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The line work looks fine, but I'm not a fan of this coloring style. It looks unfinished and messy.
You know, college Hazel was kind of a stick in the mud. I'm glad that Sarah helped her to become more assertive and outgoing, and likewise, Hazel helped bring Sarah a bit more down to Earth and realistic in her expectations.
OK. I guess her attitude ended up changing as well seeing as they're still friends in the present. Though perhaps Sarah just got her priorities straightened out.
I see Hazel still has that speech impediment in this continuity. Did that become less prominent over the years?
Also, ouch! That was on the harsh side. I mean, I agree that Sarah should be focusing on more than planning for parenthood, especially while in college, but still...
My God, Sarah was a motormouth back then. That's not to say she doesn't talk a lot now, but I don't think she even realizes how uncomfortable she's making shy, introverted Hazel. I guess they managed to have a positive effect on each other seeing as they're both still friends in the present.
@Pikachao: Huh. I didn't realize she came from such a large family.
Yeah, my parents went through a bit of separation anxiety back when I first started college, especially my dad. He had gotten used to me being at home each day after high school ended that he actually forgot I wasn't there anymore, and came into my room with a ready made breakfast only to receive a sad reminder. Hard to believe that was almost eight years ago.
Also, who is this Ruth? Does Sarah have a sister?
Jeez! Sarah's battling some serious inner demons!
Nice facial detail on Tea in that last panel. I'm really liking the updates to her design; however, she and Sarah appear way too close in height, as it's already been shown that Sarah is (or is at least supposed to be) much taller than Tea.
A cat who's afraid of cats. Yes, she's anthropomorphic and they're feral, but there's a definite irony there.
BTW, I realized that you've altered Tea's design since the comic began. You replaced her white fur with tan, and changed the shape of her muzzle so it's a bit more elongated and canine like. I approve.
@Triforce Fandom : Her name is Sarah.
It might be a nitpick, but I think their portions look a bit squashed on this page. Also, shouldn't there be a cashier at that register?
@Iron Ed: Tea's had a bit of a tummy on her for a while. She also has wide curvy hips.
I prefer the old font. This one just looks off to me.
BTW, the white on the end of Tea's tail is missing.
Really, Tea?
Must you always be such a buzzkill. Sarah is making a genuine effort to hang out and get to know you better, and you're not even trying to have a good time or even just play along. Would it kill you to have a little fun once in a while?
Jeez. Why does Tea hate the mall so much? Is it due to her antisocial tendencies? I find it ironic because, considering she's only 21, I would think she'd be more into the mall than Sarah. I certainly was at that age.
Oh, Sarah, you so quirky! ^_^
Hey, will we eventually be getting a bio for Leo, too? (Same goes for Hazel)
Points for honesty, Leo! BTW, is his tail missing its stripe?
At last we may have a potential arc involving Pepper! I look forward to seeing where that might go. Minor nitpick, Pepper's stomach area in that last panel looks squeezed to the point of disappearing behind her arm. I know she's really tall and thin, but still.