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Im worried...This is going too well. Where is my generic Yaoi angst? The secret not out of the closet burden? The abuse!? Is this just a wholesome story!? If so I would love it. Pls no generic reason for them not to be together that can be avoided by talking it out like EVERY OTHER BL
Liz is an abusive shit. And i hope he fuckin quits.
Anyone else see a dick imprint in his jeans...
Is he unable to move on and is stuck on Earth till this guy moves on? If so then i understand the anger.
Should have made more popcorn. ENTIRE FULL BOWL OF POPCORN IN THE LAST PANEL.
So...Alec cute as fuck lets be real.
Ima need this conversation to end. Im frustrated for Zeggy. He clearly just wants to be liked and admired, but its all going to shit.
Guys guys. Ignore it all. He said NEXT TIME! He wants to cook for him again.
I'm with Cortland on this one. Oh my lord.
@moscovm: Dear lord he broke faster than fine china thrown out of an airplane.
@TubaCakes: Oh sweety, you added an extra 0 to that 5. Other webbies have the straights fuckin at page 5 and conflicted the other 45.
Holy shit..Damn this made me sad...and this is years in the past? Man i feel so bad for Nate.
Is this just a christmas special T_T Im sad this isn't canon. The babs need happpiness.
@ThatOneGuyKai: Probably...

Aromatic: Cant have romantic feelings for another.

Asexual: Can't have SEXUAL feelings for another.

My mistake I do apologize i got them foncused.
@The_prego_eggo: Wait is this because your friends had feelings for you? The way you wrote that makes it seem like you had feelings for them which doesnt make sense if youre asexual.
September 20th, 2017
@inuyashagrl23: He was beaten to a pulp and set on fire. It was his lowest low, a sex tape at least is somewhat empowering and just risque. This video is just evil.