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Hey there,
I'm a self taught manga hobbiest drawing illustrations in my little spare time. Currently working on my manga called Fate equals not Destiny.
Yeah, Just to say have a fab Christmas tomorrow guys and thank you for all your support this year.

He's the trio from my story Fate Equals Not Destiny.
Thanks everyone, See you soon.
Thanks Everyone. see you soon.
@maeriyong: yeah, Mina is a pretty level headed girl.
That's the end of chapter 3 folks.
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with me.

Chapter 4 will continue after a short break again.
awww, isn't it nice when someone believes in you.
Everyone's dying to get this job......
Yay, a costume change.
awwww, even Death gets lonely.
What would you do if Death was checking you out?
My first double page guys.
And yay they are finally outta that room.
Alright there mister grumpy.
I wouldn't mind two hot guys watching over me. xx
There she goes, again.
What does Death want with our cute Mina?
oh gosh, yeah your totally right. I thought it looked odd but couldn't place it and now I'm sat here switching poses on myself. doh. Thanks ever so much for pointing it out. I will edit it.
And I'm really glad you like Death, she's my fav character.
oh dear, what could Death possibly want with Mina, I wonder.
Death, what do you mean Mina's a cutie. Your are so cute yourself. I know I shouldn't have favs but Death is my Fav character.