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I like to write, draw, and sing. I'm usually drawing while sitting listening to my country music or singing along. I have written several books, but nobody but me and my best friend have read them. (She only read it when I left her alone in my room. She thought "Hey look the drawer Gabby never lets me touch, wonder whats inside?" And so the story goes...) lol
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Lmao/ Why are there so many people with the same user pic
@b3nc0: Garvan isn't pretty. He be hot AF. LoL Just saying

Sure hope little Yoni can see it. X3
@Poppy: Liv3lafLuv (Guest) has got it covered. LoL
Lmao guess what. You know if you google "Prep and emo yaoi" the spurs and stripes title page will pop up? No joke.
Can we all pause a moment to appreciate the little floaty caption bubble thing the author left. LoL
Kim's pissed. Lmao. I can't wait to see the look on his face!!!
LoL. What? They can feel the same thing?
Well, he's not wrong exactly. LoL
I love your plot. (2) So is that your dog? If so, is he/she the inspiration for Anubis's look?
Is it bad that I just noticed that the desperate fuckboy there has yaoi hands? LoL XD
His fuckboy needs to eat though. I mean, there's thin, and then there's that. Just saying. LoL
November 7th, 2017
What else are dresses for?
November 6th, 2017
His eyes are different in almost every panel. When will Ev notice?!
November 6th, 2017
Lmao. It's funny how you worded that. You say your so close the end it hurts and My brain immediately went "You think that hurts? Poor Rupert has been waving that boner around (unrelieved) since April 2nd. And that's just when he took his pants off. Who knows when he got it." LoL
bar fight
October 19th, 2017
cock block much???
I don't know which is better. The words or the faces.
Natie knows
Aiden be like... "then go eat lunch!!!"