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Hello, I go by Bananakin or Anikin here, and most other sites, too, I guess. I obviously really like pokemon, as that's really all I draw. My other big interests are the Japanese language, and ice hockey.

I've been drawing comics here on smackjeeves on and off since late 2007. Most of my old ones have been hidden here on my profile since they never got that far anyway. Pokemon Break! is my main comic that I update. Abyssal Ruins is another Pokemon comic I have in the works that will be a lot shorter than PB!. It, also will not be started for sometime, not until PB! has been completed.

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@HarrisonButterGem: I used to use photoshop elements with my bamboo tablet, but I am unable to use that software any longer. Now I use my samsung tablet and the only software that I mostly liked to draw in is ArtFlow studio or something or another. I'll look into drawpile, maybe I can get it on my tablet. Thanks for the suggestion!
@StephenNotRare: Yeah, lol not over yet. The end of this comic is so far off that I don't like to think about it...

Glad you're enjoying it. Hope you'll like where the story goes from here.
Past Bananakin: "You know what would be cool? A an underwater city made up mostly of rocks and stones and coral and things that I don't like to draw. Yeah, that."

Current Bananakin: *strangles past bananakin*

Current Bananakin: This is good practice though for when I finally get to start Abyssal Ruins, which will almost entirely take place underwater.

Future Bananakin: *strangles current bananakin*


As I'm sure you're all (unfortunately) used to, no promises on getting this back on track. Not saying I'm giving up, 'cause I still enjoy working on this and I've invested a lot of time into it. It's just it's far from my main priority sadly.

Now to reply to the PMs and comments I missed...............
Bit off more than I can chew with this stupid city. Color takes me too long at the moment. If the program I had only had a select tool. uugggghhhh

Since I suck at this thing called 'consistent updates' and this page has no text, I finished the next one to go with this one.
@Tehpikachu: True, it's just jarring to see old art. xD

Yes, spongebob rules, didn't even think about that, but exactly!
@just another passerby: Thanks! yup, I did. Other than comic pages the only other time I draw is when I change my avatar. lol
Before starting this chapter, I redesigned Luminia. I mean, the last time I drew it was when I spent 20 minutes on a page. (Look at this crap: also, Orbie's head in those pages is huge compared to his body, what was I doing???)
In a few pages, there'll be an overview shot of the whole city to better compare. It'll take me hours to color I swear ugh I already regret it.

So as of right now I don't know if I'll have Orbie visit his house. It's meant to start a short flashback. I'll have to decide before I start the next page. hahaha

I want to throw cameos into Luminia, since I haven't had many chances in other parts of the comic. But, I can only have water types lol So down there is Pip the Panpour and Louis the Ducklett from my other comic that'll never get anywhere. Whoooooooo Anyone have suggestions for other cameos? Can be from other comics or your own teams if there's a drawing of them. I'll see what I can fit in on the next few pages, but I'm not promising all suggestions will make it. :)


Random things about Lumina (That don't make sense):
-All water-types can visit, even ones that don't look like they could such as ducklett
-Luminia is pretty far underwater and should always be dark, but I still give it a day and night cause I want to.
-Why walk if you can swim? Cause I say so.

I do what I want, yo
@HarrisonButterGem: I'm stubborn, I've been working on this far longer than I ever imagined, but it's gonna go on. lol

@LKWayvern: I'm just as surprised as you it's back ahaha Just been a few years since Orbie's been around xD

@Nashew: You were? Nice timing C:

@Tehpikachu: Feels good to be drawing again C:

@Huaqas: Woaaaaaah didn't realize it was that long. D:

@cccviper653: Every day??? I'll try and get the next one up far quicker. Umbreons are awesome! I was super excited for glaceon for some reason, myself. lol
Even though I update this slower than probably any other comic out there, I doubt I'll ever give up on it. To be honest, I don't know what I'd do if I made it to the end of the story. :O

@Clan: Thanks, good to be back C:

@zetina: I wanted to try exaggerating his face a bit, but I only like it in that last panel. xD He'll be a little inconsistant for another page until I figure out what I like again for him.
They didn't release them where you are? D: That stinks! I loved the anime!

@Raini01: Thanks! Aahah be warned, updates will be sparse for some time still, sorry. :c

@Hazooz (Guest): Yep! Finally, right? lol

@SparkySharkhead: ehehe Yeah, been a while, huh?

@Pok� fan 1 (Guest): You're not the only one it seems.. lol

@SkunkWitch: Oh wow, really? Thanks! Welcome to the comic, hope you like where this goes in the future. C:

@Shinyzygarde12: Lol, no, still alive!!
Ehhh, it's more that I haven't drawn him in years and my style isn't exactly the same as it was when he was last in the comic, you know? I'll get used to drawing him again soon though with how much of him is in this chapter. :D

@LoyalFan (Guest): Aww shucks. >//w//<
Ooh! Heart Gold was a good one! I was just talking about that game with a friend the other day, too. Loved Diamond and Pearl, too. They have a special place in my heart for being the games that brought me back to pokemon. C:
As for updates, I have no schedule. I haven't for this comic in years, really. If I get enough motivation to get a update schedule, I'll be sure to let everyone know. :)

@WiispNightmare: OrAs are amazing! I'm playing through OR right now, it's so good. I'm excited to see more about the new games!
@Flamelight7: Thanks! Yeah, it's been a while since I've drawn him. xD He hasn't been in the comic since chapter two...!
Sorry for the long absence, I'm not sure why I did that. It wasn't just Smackjeeves though, I haven't used the internet or my phone in months. I kinda had a low few months for no reason. Not sure if I'm back to updating consistently (that's nothing new), but it felt good to get a page done again.

My "..." comment on the last page didn't mean anything, BTW. I tend to do that when I upload a page to go back later and change to a real comment. I just never went back that time lol

Really, all that got me drawing today was the fact that it's the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Haha How long has everyone here been poke-fans? For me, I have been since the beginning with Red, Blue, and Yellow. I was too young to buy the games, so I never played Gold/Silver or Ruby/Sapphire 'cause my parents didn't like to get us too many video games. They wouldn't even let us spend birthday money on games lol But I haven't missed a game since Diamond/Pearl now. C: I'm excited to hear more about Sun and Moon! I wish there had been more to see of the new games in the preview, instead of just a recap of the past.
@azuraevley: I don't, sorry. When I draw these pages I have all the sketches on one layer, so it got erased and re-drawn to this.
Bah, I didn't now what to do for this chapter title at all! Really excited to finally make it to CHAPTER EIGHT THOUGH, WOOOOOOO!

I liked trying for the twice a week updates since the comic progressed faster, but I'm slowing down a bit. I'm going to aim for one a week on Mondays. If I can actually build up a small buffer, I may do more, I just don't want to burn myself out. Might update/clean up some of the site's extra pages that haven't been touched in years, too.

Oh, and after the last page I'll say just one thing, make of it what you will:
....Squishy's favorite type is the ghost type.
Shinx is handling this far too well. xD
@Syogren: Glad you caught up. Sorry this had to be the part to catch up to xD

@SpeedBoostTorchic: Thought about it, but his parting wisdom would have been "Don't ever talk to strangers, Patch" Or something like that.
D'awwww! Love the eye color, so cute!
I'd be more concerned about the detached voices coming from who knows where more than my location at first, too. xD
And it's over! No more votes, going to count them up and I'll edit this post when that's done. :)

Votes have been counted. And, woa, it was close for a while, huh? In the end, @GrovyleGoodbye128 won with 18 votes! I'll be sending you a PM. :)

Thanks again to everyone who entered and to all that voted! :D
@Everyone: Sorry, it had to happen!!
Huaqas: Omg, you added a tear. That made me laugh, I know that's probably not the reaction you wanted, but I did. xD

@Cdoom85: Sorry! This is the worst that will happen in the comic. Well, for a while at least.

@GrovyleGoodbye128: Yeah, totally. He;s fine. Just gotta walk it off. T__T

@Caboose(Guest): Nothing wrong with that!

@LeafBlade253: I didn't mean to be cruel.. The chapter name made sense to me, but maybe I am a little twisted?

@LKWayvern: Yeah! We're pretty much to that point now. :)

@Tehpikachu: With how upset everyone seems to be already, I'm glad I didn't. xD
@Luigi_96: It gets worse.. I mean.. you'll see tomorrow..