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i'm kohane
@boiseboo: I bet it's a boner. :'3
i'm kohane
December 20th, 2016
I really, really love your comic. Damn. Everything's so beautiful. ♥
Oh god yes! ♥ I really love the way you color. I wish I had so much talent with color pencils as you do. I mean, I'm re-reading everything 'cause the art is so pretty and nnn I can't stop. ♥
Oh my god. Can I have Daniel, please? I swear. He's the perfect boyfriend I can't ;^;
Oh, sweetie. ~It's~ funny. I almost died loling.
i'm kohane
December 17th, 2016
I want twenty.
I would want to bring the angel home, too. ♥
Jealous much, Phury?
I need to say how beautiful this page is. Like, everything is so beautiful. This lovely angel, this lovely hell hound, he kneeling in front of him...

I love this so much. ♥
God, no. ;^; Why would you do this to me.
@Zathura: God, I know the feeling.
Damn, that look is so intense and full of BAM! Like a lightning.
Ouch. ;^; My heart can't take it.
God, I love how he didn't even blinked.