I like to write, draw, and sing. I'm usually drawing while sitting listening to my country music or singing along. I have written several books, but nobody but me and my best friend have read them. (She only read it when I left her alone in my room. She thought "Hey look the drawer Gabby never lets me touch, wonder whats inside?" And so the story goes...) lol
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18 hours ago
@AutumnWolf20: I love this comment
19 hours ago
OH OKAY! Note to self, don't get on his bad side. Lmao XD
LoL. My fan-girl noises have officially made my parents start thinking about
getting into see a therapist. Lmao. No joke.
What did he expect? LoL. seriously, why it he so surprised?
"What are the authors doing?" Asks the author.
Is it just me, or did that feel like a total Harry Potter moment. From year one?
@redrambl: Oh my gawd!!! That is genieuos!!!
I just realized something.

How the hell did he get those damn pants of so easy. Lmao XD
He toatally isn't listening. LoL
July 20th, 2017
Lmao. Oh my gawd!!! My poor babies!!! XD I can't stop laughing!!!
July 20th, 2017
@KathyJDB: imagine the guy in your user pic saying what you did. LoL
Oh my gawd. This had me squealing like a hard-core fan-girl. (then again, I am a hard-core fan-girl. but that's beside the point) Lmao
July 18th, 2017
@KathyJDB: Your user pic makes that so much better Lmao
Lmao. This has me dieing. I swear!!! XD
LoL. I don't think I can handle much more of these two. XD
Lmao. Oh my gawd. that Last Panel has killed me. I'm offically dead. XD
Lmao. I blame my friends. XP
@Ina: Well that make sense. But still. LoL
Lmao. I can't get enough of this
July 8th, 2017
That last panel is going to kill me. LoL