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December 26th, 2016
his face in the last panel xD
December 26th, 2016
i've been following this comic for a really long time, even before i had an account, and i must admit that i'm a little dissappointed about it never being finished. i understand, though - i have a fanfiction still waiting to be finished, and i know that i probably will never write another chapter- i have he same problems as you, i'm not satisfied with my characters and my storytelling in general >__< but i want you to know, that i admire your art, it's gorgeous, and i think if you want to start another comic, one that reflects your present self, it will be even better than this one! (well if you want to do another one^^ - do you? please say yes!!)
i'm looking forward to the "how it ends" journal thing^^
okay thats all i had to say :D
happy holidays!
i like how he sits up and shouts "yes!!" - this message just made his day^^
Merry Christmas!!
hey guys^^
no chrismas-special this year, i'm still working on that darned cover,
i'm not happy with anything i came up with so far..
anyway, i still managed to finish this page^^ (i'm so proud of me)
happy holidays! \(^--^)/
Drawing this skyline took forever - but i did it!!
I don't know if there will be a Christmas special next week, but if i had to choose i'd rather upload a new page.. aaand this comic still doesn't have a cover ^__^"
Yay second page^^ and we finally have a banner! Hope you like it
November 26th, 2016
awwwww little luna is so adorable! this is gonna be so awesome ^___^ i really like the revamp, it looks amazing! i also like, how this version gives way more depth to the side characters