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]-[i im sol, t]-[e guy w]-[o quirktypes in t]-[e comment section of gloomverse
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    irl woemil
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assistant: holds her hand to her face in a thinking pose
me, a dumbass: is this a danganronpa reference?
(feasting on this character development while crying)
get rhat sweet character development babey
im livin fo->r this inversian lo->re bapbey!
this is the cutest shit ive ever seen
@forseenConsequences: sometimes you should think before you fuckin speak buddy
damn this really is the eridan of gloomverse
im betting o->n rylie!
jesus christ
frisk is littol baby.
elevator tree elevator tree elevator tr
i love these boys. thank you for my life
yello->w is my mo->m no->w
November 15th, 2018
me unable to sleep at 1 am
im feelin so god damn soft from lookin at these babies
pretty gorl....