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jolt, just back out of the room and act like nothing is happening. It should all blow over, right?

@WildfireK: O.o you responded to that in 5 seconds flat! That is both scary and impressive XD
nicely done!
I'm honestly to tired to say anything else XD
This has become so dark... I LOVE IT!!!
I didn't realize that the older story had this much background going on. This is impressive
Kurtis, what have they done to you! To make you think that dabbing is formal and ok!
oooo nice design! I like it
wow, that was really well done. The video as the video went on, I got more dragged into it, and then it stopped...


but wow? That is really well done!
pffft you weren't dead! It's only been a month! I start getting worried if it goes to 3 or 4 months. It's normall to have unplanned breaks
@WildfireK: nosotros is OK, I just rather only remember one word instead of 2.

WOAH WOAH slows down with the indirect object pronouns, I'm only in Spanish one XD
@WildfireK: ustedes uses the same verb as ellos or ellas and doesn't have two different forms to use
@WildfireK: in the windows search bar, type calibrate display color, and then follow the steps
@WildfireK: you could probably just turn up the contrast a little bit... I think
@ShadowStalker1128: YES YES YES!!! Vosotros can go and die
hangar, I am both appalled and can't stop laughing that you just said that XD
This page... has so much going on... it is amazing!!!
...what holly said.

also, you might want to make it look like it is on his paw a bit more. It looks disconnected from everything else.

but wow that looks amazing!
@WildfireK: yellow is a more ominous color than orange
</s> @WildfireK: its possible, just unlikely