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Hey there,
I'm a self taught manga hobbiest drawing illustrations in my little spare time. Currently working on my manga called Fate equals not Destiny.
How handy would be by to fly.
I absolutely hate heights.
Magical key and Invisible doors, helpful huh?
I mean of course shes Goddess status,
Death is not a very good boss. Maybe there should be a Asgard Guidebook.
Took me ages to decide what style of wings she had, but I love long feathered ones.
Yeah, page 7. Hope you guys are all doing okay, and enjoying this chapter so far.
I kinda like how this page turned ou.t
Yeah New character. I love drawing her, so shiny.
oh dear.........but wait who is this new person.
Don't fall...................
I don't know whats down there.
What's a girl to do?
Thanks for your patience everyone, here's Chapter 4.

I really like this Chapter and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Yeah, Just to say have a fab Christmas tomorrow guys and thank you for all your support this year.

He's the trio from my story Fate Equals Not Destiny.
Thanks everyone, See you soon.
@maeriyong: yeah, Mina is a pretty level headed girl.
That's the end of chapter 3 folks.
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with me.

Chapter 4 will continue after a short break again.
awww, isn't it nice when someone believes in you.
Everyone's dying to get this job......
Yay, a costume change.