I like to write, draw, and sing. I'm usually drawing while sitting listening to my country music or singing along. I have written several books, but nobody but me and my best friend have read them. (She only read it when I left her alone in my room. She thought "Hey look the drawer Gabby never lets me touch, wonder whats inside?" And so the story goes...) lol
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So when will we get to learn more about his ability to grow stuff (like that grass from earlier) or is that a spoiler? I'm sorry, it's just so entreating, the whole story is really.
Like I've said... Carl's hot
OMG!!! ////////XD////////// I LOVE IT!!!
Yay!!! It's the attack of the big puppy!!!
Fuck mornings. XD
(if it was humanly possible...) what would their child look like?
oh shit... um.... RUN!!! LoL
"not that I want to"
Ya, uh huh. We TOTALLY believe you there. ----- Not really. XD LoL
My fujoshi sense is telling me "something" is about to happen.

~ They're high = to being drunk
~ They each other.
~ One loves the other
~ The other knows what the one who loves him wants
~ And they're Really Fucking High. LoL

so yep. I'm thinking that something is about to go down or be interrupted. LoL XD
@yasha.queen: but they make up for it with their adokable-ness. ;D
Can I just say that, (without the coat) Carl's hot. LoL XD
@yasha.queen: True. that would be reasonable and smart, but most guys in these stories are oblivious to anything like that. :'( *hopes fading*
Hey. Asshole. Where have you been. *pouts*
May 16th, 2017
I love how he's just like "hey babe"
@yasha.queen: Ikr. I hope he just noticed (and ships it just as hard as we do.)
@Liv3lafLuv: YAS
Pffffffffffffftttttttttttttt XD
Geeze. Lol. My mom is visiting and she was in the room when I looked back on this. (not remembering what it was) good thing she was distracted. Lmao XD