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Hey there,
I'm a self taught manga hobbiest drawing illustrations in my little spare time. Currently working on my manga called Fate equals not Destiny.
What does Death want with our cute Mina?
oh gosh, yeah your totally right. I thought it looked odd but couldn't place it and now I'm sat here switching poses on myself. doh. Thanks ever so much for pointing it out. I will edit it.
And I'm really glad you like Death, she's my fav character.
oh dear, what could Death possibly want with Mina, I wonder.
Death, what do you mean Mina's a cutie. Your are so cute yourself. I know I shouldn't have favs but Death is my Fav character.
@maeriyong: having twins does make character designing much easier.
What would you do in the face of Death....?
I want that cloak.
Last re-cap.
Onto Chapter 3 next.....
Chapter 3 begins.
It's finally here,
Chapter 3.
Thank you for your patience, its been a busy 2 months with less time for comic work, but I never gave (I'm stubborn like that)
Will be back to the usual Monday and Thursday updates.
Thanks for reading, love ya all.
@SakuraFujio: I used mainly copic ciaos a bit bit of photoshop for touch ups. 😉
The end of chapter 2 guys, can't believe it.
Thanks for all the support. Chapter 3 will resume after a short break (I need to catch up on story boarding ha)
Oh dear, What going to happen to her....
We are almost at the end of chapter 2 guys.
It's gunna be fine right?
These sisters, useless huh?
@SoulRaider116: yay glad you noticed. Thank you