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Hi, I'm Maggie. I like vegetarian things and long walks on the beach.
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wow that confused me...a lot.

I think I have a sinus infection or something also so constant headache isn't helping the confusion.

Leighton I love you hahaha. but seriously.
You're allowed to feel like shit, no worries.

Darbz. <3 I so feel for him in this page. This page accurately portrays what I feel like when attacked by the younger friends I've tried/failed separating myself from.

Oh and fucking woo! Congrats on 900 pages! 1000 is gonna be hella legit.
Man. Barry is just. And Jordan. And Henry. Ugh.

Words sometimes happen. But not tonight.

But I'm mucho excited for Spanglish.
Lolololol Evan you're a sly bastard. I don't like you but I love to hate you. You're super.

And Amery I will always love. I adore the last panel. Roray is adorbs. My hands automatically typed RORAY so I'm p sure I have to call him that from now on.

3 pages on the first week I won't have high school anymore for the rest of my life...? Kinda a letdown haha. My last day is Monday. :<
L...that would be me. I mean, Amery is beautiful and everything, but anyone just randomly coming onto you like when you're in the middle of moviezone...come on, man!

Except I wouldn't look as 14. Well maybe I would. I've been told I have a young face. :< (I feel ya Rory.) (I just typed that as "Roray", which makes him sound ridiculously sassy.)
Fuck gore, you know what a real mind-fuck film is? MEMENTO. I hate that shit. Just had to watch it in my screenwriting class.

Anway, who DOESN'T like Amery/Rory? Because they can just go home. >:cc I love these two ahaha.

JUST LOOK AT HIS SWEATERthing I LOVE IT. SO YELLOW. so yellow~ And his cute face in the last panel. GIVE IN RORY. give in~

Ahaha Marshmallow, in regards to your comment a couple pages back, I have one riposte: YES.

I feel completely the same.

I almost died from trying not to laugh at the last panel. At this whole page really, but I wasn't (for some reason) expecting that. It's my fault. I should have expected EXACTLY this from someone like Tweeters.
You won't die in a horrible accident.

Bahaha Tweety's fabulous little "ding" in the last panel, oh god. I so love him. I'm so glad I have a Tweety plushie bahaha, I think I want to shake glitter all over it.
Iiiii love Rory, I love him so much hahaha. Him in this page rolling around. It is good.

Four years! That is...I have been reading it almost the whole time oh god. Really four years? Wow. Congrats. :)


Oh Vita, I'm just going to call you Vita now because it's easier. Don't be so mopey you mopeypants. Calm your Claudio Sanchez-looking behind down. You still have a chance.

Good god I can't stop looking at panels 1 and 2 haha Rory you minx.
Bawww these two bawww c'mon Vito MAN UP (and why do I always spell it "Vita" first...? He is most certainly not a chica). YOU CAN DO IT VITO! Just look at that blush.

Panel two: SO MUCH TURTLEMOUTH I love it.

Also, sidenote, for some reason the anatomy looks p good in this page. Just sayin'. 'Specially where Turny's leaning against the door. /seeing things? /calling Tierney Turny in my head
She looks...frightening to say the very least in this page. :<

poor Tierney. :<< bby. <3
What a terrible situation all around. :(

5th panel...goooood face, Vito.
YES RORY STILL EXISTS. I think I have been waiting for this moment for months. Amery and Rory? YESS.
OH GOD PREGNANT WOMEN CREEP ME OUT. Ughhh I hate pregnant people.

Babies are fine. Pregnancy is not. Don't ask me.

Aaaand lol I love Amery.
Ahaha there is a girl in my school with hair like Tierney's now, only she does not pull it off nearly as well. Actually she just looks like a baby prostitute. I hate freshmen.

NAAAAAAYYYYTHAAAANNNN. iwubyoubaybee. and you too Tierney. Tierney Turtlemouth.
Ahaha ohhh Noel, I love you.
I would commission you, honest to god (done it before and everything) buuuut I just got my bank statement and I have 3 cents lmaoo.

Lol my friend wanted to make me a duct tape corset for senior ball. Suck in Jordan, you'll be alright. Convince your organs they need to be where they are.
Varya is the only exception to my whole "girls with septum piercings are evil" thing. I adore her.

This page both pleased me (because lesbians) and made me sad (because of sad content).
You see Nat, when you post a second bonus picture as a comment I completely forget the page from all the lols. Trollface Faith? Still lollin. Minutes later.

I'm sure you did okay. Even if you didn't get the job, there are other stores to work for shit wages. You'll be fine. Bright side: no more classes 'til August.
I missed. so many pages it is ridiculous. I have missed roughly 10 days of comicking. It's a damn shame.

That awkward moment when I'm the only person who hates cake. Haha...yeah...