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October 3rd, 2017
@BugFolk: Can I say they may not of had bad intentions but Kargo mercilessly killed dogs and even attacked one's body while it was still dead, and Ferah snuck up and slit a dog's throat in front of Roamer's pack and considered killing Roamer? Even if they had reasons you could understand they weren't pure of heart at all.

Arguably, only Roamer was pure, he was untouched by the worst life had to give him and hadn't had the chance to kill anyone or avoided it before he went to the spring. He was naive as a pup full of innocence and curiousity and would even go as far as to help heal a prey animal just because he could.

I'd like to think that what happened from the spring was karma for their past deeds due to not being pure of heart, all the dogs they've killed they got recaptured by the same tribe that nearly killed them, Kargo being/thinking he's alone, Ferah falling down the waterfall only to be the MT's toy, I'd like to think it's the spring's karma and the reason nothing bad happened to Roamer was because he hadn't had the chance to lose his innocence really and hurt anyone. Though now he's killed a dog, so he probably should avoid the water too. And think how much Rogio would have to repent for?

Also if Ferah had gone to the waterfall intent to heal by its waters, the spirit could consider that selfish, which gives more reason for her to be thrown down the waterfall. For this Roamer DEFINITELY shouldn't return there, I don't think the spirit will forgive him for not only killing a dog but also trying to use their waters intentionally.
September 29th, 2017
@NotelessFables: The "Shut up and stop reading" solution doesn't settle w me, I already had the killing character conversation w Kique himself and with how Rogio only had 2 panels to be saved right after, that's why I consider it a fakeout death, because the page before it there was no way he should have survived. I'm giving my opinion, it's my own, and I will critique the story here and there, do I hate it? No. To be fair honestly I keep reading because of the side characters in meteor tribe, the tribe culture and characters in orion tribe, and the journey Kierr and Rhovanion are on. I'm fascinated with side characters, more so than I am with the mains to be fair (Though Kierr has a soft spot cause looks like his mother) and honestly I rather see less characters in a romantic relationship and more in a platonic one, like Ferah and Fjordor being like a father daughter thing, Thakir and Jahla being like brotherly/sisterly friendship, heck give us Tharia x Jahla. And I also want mains to stay split up, like Jahla and Rhovanion, or at least to take a break for awhile, like Roamer and Kargo. Romance is fine but while there's still a chance it should have room to grow and characters should sit and think "is this right?" like how Jahla and Rhovanion (and honestly all the asmundr dogs) rushed into their relationships.
September 28th, 2017
@NotelessFables: Because their deaths wouldn't add anything and the camera only focuses on mains, hence why it jumps around a lot. And when I made the comment I was having in mind the several bluff deaths in Asmundr and the two in Home, all main characters.
September 21st, 2017
Can we just let Zilas stay dead?!
People, please, it's Feaf.
September 17th, 2017
@Sepia: Okay that would be pretty cool, Zahira becoming mute pretty much and having a bad rasp when she talks, and honestly if they died it'd be interesting if it was for better reason, but them living and leaving seems like a better solution to avoid the pack genocide, considering they didn't effect the story much in death. I would love at least for the white dog that Lifa chased off not to die and instead to be reoccuring to help Lifa overcome her pride and give her a fully realized character arc, help her kids hunt, help her realize she doesn't have to be afraid, help her think of her kids first and find it in her to admit Kainan was right and forgive him. The deaths and erasing Greyson, honestly I want an AU really badly that wont effect Home's plot and has room for writing and compromise. I do think though that if anything Frea should live and Fridulfr shouldn't have been involved in Johaan's revival, if anything say Manegarm saved him. If more characters lived and heck even stuck to the pack in the background, it'd make it more fair when the shield wolves attack, cause not only will the pack be bigger, but several will die in the war showing how powerful the shield wolves really were. Heck have Rux's pack follow Kainan after Rux and Rekkr die, make them huge with a new leader. Would be cool to see Maeker and Brimir fighting a shield wolf together, and we could see Johaan's friendship with the pack expanded upon and have more opportunities to give Raela writing struggles.

@Abrakadaver: That's your opinion, you can have your opinion, and I'll have mine. But I will say if only the first two chapters were redone it'd be nice because it leaves the rest of the story to fans honestly. And timeskips litter the comic, look at the asmundr pack split for example, and the journey home from defeating Ranulfr.
September 16th, 2017
Vandi's pups +Asmundr remake ramble
I'm honestly looking forward to Vandi's pups, my hope is Fjalar was the father and we'll get at least one beautiful puppy that looks just like him, I loved his design so much and it was a shame to see him die. Here's to hoping for some beautiful tan point black puppies that look like Fjalar!

Honestly, I don't want the asmundr pack to go back to earth where they grow old and die, I'm disappointed in the fact that they didn't get any use here I won't deny it, and I wish they went out more noble by searching for and helping their children, several possibly dying in honor but it will always get me that they were just.. kinda there. I wanna give my opinion on them, and it's that I hope that when Asmundr is rewritten, a lot of main characters actually die and changes are made, such as Frea living longer and instead Zahira dies cause she didn't benefit the story further (which would give Raimo more reason to cherish Zilas like his last parting gift from Zahira.

I hope that Rhaaz's pack doesn't die, but instead Rux lives after Rhaaz dies and leads the whole pack, taking responsibility for them and leading them to a better future, while Raela chooses to stay with Kainan and start her own future. And I really hope Fridulfr comes for Rhaaz cause, if you looked back, he wasn't born evil, nobody was, he was a dog who made bad choices and got corrupted by this world and probably thinks what he was doing was right. (More breeders and territory means they'll thrive, he has a pack to lead, the weak would weigh them down) His choices and actions may of not been the best, but they weren't without reason.

I hope Johaan doesn't have an undead revived by Fridulfr thing, because it feels contradicting to other characters who died. I hope Lifa dies honestly or Patch (black and white dog) helps save her and encourages her and her pups to return to her family, it was painful to watch her starve her pups and the fact that she sat there and let them get so thin they'd be sick-looking, it made me hate her, especially since she chased off Patch and lead him to his death. It kinda made her irredeemable and dislikeable.

I hope that honestly, Greyson doesn't exist in the remake, he was very pointless and all that came out of it was Niita having a mate, which considering so many had mates, made it awkward that she got one who was honestly very dry. I hope she still gets Vilda who nurses her back to health, teaches her how to fight, and bonds with her somewhat reluctantly at first, and instead Niita becomes mates with Johaan and has Roamer with him, because they could have very good chemistry with him being a dog with personality and her being a dog needing to get out of her shell, it'd benefit her to have Vilda and Johaan both to make her more bold and outspoken with all the spunk they got.
NGL Roamer caught Greyson's personality sorta, a part of me wonders if he'd have more attitude if he had Johaan as a father. Here's to hoping that at least Johaan and Vilda in Home have a pup who grows up and carries their combined fireball personality.

I hope we get insight on the zioqa tribe and Zahira and why she chose to save the dogs against the chief's wishes, as well as what her relation to him could of been or their culture could have been. Maybe some fun insight on the night they all killed themselves? Especially from Father's or Zilas's perspective. Also if Frea survives I totally would ship her with Zilas, it'd fit.

Overall, I hope that the boldness to kill characters in Home carries over to Asmundr's remake and shows again in Home with either Asmundr characters, Rogio, Kargo, Aira, Ferah, anyone really, heck I'd be really astonished if Roamer dies and would give the comic a lot of support for how it'd effect a lot of characters. I wish Zilas effected more characters but that's been off and on. I look forward to seeing Roamer encounter and possibly killing his night beast, Ronja feeling guilt for his death, and Rhov talking to Feaf about him, and I really hope Kierr says more about him, and especially Jahla considering she didn't have much to say on him, I hope for more deaths and tragedy. These are my opinions and ramblings though, and most likely a lot of them won't come true, but I can hope.
Look at those girls in this page, beautiful honestly seeing them and how they appreciated all Ronja's done for them and how she's grown as a character, I especially can't wait to see Ronja talk to Vandi and Jonna. There is so much bonding she could do with the females, Alva she could find out about her and Galti being sent here by the skygods, Vandi she could rely on as a mother figure and someone to help raise pups and love the pups considering how many of Vandi's probably hurt her later, and Jonna I really want to see what Jonna has to say to Ronja about Ranach and Ulfr being banished, as well as I would love a flashback of when they were talking in the females den about the history of MT and what all the females went through and the first rebellion. I want to know if Jonna could forgive Javo, Vigr, and Fuss, and I have a feeling she doesn't hold anything against Galti for how he was treated and how recent he'd got there, he couldn't of done anything.

I want so bad to see Jonna evolve as a character and overcome her flaws and learn that some males didn't have a choice, some were forced to do their actions and if they tried to rebel, they'd be killed like a lot of the first rebels, like her father. I want to know so badly what Jonna thinks of Kargo and Eljunn (her father) and if she had any kind of relation with him, especially cause he was one who wasn't corrupted. I'm still hoping for Jonna x Ronja.

And a word about the patreon page, it felt like Ranach took advantage of Ronja honestly the way it went, and reminded me that Ronja was basically a young naive teen, Ranach was older physically and especially mentally if I'm right, so it showed in how he took advantage of her and made her do positions without complaint from her that made her uncomfortable.

I am glad Rhov saw Feaf and thought of Zilas, and that the two might bond and she got a moment to talk, I hope a friendship blooms from them and she helps him cope and recover from Zilas's death, which he'd been running from and barely talking about. I'd love to see the bulldog have a moment too, to speak a line so I could see how her personality is, mainly because I love her design honestly.

All in all, Fuss for Jarl and Jonna for Baron, that's my final words. Fuss x Ronja x Jonna.
September 13th, 2017
@Hera: Johaan? I wouldn't hold my breath tbh, if Raela who has so much potential to evolve in Home won't get spotlight neither will he.
September 10th, 2017
@Gryffindor: FJALL FOR BARON
September 9th, 2017
@Gryffindor: Fjall for baron
September 9th, 2017
I'm proud
Ohh boy thank heck that Ronja didn't make Lifa's mistake. And now the pups can be raised in a good healthy environment. And I'm glad she finally knows about Zilas, those involved finally paid the price and actions had consequences, I really didn't want to see Ranach "cured" or very much redeemed, at least until he accepts what he's done was his own fault or something. I never wanted to see him become a leader again, he'd really just harm the tribe and it's progress, as well as Ronja's authority, so this change is very welcomed.
I wonder about Vigr's character now, considering how he started out since he was the first to capture Ronja and spoke to her about the jarl, he seems more outspoken than Fuss but I think he wanted the change of leadership, and anything was better than Ranach. I still think he has to build trust in Ronja as a leader but so far she's starting to show. Now nothing shall get in the way of Ronja x Jonna!

I'm getting the feeling Ranach and Ulfr are gonna team up, considering they have a common enemy and Ulfr is probably more loyal to Ranach and the old ways. And I really worry about Rogio and Roamer going to the meteor tribe now, considering Ronja has a tribe to lead and is in control, if it's anything like last time they'll try to kill any dog that stops them, and I've grown fond of a lotta the MT dogs.
Not gonna lie but I ship Axilyah x Fjordor or Axilyah x Bacheo more than Axilyah x Ronja and Fjordor x Ferah
I really just rather Fjordor and Ferah be like a father daughter type of relationship or something platonic where Ferah looks up to and wants to learn from Fjordor and helps him and there's absolutely 0 sexual tension between them at all.

Also is Kargo okay? This is the second time he's spit blood and it was during a spar, which means he can't of be hurt that bad from it. Either he got hurt from the boar bad or his body's getting weaker, which could have something to do about what Ranach said about his strength and that he actually prayed to a spirit with the result his body will eventually wear down.
I really want Father to still flip a table
Not gonna lie I'm suspicious of Axilyah, I feel tribes have their own ambitions with things and she's no different. Also I wanna say on the last page, father why would you move the pack but leave the shield up? What if another dog wants that territory? Selfish, learn to share.

I hope Roamer finally gets to find out about Ronja and can yell at Ferah and Kargo for keeping the secret from him, cause it's not fair to keep things from someone.
I love how Kierr is developing on his own in spotlight without the shadow of his brother or father looming over him! He's a really good character.
Look at that, Brodiir and an unnamed dog, looks like what people guessed about her was true that she knew Brodiir. Though, I was hoping for a secret romance between them, oh well.
@reddog_f13: Pleaseb don't reply to my comments or interact with me, I don't want anything to do with you after experience.
Ugh, welp the comments section is gonna be less grand, peaceful, and organized with unpleasant people in it already. Bring out the fireworks!
I don't think it's a night beast
The creature looks kinda strange to be one, usually night beasts are more like spirits and hard to distinguish, but this is definitely canine. I think it might be possibly Moddey dhoo from the black dog legends, or moreso a black dog. Which if true is a very odd spirit, often seen as either an omen/threat or benevolent depending on who sees them.
Oh geez I didn't know Kierr was in tomb raider, just be glad there's no rushing water.
Also can we comment on that hard-working torch that stays lit for this long even through all that?