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Keekal and Kataraqui are the artists and writers behind the comic, The Crooked Kind. They enjoy similar things, like dinosaurs and making their OC's cry. And thus a monster was born.
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    Kataraqui & Keekal
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@tmf: Thank you for the feedback! Your assessment is fair, there does need to be more of a transition in this scene. If we can we may go back and edit things a little so the transition is smoother :) Thanks!
The plan is going well then...
Careful, Asper :P
Very impressive Lilu :\
Attractive look for Lilu there, face full of sandwich XD
Trash panda aka a tanuki :D
Lilu is the authority on creepy things that haunt your dreams AND the real world ;)
Well he looks friendly!
Hi everyone! We're SO SO sorry about the long hiatus! We had a bit of a hiccup in our productivity with such a busy summer/fall period. We are getting back on track and working away at chapter 5! There may be a couple more hiatuses in between chapters just so we don't run out of pages for you, but we'll do our best to get some new content in between. Maybe with some strips or q&a's with the cast ;)
Thanks so much for all your comments, likes, and feedback on the comic! We love you <3
Lilu missed the class on subtlety.
Vispera playing monkey in the middle.
That's a lot of candy!
Feck this, let's have a sleepover.
(Thanks so much for all your lovely comments, you guys make our days <3)
@Wiiolis: Hey! Yes, Kataraqui is Silv/Demi! I'm sorry about Grayscale's long-term hiatus T_T I do want to come back to that at some point! I'm so glad you're enjoying TCK tho! Keekal and I have been working on it for a little while now and we're really excited about all the stuff we have planned and how much progress we've made so far, so I hope you continue to enjoy it as it comes out! Thanks so much for following these comics, means the world to us! <3
Temper, temper, Tempus ;P
Lilu's side-eye game is strong.
Dream token education.
(And back to our regular scheduled updates!)
Dream token, eh?
Apologies for the extremely late update! We both have been travelling and, while I thought I'd have my laptop, I had to leave it behind at my sister's house for over a week and missed out on updating. Sorry for the sporadic updates, will be back to it now!
Who's this and why she covered in bugs. I don't think she likes them.