Hey there,
I'm a self taught manga hobbiest drawing illustrations in my little spare time. Currently working on my manga called Fate equals not Destiny.
Chapter 3 begins.
It's finally here,
Chapter 3.
Thank you for your patience, its been a busy 2 months with less time for comic work, but I never gave (I'm stubborn like that)
Will be back to the usual Monday and Thursday updates.
Thanks for reading, love ya all.
@SakuraFujio: I used mainly copic ciaos a bit bit of photoshop for touch ups. 😉
The end of chapter 2 guys, can't believe it.
Thanks for all the support. Chapter 3 will resume after a short break (I need to catch up on story boarding ha)
Oh dear, What going to happen to her....
We are almost at the end of chapter 2 guys.
It's gunna be fine right?
These sisters, useless huh?
@SoulRaider116: yay glad you noticed. Thank you
curious and curious-er
They can't be that scary. Mina is such a wuss.
I love shiny backgrounds
@Spirit of Water:
dun dun dun, yes here we go.
Thanks for the comment.
Ha, I'd be nervous
Another huge door.