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Anthro comic and artwork illustrator.
Otherwise I´m a normal Teen at a normal school with normal parents... so a nobody trying to be somebody.
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Hey, everybody!
No, this is sadly no joke. While Flyenn is enjoying a loooong vacation on, I dunno, Risa?
Anyhow, Reason for this is My A-levels are now drawing closer and I need to focus my entire energy on learning.
This sadly also means I don´t have the time to draw.
This short break isn´t permanent, off course and KOMC will return sometime in May (If everything goes as planned).
If that isn´t the case, June will be the likely target.
In the meantime go check out my twitter account. I might update it once in a while.

Thank you for all the support you´ve shown me up till now. I´m looking forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks.
Flyenn and his big mouth. Question is, has he been so all the time or only in his semi-normal state?
We´ll see...

See y´all next week!
Happy March, everyone!
Stress isn´t supsiting for be, but I´ve got two weeks to go before the study phase for my A-levels begin.
I´m actually looking forwards to that ^^

Seems like Flyenn is too sure of himself or who is that tapping his shoulder.
I´ll keep my fingers crossed for the guy.

See y´all next week!
Whew, what a week.
Three exams, slight flu and another very useless school project.
Didn´t think I´d make it, but here you are, one page of KOMC.

See y´all next week.
Hm, yes, this turned out fine, I guess.
Not great but not bad, just average.

Anyway, my week was pretty sh*tty and the next one isn't looking too bright either.
Might not have the time to update KOMC next week due to three examines in three days (crap!).
So, see you next week or in two, we´ll see.

Enjoy this week's page.
Whew, weeks over. Good.
Three days school, lots of homework.
Started learning PHP which is much easier than I expected. I actually got far in just a few days, so yay.
So, enjoy this week´s page, I know I did making it.

See y´all soon!
Yessss... Tina makes her first appearance in the comic.
Lot´s of stuff to do as usual. Too lazy as well.

See y´all next week!
Ah yes, a new armor design for Ailurosion troops. Certainly not the last one.

Enjoy and see y´all next week.
Mmmm... my Cintiq 27 is back from the repair shop. Works like a charm again.
Anyway, wanted to play around with open nature a little bit. Turned out alright, I guess.

See you next week.
This damn page was screwing with me all the way. OK, sketch was alright, nothing suspicious, but the rest. THE REST!
Never mind me, folks. Just needed to get that outta my soul, sorry.
Anyway, I hope you can still appreciate this weeks comic.

See you next week.
Last upload for the year 2017.
That was some year. Good times, bad times.

See you next year!!
Man oh man, so many christmas preparations.
Didn´t get the comic finished yesterday as usual, almost was scared I wouldn´t finish tonight.

But here you go, this week´s page ends with a bang... literally.

See you next week!
And I´m back, still coughing and sniffing, but no matter.
Didn´t want to go another week without a comic update, so here it is.

See you next week.
New Page new luck, at least for Flyenn.

For some reason this page was playing me from the very beginning. Wrong layers all the time, bad lineart.
Eh, what the hell.

See y´all next time.
Guess what, I had two copies of Windows in one PC. That didn´t go so well...
Eh, sorry. You´re not here for that, hm?

Fun page, especially the fourth panel.

See you next week!
Hm, this isn´t what you wished to see this week, eh?
Let me explain for a sec. So, basically last Wednesday I crashed my bike and sprained my wrist. It still hurts and I couldn´t draw as fast as normal. Plus, I´ve got a looooong physics exam coming next thursday.

So, this week a nice image of my often traditionally drawn character will need to do.
Sorry for the inconvenience...

See you next week.
I did it!
Oh man, I can´t believe I finished a page this week. I´ve got a four hour math exam coming up on monday, so learning was top priority.
So, this one was only a quicky (About three hours). A few things I could´ve done better here and there, but fine for this week.
Next one should be better.

See you then.
Yesssss! I love halloween.
It was such fun when I was in America ten or so years ago.
I miss Halloween... Especially the cool decoration.

So, without further adue, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

(Pst, there's a speed art video. Should be up, if I didn't screw something up. )
Man, I almost forgot to upload this...
But I did remember and here it is.
Not sure what I should say about it at this point, pretty self explanatory...

See you all next week.
This week:
Singing lessons would sound good, no pun intended and Texas destroyed left eye. sexy...

I apologize for the bad and inconsistent ear designs throughout the panels. I´m trying to improve my style. So please, overlook that. I´ll try finishing my style experiments soon.

See you in seven days (at least, I hope so).