Wallis you cocky turd
Omg, smug ass Wallis is my new profile picture. Idc about Hobo[Although he's slightly frightening me O_O] Wallis flippin Gloom, wipe that smug look off your face like you do this every Tuesday!
Everybody's talkin about how once Assistant shows up the happy feels will be gone, and I'm just like, "Wait until they see he managed to turn his limbs invisible!"
Purple is so done with your shit Wallis
Unlike most people who are mad we didn't hear what Assistant said, I for one and freaking out cause Purple and Wallis are going to show up soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swear, if either one of you mentions the weather I'll Gib slap you!
You go girl, nothing can stop you! And is no one gonna point out the fact that, SHE'S WEARING HER HAT!!!
WALLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg I can't wait to see how he reacted to having invisible limbs, cause even if under normal circumstances he managed to get his career up and running again, he can't with his limbs like that. I'm desperate to see how he reacted to all of that
I blame this dream on drugs
The hype is real dude! I'm so excited for everyone to meet up again! This is the first time I have been here for a new chapter and I'm so happy to be apart of this beautiful story
@Banjo Wafer: Aww thx XD
Purple what were you doing hanging out with rainbow lollipop over there!? What, is she trying to harness the power of the Gays!?
@notableAnonymity: I mean, Inverse is the exact opposite of the color people, Inversians lack color and the color people represent it. I mean, just an idea, but maybe that's why Judge was so interested in Inigo? Think about it, they live in a world without color and then she comes there and meets a color dude!
HMMMMM Is it just me that finds it VERY strange that Madame President's hair and clothes are rainbow colored, and then she's trying to gather all the color peeps. I am sensing some sort of connecting here...
Omg Pi I love you even if you eat your sandwiches weirdly XD But yeah I'm with you Indigo, HOW EVEN BRO? I'm just thinking the Judge ment a date like an appointment, not a go out with someone you like kind of date XD Oh, poor Indigo, you are NOT in for a good time XD
*sigh* Why am I not surprised...
Yay a new update! I'm new to your comic, and I love it so much! My friend got me to read it and I loved it so much, I finally got around to making an account on this website so I could comment! Hope if you read this you smile knowing you managed to score yourself another minion should you take over the Earth :D