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Allora Katty
2:Anime Nerd
6:Can get rude and aggressive at times...
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What?! How does that work?! I don't understand. Please someone help.
@Allora_Katty: Oops. I forgot my account for a moment XD This is meh.
Well... all I know is that shits getting real.
Why does Hobo look sad? Or worried? What's going on?!
Also Harold in the last panel is like "Man, that bird is far away."-Loufas(Danny Sexbang, Game Grumps)
I'm dying..
Why you do this to me?! I'm sick and I can't laugh. but I did anyways. It was worth the pain.. and I don't just mean the comments with Hobo.. XD Purple is the best. I love him.
What? Never seen a couple fight before?
So I can safely say.... WALLIS I MISSED YOU MAN!! And to think the first time I read this I HATED Wallis. I hated his type... Sorry. BUT I LOVE YOU NOW! XD
@sophie12320: It shouldn't be... but we ARE talking about Wallis here.
Funny how in the 2nd panel he's balling his eyes out and then in the next panel he's as happy as can be. Then he's super shocked in the last one XD
@sophie12320: Do you have a deviantart account?
Everyone forget about assistant and purple for a moment. Lets just enjoy the moment! It's a heart-felt reunion so lets keep it that way. The moment will be ruined when CQ makes it that way.
@Kawaii Trash: That second option is good. I like that one! :D
@Loverofpiggies: AW MAN IM CRYING!!! It's so sweet! I love this page sooooo much.... but then my cat started wheezing so... that's another reason I'm crying. :I
WhatIfHaroldAccidentallyRolledUpWallis'sSleeveWhenTheHugAndThenTheySawHisArms...... Please kill me now
@AceofSpades: OMG Yes please XD
@Loverofpiggies: Good on you! Don't do other peoples biddings! You do what you want to. It's *YOUR* comic so. Also... WHY?!?!??! THIS PAGE!!
I... hate... you... SO MUCH!! WHY WOULD YOU DOD THIS TO POOR HAROLD-SENPAI~?! HOW DARE YOU!!! T-T My heart is broken.
Do you like torturing me?! I'm literally crying rn!
@Loverofpiggies: Okay. I'm really dumb... but were all the words ALWAYS capitalized?! And how did I not notice before??