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::) i hope do is like my hc~
@Devo: he stopped a huge fucking monster from shredding him to pieces i think he deserves the title of jedi
rgb dad is good dad
my son he did it
they gonna cronch some pork
rgb back at it again with being a bad dad
@LKWayvern: he inherited his powers from cal, the best puppet guy in the world
moonshine is ,, precious
ikr everyone is dramatically looking at each other in horror and harold's just sittin there and staring at nim
but is fresh the Cal of this act

is he cal........
agreed ::0
@Guest: acctually i have my personal typing quirk where i double ccolons and c's ::0 so i'm not acctually using a vriska quirk
go get her!!!
paleshipping it hard my dude <>
act 1.... act 1..... i can feel homestuck music echoing in my head now.....