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Yay! An update! Glad to her that things are becoming less chaotic for you (can't say the same for me XP) Let's just hope that it'll be smooth sailing from here
@ShadowStalker1128: I hope your phone dies fast then? (That sounded terrible) let's just hope that this is the fix to the problem ;)
Well, great. Thanks apple. I hope you can get this all resolved quickly enough. Wish I had a solution, but apple has a thing and not giving a lot of ways to fix their stuff so you will go out and buy a new one. -_-
it just sounds bricked.

Edit: if your feeling up to it, you can try doing this: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-fix-an-iphone-stuck-on-the-apple-logo-2000268
@Guest: give her time, she@ll come back. This has been put on an indefinite hiatus. It will end
Trust me, he is in way more pain than you think, pulling out that spearhead will save his life
Faust, you jinked it. XD
So... It has been one year since the last post
By all standards, this would mean that the comic is dead. Bananakin has not posted or done anything on smackjeeves for a year. This also points it to being dead. So even though she has not come out and said it, this comic is dead. Unless it is revived, which is very unlikely. So, guests, users that have just found this, please don't go into the comments and ask her to continue making this. If you want to show support, fav and hope. That's all I have to say.
You got that done so fast! HOW?!? And it's a night scene.... That's impressive
@WildfireK: ah, set it up yourself?
@WildfireK: what server are you playing on? Just as a question
Oh, stop it with all of the shipping? This is more like Jen and Gangar's relationship with each other (which is brother and sister) then them like likeing eachother
Well, she could literally turn up anywhere now
So much yes
I like the highlights, but is he supposed to look tried? Good job on the anatomy, everything is in the right spots
Ooooo can't wait!
@WildfireK: :|

I TOTALLY knew that, and I'm TOTALLY not trying to hide the embarrassment I feel right now. Ha. Ha.
@WildfireK: shadow has probably had more practice with outlines and line art stuff, where you have had mor practice with shading and coloring. You two compliment each other rather well when youbwork together