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...Your tow.. :D

Yeah. I draw and yeah. I am basically a beginner, though my family and friends, including some random people, say that I am really good for just a beginner. (I've been drawing for two years, so I dunno.. xD)

I love to watch anime and read manga, but my dad and step-brother say that I need to stop reading/watching so much. Well, I just say go mind your own toe jam! D<
I'll post later when I'm not lazy. :D
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LOL BISHI. >///<
Nyuuu~ Don't make that face! It makes me feel sad for you. ;-;

You made it back like you said! Dream come true! -sparkles around me- :D
Maybe it was a love confession.. And then George can be with Destiny!? :O

Mean guy person. -slaps- How could you not go looking for him!? 3:<
I told you, Paige.. I don't believe you made this picture! V-V
You missed his birthday. Say sorry to him~ ;O;
LAMO! AT first I thought that the pannel where he says 'hey' was a bird talking. XDD

hah.. Sorry. I am just dumb, so don't mind me. xD;
-smacksyou- I would pick it up and hold it, and kiss it, and rub it on my cheeck, and pet it, and poke it, and.. hug it.. xD Really! How dare you not like cute fat looking hamsters! -kicksyou- xDD
BAH! -criesinguilt- I wanna jump out and save him~! ;3;
I am pretty sure they can flip. And I think I am right, because I just watched a program about all of the different types of cats; Including Cheetahs. 8D
dot dot dot.
Bah. xD;
LOLZOMGZBAH!!! XDD I think I just died while reading this. xD
-diesinacorner- O--O WHAT THE CRAP-!?!
Why doesn't Tobi even have a face, and just a swirly thingy? I never did get that.. P:
I don't really remember his death... Or the episode he died.. XDDD;
Some people thought I was a boy in real life once.. P: And just because I put my hair up in meh hat.. Bah..
BWAGAGA! I haven't really seen him in any fancomic but this one, and maybe another. xDD
Dot dot dot

Two down, two to go.. >D
.... SEINFEILD. Yeah. I win. :D
OMGZBAH! -floatsaway- Those are men..
OMG! I did that to meh freind yesterday in ninja training! xD