comic has been in the works over a year and a half, so it means so much to hear that! <3
Cover Page Notes
Woohoo, the cover page! I'm still working on a few pages, so I'm not ready to post them yet.. but here! Go ahead and judge a book by it's cover!