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Think everyone who goes to school is busy at this point, don't worry about it!
I would've said something sooner, I swear!
Good to see you back! Glad that life hasn't killed ya yet! Life got me too, but I'm only in high school, can only imagine what it's like out there... Everything sounds good, just please, don't kill yourself over a comic! Can't wait for more!
7 months... Already?!? Wow, times flies when ya don't pay attention to it!
7 months... Already?!? Wow, times flies when ya don't pay attention to it!
@Jason_The_Epic_Pikachu , can you please stop saying first at the start of each page, it really doesn't add to the comment section and is really just starting to feel like spam
Ok, I'm ok with the fact that you said first, (even if it is incredibly childish to do), but the fact that you felt like you needed to come back and attempt to roast truefan is just pathetic. And I can assure you that no one cares, and that most people find it annoying.

<S>to piggyback off of WiFi</s>
really, really like the color scheme of this one, it looks really nice!
That does look really nice!
Again... Just incredibly speechless... Clues were staring me in the face and I still didn't see them!
Good job hiding all of that!
this is... familiar. It's like the first time we saw her, just now the entire place is a wasteland... I don't like where this is heading. Same spot, too, in that pose XD
Hmmm... wonder how this is going to play into the rest of the story. Also wonder if this has anything to do with Talon..
Always get here too late, so I don't have anything to add on to :'D

So many fires
Oh.. Um.. That's not good
hope nothing important burned

You don't need this anymore, but take it
I know that most people have said this already but
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is sooo good! The colors work perfectly for it, as I wouldn't be expecting neon from something on paper! the... The... The YES!
January 27th, 2018
'Aight, off to the back!
Orion, what have you done XD
January 25th, 2018
Nice site! Can wait to see more! N' stuff :3
but seriously, can't wait to see it!
Wow... That's just sad.