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Cheesuu ~
Call me Saimai.

I am a 9th grader living in the most boring place on earth Laval, Quebec. I love anime/manga and Yaoi/BL! I enjoy reading (novel, doujins, etc), writing and drawing.

Currently working on my first ever comic:
Kagami no You ni (Like a Mirror)


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I remembered why Edward reminded me of Wolfram! They both have nightgowns! =D If its pink then even more! XD
went back to read this all over again ... and found COMMENT VIRGINITY! Irony on page 13 .. lol =D Your art improved so muuuch now that I look back!
Richard's having the longest day of his life. Someone give him a cookie or a hug .. or something!!! T_______T RICHARD!!!! T___T -weeps-
OH THE TENSION!!!! -dies-
-dies inside-


You've got me bawling now. ><

Anyways, haven't drawn Rent since page 4 so yeah. I'm still not very got a photoshop but ... I think it turned it pretty good. <3

Pages 7 to 11 will be posted before the end of the week, prolly.
Last page for today <3
Yay, two new characters ^_^

Machiya Makoto and Fujishima Takahiro <3
Itekimasu = A statement said when leaving
I don't like this page much ... but Bah! ><

EDIT: The story of how these two actually did started going out will be explained in the future >.>
O__< I'm actually happy with how this came out. Never actually drew anything like this ... guess you can say I'm ... proud?
Not really happy with how this came out but ... BAH! I'll re-draw it one day >.>
just realized that Edward looks a bit like Wolfram from KKM >< They have nightgowns ... SO CUTE ><
Ouuu! Pretty! ^__^ I'm looking forward to more XD
One word. HOT! *nosebleed*
Lancha-sama! You are teh awesome ><