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Keekal and Kataraqui are the artists and writers behind the comic, The Crooked Kind. They enjoy similar things, like dinosaurs and making their OC's cry. And thus a monster was born.
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    Kataraqui & Keekal
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Spill, girl. What have you done?
Don’t look so smug Lilu, the evening’s barely even started.
This is going so incredibly well and it’s not awkward in the least.
The date crashers are here.
Vispera is here to meddle in all of your affairs.
She brought cookies T_T
It’s already a mess in here, you can’t make it that much worse!
There are enough little shits misbehaving in this comic, mate, without you throwing pennies at people.
More misbehaving ghosts keeping the boys busy and distracted from their UST.
Oh Lilu. Your evasiveness isn’t helping.
Lots of toes getting stepped on it seems when it comes to taking responsibility.
I think she's mad.
Predictably, someone's pissed with Lilu (what else is new though?)

We're sorry for the long wait between chapters! It's been one heck of a year and we needed time to build up the backlog. We've got two chapters so here's the beginning of chapter #5! Our hope is to get back to a two-chapter-per-year kind of deal. Fingers crossed!

To keep up to date with us, you can find us on IG, Twitter and Tumblr @kataraqui and @keekal <3

Now without further ado, onto the chapter! Updates will be weekly on Mondays for the next 23 weeks. Enjoy and much love for your collective patience and enthusiasm for our comic!
@Scorpio730: Hahaha probably that one is Siyi, the happy one almost always is XD
@Guest: Kataraqui = Silvae, or the artist/co-writer behind Grayscale. The Crooked Kind is a different collab though between myself and Keekal (we both draw and both write). Grayscale indeed had to go on permanent hiatus for a multitude of reasons (Ski was in grad school and too busy, I had no time between work/financial responsibilities, etc. and the comic wasn't doing so well to support itself). I may go back to it way way way down the road if I ever have the time again, but mostly I think I need to make my projects a wee bit shorter so they're more manageable XD
@whatthedubbs: The horns aren't the same between relatives. Or rather, incubi and succubi are so prolific that if it is genetic it could skip however many generations because chances are somewhere in your genetic code is every type of horn imaginable XD Number of horns/rows have no significance though. :P
@NikuComics: Lilu is Scottish, but my girlfriend is Irish. Writing accents is kind of tricky cuz it can become downright incomprehensible. Also sort of depends which part of Ireland they're from. It's easier to do with turns of phrase/slang and such!
Just how many spit takes can one chapter contain?!
That concludes chapter #4! Thanks so so so much for reading <3 We have to take a few month's hiatus before uploading the next chapter to make sure we don't run out of backlog, but we will return in April! In between, we may have a few strips to offer you though ;)

Much love from us and the TCK crew! Feel free to follow us on Twitter or Instagram @kataraqui and @keekal for more artwork and updates on our work :D
Tricksy schemers.