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@WildfireK: wait... That's possible?!? O.o

... remind me to never underestimate rappers XD

<S> tells you how much I listen to rap XD </s>
@WildfireK: ah, ok ^^

The rap felt a bit more like "this isn't humanly possible" than sounding weird, most people won't notice!
@WildfireK: ok, beginning rap feels too fast, IDK if this'll translate to other songs, but keep it in mind. The 3rd verse (second imagine dragons verse) starts feeling a bit weird with time, watch out for this. In this case, the "hey" voice didn't match the verse and the synth, so it ended up feeling too slow and tearing apart.
@WildfireK: ok, the ending of the first chorus has too much going on, hard to hear anything through it... Shoot... I had more <s> well guess I gotta to listen to the song again :D </s>

I need to formulate my thoughts XD

...I... Wow...
That was EXCEPTIONALLY good! The volume, the pan, the... Soooooooo much yes!
The keys fit almost perfectly! (I blame TøP for being so weird with keys XD)
Very, very improved!

Now then, do you want the nit-picky details?
Hi Naya! What do you have to say today?
@WildfireK: heavydirysoul is major in the chorus and minor in the verses, and whatever it takes sounds like it's in major. These are a better match

The other one would work too, I'd just take a bit more work, I'd experiment with both, see which one sounds better.
@WildfireK: so... Castle is mostly if not all in minor, easy enough

Now then, Fairly local is a half step up (if not a full step up) from Castle and is constantly changing between major and minor. Remix is possible, but I'd be hard
@WildfireK: um... Let me listen to them XD never headed them before XD

I'll get a response back somewhat soon
@WildfireK: good to know! This all came from me listening to it one too many times XD

I really like it XD
@WildfireK: alright, get comfy, I have a lot.

So, first off, yes, the reverb is less distracting with headphones than with phone speakers.

Bass sounded a bit weak, but I am subwoofer spoiled, so anything that doesn't shake the desk is too little base XD I was listening with earbuds, so it's not going to have a lot of bass in the first place.

Glad to hear that there was some panning going on! I'd recommend having a little bit more of like an instrument to one side, and the singer on the other so they are more clear, but otherwise, it was good on this area.

Now then, transparency. This needs some work. Some parts are covered up by other part, making it sound very one-channeled and like there are two different songs playing at the same time. This is what shad was complaining about. Don't be shy to turn down a part or turn up a part to let it or other parts through what is happening. Intertwine all of it, think of it as one song. That'll get rid of the problem with it sounding like two songs.

The song is flat, as far as dynamics, or how loud (or soft) everything is. You want big portions to be big and grand like you have them, but you also want the parts in between them to be a bit more quiet so it can build and swell up to major points.

Yes, I am being a lot more picky right now, but that's because of how good it is! The emotion and the idea of the song has gotten through, but there are ways to make it "sing" better. Hope this helps!
@WildfireK: my earbuds are upstairs, my good speakers are too loud, (a.k.a. everyone's sleeping) the old dinosaur-of-a-computer doesn't like my phone (or the internet) and my water speakers that I have down here have a broken aux chord with them, so I only have phone speakers XD
I can, however, listen to it tomorrow at school, so I'll have to do it then... Fun
@WildfireK: I mean, ya, some of the parts didn't line up, but was soooooooo much better than the other mash-ups(?) You've made! The reverb effect was sort of distracting, but, ya, ironically enough, key signatures lined up in your favor! Personally my favorite mash-up you've done!

Oh, drummers still need to tune. It seems odd, but they need to match the rest of the band. Especially the tympany and the snare.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes (thanks Gboard for that XD)

THAT WAS PERFECT!!! I don't care what Shad says, they fit together perfectly! The key was the same, they were both in minor, the violin (assuming that's the instrument) complimented the song that it was playing under! They were both were in harmony! The extra layers worked perfectly together! Of course, I am using my phone speakers, so I can't hear everything, but from what I got, that was your best-sounding one yet!

Oh, BTW, that song imagine dragons did was for a League of Legends Tournament Finals.
@WildfireK: you... Draw defined grass XD IDK I can't draw XD

Ya, you don't need to do it, I was just stating a personal preference XD
Alas, we have made it to the front cover.
OOOO very nice grass! Should work very well with the watercolor background!

Although, I like defined grass better XD